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  1. Hi all! We're going to be in Stratford towards the end of September for Ms Chizu's work and Mr Chizu will have some spare time while she's working - are there any good walks with caches on nearby that he shouldn't miss? Anywhere within a short bus/train journey of Stratford would be great.
  2. I've aways assumed that they just all source the data from teh Met Office - is this not the case?
  3. assuming the question is no more difficult than in the title, I've just got myself a shiny new Nokia N82 with Geocache Navigator installed. Worked a treat on a webcam cache the other day, and could log in and take the webcam pic ourselves from the phone! GPS signal seems even better than our Legend. Mr Chizu
  4. By England, do you mean The United Kingdom (including Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)? If so, then I'd love one!!
  5. We'll try our best as we have relatives near Bristol we can visit at the same time.
  6. Our usual trick is to read the hints before going out, then muddle hem up in our brains so we almost always remember the wrong hint for each cache making it actually more difficult to find
  7. We got back this afternoon after a fantastic weekend in Yorkshire - thanks for all the hard work (and sleepless nights!!) the committee must have put in
  8. I think it was 1964? NO idea about the number of years - I'll try 2400 (200 each).
  9. That's a DING!!!! to Hiho9 since he got in there first sorry Forester! Thanks for the extra info though!
  10. Of course you can - more the merrier! I'll give you a small ding for that. It's defined in wikipedia as "A chemical compound used by barbers to disinfect combs, brushes, etc." which I guess includes lice. Just Acaricide to go then for the full ding!
  11. barbicide involves barbers but not killing them! spiders is close, but no ding yet.
  12. Barbicide: shaving your beard off? Deicide: killing a god - some feat! Uxoricide: killing your wife? Barbicide - close(ish! little dings for Deicide and Uxoricide.
  13. Thanks DG & GD! A topical one here - faking your one death seems to be technically referred to as pseudocide - what are these other "cides"? Acaricide Barbicide Deicide Tomecide Uxoricide Ding to the last person!
  14. We had this the other day (with a disable then an enable) before the current revamp, so it might not be the revamp's fault.
  15. only just noticed this thread - a belated welcome to the moderator's job (does it count as a promotion?)
  16. still works if you click on "advanced Search" first
  17. Not sure if this has been reported or not, but the cache hint decrypter once again requires a page refresh than just instantaneously translating.
  18. I would have been mad at the previous question too then again I'm mad at any sports question at a pub quiz!!
  19. Just to note that I'd be a bit mad if I was asked this in a real pub quiz!
  20. We will be in Japan from the 19th August to the 29th August on Honeymoon We will be in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo. We are very excited
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