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  1. I upgraded to th 76CSx from the 76S. The newer technology receiver chipset is a huge improvement and well worth it in my opinnion.
  2. Fixed! Your thought on the CN map got me thinking. I went back into the Map76CSx and looked at all the other maps I have loaded. I had a custom topo map for Lake Tahoe that was active. I have no idea why it effected my view over here in Arizona but when I hid that Tahoe map, my local topo details all came back. I'll have to be sure keep that puppy hidden. Thanks for the input. I'm good to go now.
  3. I should have provided a little more detail in my first discription. In my GPS I do have the CN maps hidden and the topo are visible. I can see all the other topo details like the contour lines and other major terran features. It just seems to be this one section of minor back road that is not visible. Sourounding larger dirt roads are visible and even the one road I want is there where it turns off the larger road. It is only visible for about the fist few hundred yards then disapears. It doesn't matter if i zoom in closer or farther out....can't be seen on GPS display. It's about a 5 mile stretch of road. Any more ideas? I do appreciate the replys, keep em coming. Thanks.
  4. This is the first time I have seen this. I am using a Garmin Map76CSx and I have the maps from both City Navigator 7 and Topo US Version 3.02 loaded on the 76CSx. I have the maximum visible detail set both on my PC based Mapsource and the 76CSx map set up. I can see the unpaved road I want clearly on the PC based Topo maps. When I move my maps over the same area on my 76CSx, the dotted line representing the unpaved road is not visible, no matter what Zoom level I try. I even built a route on the PC overlaying the road and then transfered that route to the Map76CSx. The route and waypoints are clearly visible but the underlying road on the map can not be seen. If you see the unpaved road on the PC based version, I would expect to see the same detail on the GPS unit. Has anyone run into this problem before? Thanks, Brad
  5. Thanks. I guess I had a sheltered US view of the challenge. :-) In the past I was looking for US Topo options and found the only non-Garmin choice was to custom build your own. That's oviously not the case for some international areas. Thanks.
  6. Other than custom made Topo maps, I was not aware of any commercially available non Garmin Street or Topo maps that could be loaded directly into Garmin GPS receivers. On another forum I just saw this site referenced for topo and street maps of Mexcio that can be loaded into Garmin map units. www.lbmaps.com The product looks interesting and I heard from a user that has been using them for 3 years and loves them. Anyone else use this product or know of similar commercially available non-Garmin maps that can used with Garmin GPSrs?
  7. Here's a thread that goes into details on how to build your own Topo maps that can be loaded on A Garmin. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=155835
  8. 1. I am in Vancouver, Canada - any fellow canucks here that have used Metroguide Canada v4? Cant help ya here, way too far south in Tucson. :-) 2. When I download the maps from dvd to the micro sd [ i.e. Map of Greater vancouver ] can I input street address from the handheld gps? This is more for the wife when she has to drive the kids outside of Vancouver :-) Yes, If you load either metro guide or city navigator with routing data, you can then find addresses across the area you have loaded on the GPSR. 3. Do I need to purchase a seperate dvd for parks and trails? we like camping and hiking. I'm not sure what the specific options are in Canada but down here I need to load the Garmin Topo maps to get the detailed back country roads and trails. 4. or better to get the Mapsource City Navigator Norht America v8 and then download the cities that I needed and go from there. I do travel a bit for business - mainly US. Need a Canadian to chime in here but City Nav NA V8 seems like the best street nav choice to me. Welcome to the forum. :-)
  9. I can't imagine anything that would give you better funtion or reception than one of the Garmin Map60CSx or Map76CSx.
  10. Garmin maps are the only topo maps that are comercialy available that can be loaded on our Garmin GPS units. Their National Parks Topos are the only ones that are at the 24K level of detail. The rest of the country are at 100K with a lot less detail. If you want to learn the process you can make custom Topo maps of your specific area of interest at whatever detail level you want. Check out this custom Topo Map thread if you are up for the challenge. :-) http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...;hl=Custom+Topo
  11. When I first got my 76CSx I was running some version of City Select (can't remember what version). When calculating routes, I frequently got crazy suggested routes that seemed to be based on the base map and not the complete city street maps. These routes would have taken me 5-10 miles out of the way. After seeing this several times, I upgraded to City Navigator 7 and have never seen the problem again.
  12. I have had the Map76CSx since they first came out. From the begining I have used nothing but the Engergizer Lithium batteries. I have never experienced the problems some have reported about the initial voltage being too high. I have never had to take the edge off of the lithium batteries even when freshly purchased. I highly recommend the 76CSx. The form factor and ability to float are the things about it I like over the 60CSx. I also have never had either the battery conctact or micro SD card contact problems some 60CSx users have reported. I use mine a lot, both hiking and four wheeling.
  13. I have a Map 76CSx and live in Tucson, Az. I typically see about a 9 ft EPE.
  14. Correct. Auto Routing is turn by turn directions with the route following mapped roads. I have to defer to someone else on your PDA and paperless caching question.
  15. I have a Map76CSx running City Nav 8. I have no problems with my early warnings for upcoming turns. They consistantly work fine.
  16. Double post due to internet glitch :-) please remove.
  17. I jumped from my old Map 76S to the Map76CSx with a 1GB card. From my perspective the improvement in technology and user interface was outstanding. I don't miss a thing from my older unit and I am very happy across the board with the 76CSx.
  18. I have Garmin National Topo and City Navigator on my laptop. When I want to use live tracking I have been using Nroute. Once you bring up Nroute you have the same maps available to you that you have installed with Mapsource. For me, I can switch between Topo and City Navigator. If auto routing with City Navigator, you will also get voice promts through Nroute when live tracking. :-)
  19. Glad you got it working. Just an FYI. New GPS SW was released by Garmin (2.90 level). If you go run your webupdater twice it will update your 60CSx to the latest levels SW = 3.00 GPS SW = 2.90
  20. To see if I understand this correctly, I could make waypoints and routes on the computer using better maps, and transfer those routes to the 60CX. This would be more for setting up routes and planning stuff ahead of time, correct? Thanks for the battery and update info, Purdue Yes, I use Mapsource Topo in my 76CSx since it's the only option if you you don't want to take the time to make custom Topo maps. Mapsource Topo is accurate, just not as detailed as Maps such as National Geographic Topo. I use the NG Topo on my PC for planning or printing out detailed maps. I then download the waypoints or routes I want to the GPSr and then use the installed Mapsource Topo maps on the GPSr to navigate. For the US, Mapsource Topo does not "auto route" like the City Navigator street maps do. With the topo Maps displayed, you can route to a waypoint but it will be a straight line from your current location. I have found that if I auto route along a mapped dirt road with City Navigator, I can then switch the view to my Topo maps in the GPSr and the auto routing was still active and properly displayed the route following the dirt road. That will only work if the same dirt road is mapped in City Navigator though.
  21. Now that is some large text. I guess it must be a large question. The answer is both the 1GB and 2 GB micro SD cards will work fine in the 60SCX or 76CSx. I have a 1GB in mine and love it.
  22. Yep, Nroute works fine and it's a free download from Garmin. I'm not sure why they split it out, but I have used it and it works great. You also mentioned you were looking for good topo maps. I use the National Geograhpic Topo State maps on my laptop. That software is about the most detailed Topo software you can get and it supports active routing with your GPSr and laptop. The only drawback is the price since you have to buy it for one state at a time at around $99 a pop.
  23. Do you curently have Garmin City Nav or Topo maps under Mapsource? If you do and you just want to display the multiple tracks, I would think you could set up the tracks on Mapsourse to look as you want and then download them to your GPSr to be displayed on whatever the appropraite pre loaded maps is. Does that work? Nevermind. :-) I just saw your other posting and see that you are challenged by the number of tracks you want to display. The custom built map layer sounds like a better solution.
  24. National Geographic Topo is not locked to any GPSr unit. The software would work with as many GPSrs as you can find. :-)
  25. I use NG Topo with my 76CSX (Same thing) all the time on both my laptop and desktop PCs. Try deleting the USB device from the device manager in Windows XP, then load the latest Garmin drivers, then attach the GPSr again. That should clear it up.
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