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  1. Arriving back at my car after picking up a cache I had a cell phone call. I had my gps in one hand and bag of supplies in the other I put my gps on the top of my car and took the call during the call I got in the car and started to drive off. I was leaving a local University so I was going slow for about 4 blocks. When I went to hit the on ramp to the highway I heard the most horrible sound it was my GPS rolling off the top down the trunk and onto the ramp. As I looked out the mirror I saw it doing cartwheels down the ramp. I ran back about 50 yards to pick it up it was face down I cringed as I turned it over to look at the face, well it was flawless not a scratch on it just a couple on the top backside I guess the rubber saved it. I powered it back up and went to the next cache and it worked perfectly. Garmin makes a tough unit.
  2. I'm guessing that if it can take a update it will and I won't have to do anything. wow can some thing work that simple lol I'll try it out.
  3. Where can I tell what version I have so I know if there is a update I should check for. I downloaded the auto updater of garmin's site. Thanks
  4. OK I love this feature I downloaded teh entire page of waypoints at once. The easygps program is just that easy
  5. Got my Legend CX off ebay for 230-20 instant rebate
  6. OK it's talking now. I noticed during the search for the driver it was limited to the floppy or CD drive. I had to tick the search other location then point right at it and it went on fine. I'm now setting up EasyGPS to load some waypoints.
  7. It goes through the whole loading usb device looks for the driver then says Your device could not be loaded. I will keep playing with it. I just wanted to make sure that this driver works before spending more time. I wasn't able to find if the unit needed to be in any mode for recieving data. or just the startup screen is ok? Thanks for the replys
  8. It goes through the whole loading usb device looks for the driver then says Your device could not be loaded. I will keep playing with it. I just wanted to make sure that this driver works before spending more time. Thanks for the replys
  9. I have downloaded hte driver for the usb after the install I plug in the gps and turn it on it goes through the search but cannot find the unit. Any clues on which driver works? or is the another sequence I should follow? Thanks I have the Legend CX
  10. GPS came today I loaded up some way points and we were off to finding 4 of them the last one a 10:45 at night in the woods it was fun. A question is there a trick or software for loading the waypoints into my GPSr "Legend CX" instead of hand entering them all? Thanks
  11. most cradles have a rock in motion. Tilt forward and set on prongs then snap back. sounds like you are doing it right
  12. Thanks YuccaPatrol your opinion means alot on this forum
  13. After stressing over getting the right GPSr I decided to get a Legend C just as I was looking for the best deal I came across the CX for 7.00 more and I met all the functions I wanted in the unit. Then what pops up is a 20.00 coupon from ebay that expired the 30th so I knocked it down another 20.00. I got the: Legend cx unit usb cable 32mb SDcard Americas Recreational Routable Basemap with automatic routing capabilities. all for 210 shipped i hope I don't get flamed saying I should have done this or bought this or something. I'm just pumped to get my first unit.
  14. Microsoft Windows XP Professional Full Version with CD and Key Code
  15. Seen any prices t obeat ebay for 150.00
  16. These reviews are hard to ignore. I have been searching for the right unit and although the Garmin Brand seems to be the forum favorite this one is hard to pass up for 150.00
  17. I can get one of these used for 125-130 shipped. I am brand new to Geocaching. How was this GPS for you guys before you moved on to a newer one?
  18. Likes or dislikes good price for 200.00?
  19. Let me understand one thing on mapping. Does that mean I can type in a address and it will take me there? GPSMAP 60 Explorist 210? (no added card) Are these the two base units Although on this forum it seems Garmin is choice over all others.
  20. After looking around and doing alot of reading. I found a few features I believe would be rather useful other than just caching. Mapping, Expandable card are to of the most important ones. My question is do you guys use these features after the newness wears off and what is the starter GPS I can get these on. Thanks
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