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  1. OK... we found it, now what do we do with it? You sign the log this time!
  2. Log date: 6-23-06 Located this easy cache while out swimming a few laps around the pool. Unfortunately, the cache somehow got wet and all the contents inside were soaked. Couldn't sign the log so please accept my DNF on this one. Thanks! Are we there yet? Jr get back in the car!
  3. Is this just me or does everyone run into this while geocaching? I'm using a Garmin eTrex Vista Cx in south Florida. Some coordinates bring me right on top of the cache within a few feet, then others can be way off 15 ft or more away. Some I never find, even after a good search of the area. Was I even in the right area? Things I have thought of that maybe part of the problem: People not all using True or Magnetic north settings on their GPS's. One brand to another brand of GPS's. High end GPS's compared to lower end. While trying to figure this out. I tried a feature on my GPS called Average. I would set the GPS down and let it work for a minute. This seems to improve the accuracy of the coordinate before I save it in my GPS. I am able to go right back to that same spot within a few feet. Do all GPS's work this way when testing there own coordinates? From reading some other post I guess I should be happy getting as close as I am, but I am trying to figure out why this happens and how I maybe to tighten that 15 ft or 20 ft variation, or how to best search for these types of caches. I try walking away and around stopping at times to see were the arrow is pointing, this helps sometimes. Any other ideas? I have thought of placing a cache and ask the finders to also log the coordinates and type of GPS they have at that same spot so I can see how they compare. Has anyone ever tried that?
  4. Two Left Feet, If you die can I have your GPS? Just joking glad to hear the bite didn't break the skin!
  5. I recently purchased the Garmin eTrex Vista CX. With a little flipping through the manual, 2 questions asked in the Groundspeak Forum (answers not found in the manual) and some playing around the house I was able to figure out this GPS enough to do a Geo Cache in a park, with success finding a Geo Cache there. Venturing into the woods with the Garmin was the next trip finding the two Caches and then finding the truck again. Almost like someone guiding you by the hand! I was really impressed with the accuracy that this unit had and the visibility of the color LCD screen in the sun and at night. This unit does have the WAAS feature. I'm happy with my purchase and would recommend this unit. Note: This is my first GPS unit I have used. I was looking for a unit with good or better battery life, color screen, removable memory, weather proof and ability to connect with a computer. I am sure there maybe some others out there that have these features, so please shop it. The only other feature I wanted was the external antenna ability. Maybe the next one When I was ready to purchase I did some surfing and found WalMart online to have the best price. They also had the carrying case and 12v adapter cable I wanted. Hope this helps and happy hunting! SKUNKAPE
  6. Is it advisable to always leave the WAAS setting on? Does this setting consume more battery power? Is it as effective on the ground vs. in the air?
  7. What is the best way to get the GeoCaching waypoints from online into my Garmin eTrex Vista CS? I have the UBS cable attached and was able to download the loc file from Geocaching. I tried loading the loc file into the Garmin Trip and Waypoint Manager software, no luck. So I downloaded and installed the FREE EasyGPS software. I was then able to upload the loc waypoint file into my Garmin. Is this the best way? Is there a way to use the Garmin Trip & Waypoint Manager software with the Geocahcing waypoint files? From what I am seeing there are different waypoint file formats available and some contain more information then just the waypoint coordinates. What are your recomendations for my Garmin and Geocaching? Thanks, Skunk Ape
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