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  1. Hi Welch... Yes, I guess this time I've lost most of my luck as I'm not even in the top 3. But you know the old saying from the Tortoise... "Slow but steady wins the race!" See you at the finish line. Scott of Team GeoDillo
  2. Hey CBR2005, I wasn't trying to be sarcastic. I really meant thanks for updating the stats. Once a week is fine for me. I have often had to resort to the manual way of doing things too, so I know how much time and effort it takes. So thanks for taking the time to update the web site! Team GeoDillo
  3. Thanks for keeping the stats updated so often! It's hard to beleive we haven't had a winner yet!
  4. Can you update the stats and map pages please?
  5. There is an error in your link. It should be: http://members.localnet.com/~linsal/CBRStats.html
  6. Does anyone know the URL for the 2005 stats? I keep getting the 2004 site when I click on the link.
  7. Regarding the Jeep contest photograph specifications, the rules state: "the photograph...cannot exceed 4 MB in size, and cannot have been manipulated, for example but not limited to, brightness or hue or contrast adjusted, sharpened or cropped, enhanced, morphed, or retouched (in any manner whatsoever)." However, at the bottom of the page to submit your Jeep contest photo it says: "Some Tips If your original image is under 125k or 600 pixels wide, the largest image will not be resized. It doesn't do the best resizing job. Editing your own larger image is preferable. " So which is it? Should I upload my 3.5 MB photo as is, with no resizing, or should I "edit my own larger image" to get it under 125k as requested? I just want my entry to be valid and it seems that the Jeep contest rules are being contradicted by the submission page information.
  8. Our travel bug, Vee-Dub the Tortoise Bug II is in a cross country race (the Cannonball Run for travel bugs) and is currently stuck in GCKWQ2 near Portland and needs a lift to Idaho or generally east. We'd appreciate it a cacher that is headed east would grab it and log it further east (but not too far...it can only move one state at a time...read Vee-Dub's travel bug page for the rules). We'd love for Vee-Dub to make it to a nice easy cache that is heavily visited to increase his chances of getting ahead in the race. Thanks for the help! Team GeoDillo Austin, Texas
  9. any news about the race yet?
  10. I'm not sure I understand the "Checkpoint Charlie" portion of the race. Is this just where the travel bugs will be logged into before they are logged into the (now secret) starting point for the race?
  11. I have over 750 finds and almost 40 hides and I vote for a COMPROMISE on the page border. Sure , there always going to be some people who put up backgrounds that are annoying and there's always going to be someone who doesn't like your background no matter how "neutral" or creative it is. But there is no denying that part of the "feel" and individuality for a cache is the carefully chosen background image. What the site has now is more "border" and less background. We've actually been dealt a double whammy on losing background image space because the table takes up more space AND there is now a gray border on the left side that was not there before. A COMPROMISE might be to either remove the gray border or reduce the table percentage. I understand the want for more info and less clutter but in my experienced cacher and "charter member" opinion, I would like there to be more compromise on showing more background image. Otherwise, I like the work you (Jeremy) and the other frogs have done.
  12. Roland oso wrote: I'd guess that the cache would be in a hollowed out bolt in the guardrail. Would I be correct?
  13. I just set attributes on all but 2 of our 33 caches. The two webcams had no icons available from the attributes page. What's up with that? I hope this is just a bug or an oversight. There are lots of attributes that apply to these webcams.
  14. Will the race start sometime in March or April again?
  15. Hello, Hello? Just bumping this up in hopes that Jeremy will get a little time to finish this modification for all us premium members. Maybe it will be a New Year's gift? Thanks...
  16. Jared...I think you missed the point. The whole idea of having that check box is to be able to email yourself a copy of the message so that you can "remember" that you sent them a message....if you CHOOSE to do so. My issue is that if I don't want to send myself a copy message each time I send a message to someone, I have to uncheck that box EACH time. Think about it this way: If Jeremy wants everyone to always get a copy of the email they send, then there is no need to put a check box there, just email everyone a copy. If he's going to put a check box there to give people the option, then it should remember whether or not you've checked it, because some people want the option to never get the copied email. If this isn't logical then please point out the flaw in my logic.
  17. What would the reason be for wanting it to always be on? It seems that if a user doesn't want to get a copy of the email, then they shouldn't have to (and shouldn't have to switch it every time). I mean, if Jeremy feels we should always get the emails, why is there even an option to turn it off? Not bitching, just wondering what the reason were? BTW Thanks for chiming in here, Hemlock.
  18. Jeremy, are you saying that it shouldn't remember the state (checked or unchecked) of the "email me a copy" box?
  19. I have noticed recently that whenever I go into someone's profile and choose "Send message", that the box for "Email me a copy of this message" is always checked, no matter what state I've left it in. This is a change in the way things used to worked. I hoping this change was an accident. Can we get this changed back to the state each user previously leaves it in (user specific)? Thanks...
  20. Well, Garmin released a beta of their MapSource software (6.5 beta) that finally supports the user definable icons. It's available from their download site at http://www.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=625
  21. Try one of many HTML editors available on the internet. There are quite a few nice free ones. Just do a search on one of the major software sites like cnet.com or tucows.com. Once you have it, just create your page and then save the HTML to copy into the cache description. Be sure to check the "HTML Provided" box. ...now back to our regularly scheduled program.
  22. OK...I'm trying to make sense of what Jeremy said he is going to implement here. From reading the last 3 pages of posts, this is what I gathered: 1) as a cache owner, I can decide to use the cache attributes or not; if I don't, then users won't be able to filter on those attributes, and vice versa 2) if I choose to use cache attributes on a cache of mine, then based on a user's preferences, they can choose to see my cache with or without the attribute(s) that I have picked 3) for the attribute(s) I have chosen, there will be a hover message regarding that attribute(s) 4) attributes will be on the right side of the cache page, if chosen, above the logs 5) if I choose to show "poisonous snakes" and "dangerous cliffs" attributes, then those are the only two that will show on my page and the only two that people can filter on 5) the jury is still out on whether the icons will be big and ugly or small (and one assumes nice looking) 6) you will be handing out cookies (yum) Is this correct Jeremy? Can you generate a fake cache page with some attributes to show us what it will look like?
  23. Congratulations to Engine #122 on making it to the Winner's Circle and coming in 4th place! It is quite an accomplishment for any competitor to make it to this finish line!
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