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  1. In terms of mapping, we actually have cheap access to uk maps in tiff format, we just need a viewer! Edited to add that I've just looked at basicGPS and it's too advanced for our old PDA (well it's an old model but new to us!) which only runs windows 2003.
  2. Our ancient Palm bit the dust last week and we've upgraded via ebay to a nice colour pocket PC, not high spec but good enough for cachemate. Searching around for other geocaching software I've come across BeeLineGPS, which looks like it does the same as cachemate - have people used this and does it have any advantages or disadvantages over cachemate? Is there any other software that is a must have for a pocket PC - especially any cheap(ish) mapping software? Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions!!
  3. Unfortunately we'll still be "down south" when she's up in Edinburgh, but we'll try to bump into her at the Mega!
  4. We were at a wedding from Thursday to Saturday evening so we too had no idea something was going on (we'd already run the PQ for the wedding area). We did miss the virtual at Birmingham Bull ring on the way home though because Geocache Navigator wasn't working.
  5. I think they always have!
  6. We've booked 2 nights at Mevangissey and 3 nights at Perranporth. I'm sure we'll have a great time Any cache recommendations in those areas?
  7. After reading Hazel's log I think I might have misinterpreted your OP. If you mean you have to go in the building to solve clues to find a physical box outside somewhere, then this one is similar. If only the painting didn't keep walking!
  8. Holyrood Horror is similar, but unfortunately you can no longer set virtual caches.
  9. I think the N95 is the obvious choice, but I use my N82 with Geocache Navigator with great results.
  10. I think the N95 is the obvious choice, but I use my N82 with Geocache Navigator with great results.
  11. Firefox and XP here - just for the Greasemonkey scripts.
  12. Thanks for the reminder - you have mail!!
  13. We don't mind camping (we camped for last year's mega) but I think for Cornwall we're looking at B&B type lodgings.
  14. HI all - after the Mega in Weston we're going to hire a car and drive down to Cornwall for a few days. We don't really know the area but we know we want to go to the Eden project and be in a fairly good location for driving around the county, and also do a few caches while we're down there! What area of Cornwall would be the best to stay in? Does anyone have any recommendations for accommodation etc.?
  15. Now that the answer is known, can the numbers be explained as to the relevance to the location please? The location is Portmeirion in north Wales. The TV series The Prisoner was filmed there. The lead character was No.6 although he did his best to deny that. Thank you, can't say I have seen the series, is it any good? Me and a friend once watched all 17 episodes in a one-off marathon. After 13 hours, the rather surreal final episode makes perfect sense (in no way whatsoever!!!)
  16. Well, the caches are there in the field and well-maintained. They're listed elsewhere, which is why it would be poor form to remove them on the basis of a gc.com archiving. Sorry, I misunderstood the post at first, you are quite correct !
  17. I know of several caches (I've found a couple of them this year) which are viable, maintained caches but are also archived on GC.com (the listings having been, effectively, withdrawn). I think that the owner would be most annoyed if they were muggled in this way and then replaced by another cache! Given that the owner has let them get to the state where they have become archived in the first place, I doubt it!
  18. Interesting, we thought you weren't allowed to be required to dig to retrieve a cache, I didn't know you couldn't dig with a "pointy tool" to actually hide it. We've found plenty where a hole has specifically been dug to hide the cache, but can be retrieved quite easily.
  19. Ah that makes sense. Presumably the drones are therefore haploid rather than diploid, that is each has only one copy of each chromosome rather than two?
  20. But that drone still rpvides the sperm, even if it's stored, so the bee will have a father i.e. the donor drone?
  21. Random guess time - Big Ben? Nigel Benn? Uncle Ben's rice?
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