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  1. About 3 years ago I moved away from Worthing, Sussex. Until recently I've been able to visit and do cache maintenance, however that is no-longer possible so I'm looking for people to adopt my remaining Geocaches.


    South by South East (Sussex Wheel) GC13HEF This cache is in need of attention. I've had reports that the logbook is wet but it seems ok otherwise. Quite a few of the other caches in the "Sussex Wheel" series seem to be dead.


    Seafront Gardens GC8C80 This cache is currently ok, it's been around for quite a while. There are a couple of minor problems associated with it. First, the container goes missing on occasion, I suspect small animals. Second, there are a lot of clues and when the local Parks Department do work near them they are sometimes unreachable or even moved. This means the owner needs to be fairly reactive to the changes.


    Highdown Hill GCH1YH This cache is currently marked as "temporarily unavailable". It has been reported missing and because I can't visit to check it I've marked it unavailable. It can be quite difficult to find and has been reported missing before when it was actually still there. Ideally the person adopting it would be someone who has found it and knows where to look to check. It's an ammo box so if it is there it should be reasonably easy to find even if it's been put back in the wrong place.


    Beggars Bush GC8432 I archived this one a long time ago when it went missing. It's a nice place for a cache so someone might want to use the location again.


    Responses by email, (via Geocaching dot com if you can't find my email address anywhere else,) will probably get a faster response since I don't come here often.





    (Friendly Flyer)

  2. The problem is not with the server, but with the code. I'm currently paying "mates rates" for an account on a quad processor machine. There isn't really anything with much more beef without paying serious amounts of money!


    So the reason for suspension is that we are using too many resources on the server? Rather than it being a connectivity/bandwidth problem?

  3. I didn't get a lot of comments about this and I've been overtaken by the Sussex Leprechauns who have been much more organised.


    They have got a very clever idea for an event which several Sussex cachers (including me) have agreed to help with.


    The cache Id is GC12HYJ and it's on 17 June 2007


    See you all there!

  4. After the success of the Sussex Meet and Greet back in January some of the West Sussex cachers have thought about holding another event.


    Current plans are for a picnic type event on Highdown Hill (West of Worthing) on Whit Sunday (May 27th).


    There don't appear to be any other events that day and none that weekend that are very close.


    Before we get too deep into the organising we'd like to know how many would be interested.

  5. I have been trying to contact Zahrim for a long time because he has been holding my "Heavy Metal Frog" TB since December 2004 (Yes, Zero Four, thats not a typo).


    I have tried emailing him through his profile and also tried a Forum thread. He *does* log into gc.com quite regularly (Last Visit: Tuesday, March 06, 2007) so I know it's not still the computer problems someone mentioned.


    If anyone meets him or has contact info for him could they please respond here and ask him to contact me.




    Friendly Flyer

  6. The only problem I've had with GCUK is with the interactive map.


    I don't use Windoze and the version of Firefox on my Debian Linux box has a different dialog box for the script timeout - with only an "OK" button so I don't have the option of telling the script to continue.


    While I'm here, whats the difference between (or reason for having) the Interactive map and the "GIS" map?



  7. Zahrim is without computer for the foreseeable future. He occasionally has access from a library. He might've passed it on to someone at Spring Fling.


    Thanks for that (even though it was a while ago now).


    I still have had no response from him despite some more recent attempts at communication and he still has my travel bug according to the GC site.


    If you or any other local cachers meet him I'd appreciate it if you could mention my travel bug and ask him to either place it in a cache or pass it to another cacher.




    Friendly Flyer

  8. A cacher with username Zahrim picked up my "Heavy Metal Frog" Travel Bug (TB733) 0n December 29 last year.


    He has not responded to Emails through Geocaching.com - although he has visited the site recently. He hasn't posted on the Forums since 2003.


    It looks like the last cache he did was in January.


    Does anyone know him? is he still active?


    I'd like my TB back in circulation.


    Friendly Flyer

  9. OK, I've heard from the pub and they are agreeable to us meeting there! :rolleyes:


    The pub is at N 50° 53.100 W 000° 12.717 It is the location of the "DevilsCAM" webcam cache (GCHQWR).


    I'll try to remember to bring my laptop so that people who want to can do the cache.


    See as many as possible there on April 1st from about 7:30pm or 8pm.


    Note to Woodsmoke, I didn't make it an event cache because you have to have organised caching activity planned and organised I'm not at the moment!


    If this meeting sparks enough interest then maybe we can make this a (semi) regular meeting and have an organised event in the summer.



  10. There is still a formatting problem in Mozilla!


    It's better but it still isn't right (or as good as it used to be).


    I suspect the problem is due to all the IE specific tags that the site uses. Can I suggest that all future page updates on the site use only standard HTML. Any other coding practices are simply going to cause more and more problems in the future.


    On a purely technical front, why wasn't the page Beta tested on the site? It's normal practice in the software industry to test things before making them live. If this was one of my software projects I would have insisted on a roll back to the old page as soon as the formatting problem was noticed.


    Also, can we please have the list of caches we have hidden back on the "My cache" page. It's called the "My Cache Page" so why aren't my caches on it like they used to be? I now have to click through :two: links to see something that was instantly visible before and was the main reason I visited the "My Cache" page most of the time.

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