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  1. Danie, I don't visit the forum regularly but I just love all the interesting information that you post. Every few weeks I do have a look at the post. Regards JP Danie, I absolutely LOVE your stats!! I am guilty, because I hardly ever check them, but when I do, I can spend hours and hours scrolling through the results. I think it is just a case of people being busy and relying too much on social media to keep up to date with things. I'll ask Graham to put in an article about these stats in the next GoSA newsletter So I was corrected! Danie's Stats has already featured in the newsletter and will be a regular going forward..... sigh.... sorry I missed that issue! Dont also forget that there may be many of us that read the daily digest emails, and don't log on to read them - those numbers would not show up as views. I am sure that aside from my self, there are many more that follow your stats this way, and find them rather enjoyable.
  2. Read a little further for interest : 3Y is the official callsign for both Bouvet and Peter 1st island as they are both Norwegian territory. Of cause rest of the callsign is up to whoever in Norway allocates them ... for instance, back in 1990 3y5x was operating from Bouvet, although I do see that the more recent expeditions are 3y0 as you say.
  3. I remember some years ago a friend went on an expedition to Bouvet (haul out my logbook out to check)- he was operating a 3Y5 callsign ... from my reading up on it from that time, I thought Bouvet was the most remote island. From the callsign it must be the other Norwegian island in the Antarctic.. Just looking at a map, I think that would be Peter 1st island, quite some way away from Bouvet..
  4. Mcbirdie and I will be along too. Fortunately it is early enough in the day for us to be able to do before our other planed activities. Thanks for organising annother mas cach assult.
  5. Why is it that I ALWAYS have a date clash when this trip comes up ... Grrrr Perhaps next time, or if I have my shedule changes ... hope that you all enjoy.
  6. Sounds like fun, count me in.
  7. Sorry that you joined the list of those of us that could not make it, Phil. I would have been there for sure as it’s a route that I have not done, but I am still getting over an episode of flu and it would have been crazy to have walked... Perhaps some brave soul that’s just done the walk would volunteer to lead us some time in the not too distant future ...
  8. Capeccr says it nicely - The choice of magnetic Vs true bearings can somtimes be quite important, over shorter distances that you would imagine. In Battlerat and Pussycats example however, he (she ?) uses (inter)cardinal points (N, NW, W etc). Dont forget that the difference between N and NW is 45 degrees, and typically when a user gives direcions using this method, they are seldom being precise. 45 degree steps suggests an aproximate direction, although you could the finer points (N by NNW for example). Typically if the cache owner wanted to be that precice he would have used degrees, in which case magnetic Vs True bearings would be very relevant. My guess is that in this case, 20M NW-ish of the your location would be an obvious place to hide a cache.
  9. Now why do I think that there was an article in one of the ancient MCSA journals (1950's ?) about this ?? I remember asking the same question some years ago, but unfortunately don't remember the details of the answer. I will try see if I can find the article, but it might take a some time.
  10. Trev, By definition, Full moon rises as the sun sets. that's what makes it full no need to look up the time of moonrise if its "full moon day".
  11. Echoing CapeDoc : I have only ever done Hout Bay Corner going down, and it not an issue in my mind.
  12. If I may add my comments : I would not be choosing to tackle Mybergs Waterfall at this time of year. Its a great path to the bottom of the ravine, but if I recall (its been a while) most of the bottom part of the ravine route is in the river bed, and there is a section higher up where you climb out to the right of the river which is mostly over slippery vegetation, and fairly steep. Its better to do this route in late summer, and its best during Disa season. Corridor on the other hand is fine for down as long as you are sure-footed as the upper section of the ravine is full of loose rounded rocks. Not sure what the path looks these days as it also been a while since I have done it.
  13. Also Just saw your post - would have loved to have joined you. Hope you all had a good walk.
  14. Thanks for the heads-up Pooks, Things are still up in the air at the moment, and quite busy, but I might be able to make it. Out of town at the moment, and the next few hours will determine if I will be back in time or not.
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