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  1. All original packaging and manuals. Thought I would try here before it goes on eBay Wednesday.


    Send offers to




    ebay UN is zuberx6 over 500 %100 positive feedbacks.

  2. If you have a PDA, and are using the MobiPocket Reader, you can get the cache pages on your Palm.


    However, I used that program on a friend's PDA one day and it was miserable. I have always used Cachemate. It is a handy, user-friendly program, and there is a version for the both Palm and PPC. ^_^


    Thanks for the reply I do use cachemate. I was hoping the ebook was a emailed document with all the cache info. Without loading them one by one.

  3. This sounds great how do I start it?


    eBook - As a Premium Member you can also choose to have a list of waypoints compiled into MobiPocket eBook format. This format contains all the information from the cache details page.

  4. lol El Diablo I guess you are familar with it. I didn't really mean enhance performance but more to enhance my experiance with it. I am looking at the citynavigator program it sounds cool if I leave my area since my friend El Diablo loaded up my tri-state on the unit.

    El Diablo
  5. I'm big on Geocaching so I'm set there. I would love to use this in the car for trips and what not... I also do some bike riding so I was thinking about a bike mount to track my speed a distance... What else do you guys do to enhance this 60 series I have the 60cs model. Thanks to our own garage sell forum.

  6. I have a Meridian Gold in great shape. Comes with the sd card for maps, serial cable to connect to your computer to download waypoints and a bike mount. Unit works perfectly. I have just upgraded to a newer unit.


    Asking 85.00 shipped

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