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  1. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390444752504578024762546448822.html?mod=googlenews_wsj#project%3DFALCONE0929%26articleTabs%3Darticle "LightSquared is asking the FCC to modify its license application so it can use its five megahertz of spectrum that haven't caused GPS concerns. It also seeks to use another five megahertz that it would share with federal-government users. The other filing, a rule-making petition, calls for LightSquared to forego using the "upper" 10 MHz that have caused GPS concerns. It still wants the FCC to consider use of that 10 MHz but agreed to wait for and cooperate with "operating parameters and revised rules for terrestrial use of this spectrum."
  2. It's too far. Nobody would EVER do a cache that extreme http://coord.info/GC177JW cliff_hanger, mind if I ask your reasoning for renewing the same event over and over rather than publishing new events? Not criticizing it or against it, just curious. 1) Photos: Attendees, past and future, like to see the photos. I'm not interested in moving the photos or links to new pages. And if I did, they really wouldn't have anything to do with the 'new' event. 2) We like to see how many people we've cycled through this. Since we've held this event 8 or 9 times thus far, it's easier to see it all in one place. 3) IMO, you 'attend' an event rather than 'find' it. You can only 'find' a cache once. It's not unusual to handle events that way around here. I can cite "Cliffsides and Grapevines" and "Wings and Beer (and Pizza, too)" among others as events that are recycled or, in the case of "Wings and Beer" are never temporarily disabled - just have new dates posted. 4) Much easier for me just to change the date and press the "reactivate" button.
  3. It's too far. Nobody would EVER do a cache that extreme http://coord.info/GC177JW
  4. Anyone else having trouble signing into the Web Site Feedback forum to vote on a topic? I get redirected and then nothing happens. (Firefox 6.0, Win7 pro) But, other forums are ok (obviously) Think the lackeys are tired of our suggestions?
  5. I like the find count. If a couple of cachers with only a few finds DNF one of my caches I don't worry so much about it. If a couple of cachers with hundreds of finds DNF one of my caches, I go out and check on it.
  6. Maybe gc.com is finally headed back in the right direction? This morning all the avatars in logs showed up as only grey generic faces. Hopefully, a first step to removing them completely. YAY!!! edit: sadly, it looks like that was just for troubleshooting. Oh well, back to 'hacking' with ABP
  7. Yes, the dates will be fixed in "about a little while" LOL.. good one. "About Yesterday" would be better. I had hoped the approximate date and avatar foolishness would have been fixed by now. I could not care less about challenges: it's easy to ignore them (unless they start showing up in my PQs)
  8. Thank you! Too bad we have to "hack" the gc.com page to rid ourselves of this foolishness. Seriously, what were they thinking? I can ignore so-called "challenges". Now if we could just get real log dates back.
  9. Seriously, get rid of the wasted space avatars on the cache page logs and bring back specific dates. What were you thinking?
  10. Well, I don't have as many finds or available favorites as some people do. But I found that when looking over my found caches the best ones, the ones I've now marked as favorite, immediately jumped out at me. The ones that I couldn't remember much about obviously did not impress me.
  11. Usually I just sign and date the physical logbook, trying to write more in my online log. Usually a paragraph or two. Occasionally, I get a reply from the CO thanking me for writing a good log and that makes my day. How many times do CO's think of sending a note to say "thanks for the great log?" I was especially pleased to get a thank you for this log that I wrote: The Pit But, try as I might, I never seem to be about to get up to this level: Gossemer: The Woodland Fairy When the person who wrote that log found my Two Towers series, I was really pleased to send a "thank you for the awesome logs". Hope you enjoy them, too. Two Towers: Rivendell Two Towers: Isengard Two Towers: Cirith Ungol Two Towers: Barad-Dur
  12. Just to clarify/add to Skippermarks comments. There are so many climbing/rappelling caches here in CT that the local CT caching website awards a 'binerhead' medal for every 5 that you've find/attend! For one event (GC177JW) there are two components. First, there is a logbook for the event which you can sign just for attending - as he mentioned, you don't actually have to climb or rappel. Just attend and hang out with us. For the second part, there is a rappeling cache (GC15K9A) on the cliff where the event is held. It's a multi and the container on the cliff has coordinate information to find the final where the log book is located. In reality, people sign the logbook standing on level ground. And congratulations on getting you cache published!!! However, I notice that you used my copyrighted caching handle as part of your cache's name. While very flattering, I'm afraid that my lawyers, "Dewey, Cheatem & Howe", will be contacting you cliff_hanger®
  13. A quick search of the forums reveals this http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...t&p=3745897 I've personally found this to be the best solution
  14. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=140808 http://forums.ctcachers.com/viewtopic.php?p=29037#29037
  15. Have you tried a hard system reset? I had something similar happen with min Legend HCx and everything showed up afterwards. What are the steps for a hard reset? Hold the PAGE (upper right) button and joystick ENTER buttons. Press power while holding those two. A screen will come up asking if you really want to erase all the data.
  16. We're going in March too. What we used was at http://rwsmaps.griffel.se/ I, too, used the maps from http://rwsmaps.griffel.se/ in my Vista HCx on a December 2008 trip to Nevis and St. Kitts. Basically, there is no auto-routing on the maps and some road information is a little dated. However, they worked very well for our purposes and were better than anything else we could find. There are some POIs on the maps and they seem to be ones that folks have added to google earth. Since there are pretty much no street addresses on Nevis as we drove around we waymarked places that we wanted to revisit like restaurants, certain stores, historical sites etc. The topo map was good enough for us to hike to the summit of Mt. Nevis alone - a hike which usually requires a guide service because it goes through a dense rain forest and is very steep. We also were able to waymark were we parked the car in Basseterre St Kitts and after wandering around all day were able to find the car quickly and catch the ferry back to Nevis.
  17. http://ctcachers.com/wiki/index.php?title=Paperless_Caching And a bunch of other tutorials are listed in the FAQs at the top of this GPS and Technology forum
  18. By "I have a Garmin Vista HCX GPS, with Taiwan's and South Africa's maps preinstalled" do you mean that you bought an SD card with those maps already on it or you created that map set and added it to a blank SD card? If the former, I would buy a new SD card and reader. If the latter, see below. Map sets on my Vista HCx are in the root of the SD card and are all in a single file named "gmapsupp.img" If I was to create and load a new map, then "gmapsupp.img" would be overwritten and the previous map set would be gone. However, you could rename "gmapsupp.img" to something like "taiwan.img" You might want to save it on your pc or in a subfolder on your SD card. (I created a subfolder named "maps") Then, when you create a new map with your Europe city navigator 2009, it will load a new file named "gmapsupp.img" on your SD card. This will be the map that your GPS will use while you are in UK. Later, you can rename and swap them. Keep in mind that the GPSr will ONLY read the one mapset file named "gmapsupp.img" As far as custom POIs, the POI loader generates a file that always is named "poi.gpi" and goes in a subfolder on your SD card named "poi". However, in this case the name "poi.gpi" is not important. You can rename the files and have multiple poi files in the same subfolder and the GPSr will read them all. In fact, you can select which one(s) you want to load. So, you could, for example, have taiwan.gpi, SAfrica.gpi and UK.gpi if you generate custom POIs with poiloader Other POIs that you see like restaurants, hospitals, banks, etc are part of the mapset and would be automatically generated and saved as part of "gmapsupp.img"
  19. What operating system on your pc? Do you have Palm Desktop and HotSync installed? Have you ever been able to connect the Palm to your PC and transfer ANY data? (not just for Plucker) Can you start Plucker on your Palm at all? It should default to the Plucker 'help' file at first startup Keep in mind that plucker has two components. One that resides on your PC and will "pluck" and save webpages in a format that the reader can see. The other component resides on your Palm and reads the files that you have "plucked" and saved. This other file has a .prc extension. There has been some discussion that the Plucker component for the PC doesn't always work so well and some people use SunriseXP for that component. The WIKI link below uses SunriseXP on PC and Plucker on the Palm as an example but the basic procedure is the same for Plucker on PC/Plucker on Palm. Anyway, this link may provide some help
  20. Welcome to geocaching! You'll probably get a lot of opinions about which GPSr is "best". I started with a Magellan Meridian Gold (still have it) and currently use a Garmin Vista HCX. One of the more revered and well know cachers in my state has always used a Magellan 315 and is currently at 1252 finds and 19 hides. So, yes the 315 works for geocaching. True, there are other models with much faster processors, newer features and more accurate chips. Certainly the 315 is old technology and Magellan tech support is virtually non-existent. But, you already have it so why not use it for a while and enjoy caching? Go to some of the caching events in Texas. As you meet other cachers and see what GPSr they use you'll probably upgrade in the future, but it will be from an experienced, informed decision. Have fun.
  21. Those are WRONG. Please read the writeup a few more times. If you have not read it in a few days, it's been made a little more understandable in the last couple days. You have chosen a checksum instead of a satellite in one place. And you have chosen part of a Longitude instead of a satellite in the other place, and gotten that botched too. Pairs of characters, not individual characters, ABCDEFGHIJ is mentally thought of as AB CD EF GH IJ and can't ever be thought of as A BC DE FG HI J I've corrected your highlights S3 19 2D1BD3DC 230A230F23142319231E23232328232D23322337 4C S3 19 2D1BD3F0 0000FF7B8700FFF1780000408300FF958A00008C A9 S3 19 2D1BD404 8100008C89000000181818181818181818180808 30 87Hex=135 81=129 If these represent the firmware you alread have then you already have WAAS. Thanks, that's why I asked. My Merigold was on when the change in satellites took place, which may explain why I already have WAAS (and I already knew that part) This was purely academic and I wanted myself (and others) to be able to see a real example because I didn't think I had selected the correct pairs. Now, here's a question. If I re-initialize the Merigold without updating the firmware, would I lose WAAS?
  22. I haven't made any changes yet, so, just checking. In this string, have I selected the right numbers for the birds? S3192D1BD3DC230A230F23142319231E23232328232D233223374C S3192D1BD3F00000FF7B8700FFF1780000408300FF958A00008CA9 S3192D1BD4048100008C8900000018181818181818181818080830 F7=247 78=120 83=131 8A=138 A9=169 89=137
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