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  1. This was on the radio this morning - I think they said 22.
  2. Gah everytime I don't check this thread for a while there's a question I know - I've even had a hot chocolate at the restaurant !! The most amusing thing is a big sign at the top of the mountain indicating "no high heels"!
  3. Not everywhere in the world it's not
  4. In terms of campsites, teh site on Loch Lomond where the 2007 Scottish Cache Bash is really nice, with a few easy caches scattered around.
  5. Are you there 14.3.? If locals can't meet up, let's exchange some TB's/GC's. I have at least one coin that wants to go to Birmingham and Oxford, you could take it a lot closer Sounds great We will be there on the 14th so we can meet you for a drink sometime to swap. We're staying centrally in Stockholm. Send us an email Thanks again for your message! Chizu
  6. Thanks for the warning - we shall be in Stockholm mid-March so we'll know to leave our TBs at home. If anyone wants to meet up and personally take them off our hands that's a different matter
  7. Our photos of leftover snow on the Pentlands just outside Edinburgh can be seen here.
  8. We were made very welocme at our first event, despite dropping a geocoin onto the concrete - d'oh!
  9. I believe it's an Olympic event!! I wouldn't class Geocaching as a sport as there are not really any set rules, and it's not supposed to be competitive.
  10. Try giving your friendly neighbourhood army surplus store a call
  11. Which is more useful than "not in the obvious place" !
  12. Hello everyone! We shall be staying in Stockholm from the evening of the 11th until the 15th of March - what caches would you recommend as "must do" caches? Thanks very much! Abi & David (Chizu)
  13. I'll go for American Express and 1971 since it was the year of Decimilisation.
  14. I think that the consensus up here is that even though you have a right to roam on a farmer's land, that doesn't give you permission to hide plastic boxes on a farmer's land! Therefore any caches on farmland must have the farmer's permission and therefore (s)he will be aware of the increased traffic across his/her land and the consequences.
  15. This cache in the Netherlands seems to have suffered a similar fate? Or aren't virtuals allowed for Waymarking as well?
  16. Germany didn't exist until the 1860s, so I'll guess that Hanover gave us mercenaries given we had a king of Hanoverian descent.
  17. Season's Greetings just outside Edinburgh is another festive cache.
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