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  1. Thanks very much I'll make sure I remember to thank you on the cache page for the translation! I hope to get the cache submitted this week or early next week, I'll post a link here when it's active.
  2. Congrats on that milestone - also dead chuffed that you did it with my cache
  3. ok here goes: This cache is located in Little France, a disctrict in the south of Edinburgh, under the gaze of Craigmillar Castle. The area supposedly gets its name from the time of Mary, Queen of Scots, who lived at Craigmillar Castle following her return from France in tye 16th Century. Her French courtiers are believed to have lived in the area to the south of the Castle, giving their name to the area in which they settled. More recent studies, however, have suggested that the name originally belonged to a mill in the area and it is quite likely that some humble French cloth workers settled there in 17th century when there seems to have been a market for their enterprise. In more recent times, Little France has become the home of the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, as well as the new medical departments for the University of Edinburgh. Whatever the reason for the name, this seemed a good spot to place a french-themed cache. PLease swap your french-themed items for other themed items within the cache, if possible. You can even sign the log book in french, though this is not compulsory! Haven't got the clue yet, but i might be able to manaage it myself as I speak basic french.
  4. chizu

    polls on forums?

    How about the chance to post polls on forums (either for premium members only, admin only or everyone)?
  5. Hi there I live in Edinburgh, Scotland and there is an area in the city called Little France. I am planning on putting a cache there with a French theme and would like to put the instructions and descriptions in French too. Would anyone be able to translate my description and clue into french for me please? I would be most grateful and give you a mention on the page! Thanks Chizu
  6. You can. Go to your "My Account" page, and along the top line of options (starting with Quick View), there is a pair of links called "Travel Bugs (Mine)". To see all of your own trackables, click the "Mine" part. To see all the bugs and coins you've found, click the "Travel Bugs" link, and the "My Travel Bug Details" page will be displayed; over on the right, click the "have found" link. ah so you can - thanks very much!
  7. another one: one thhe "my profiles" section, under geocaches, you can look at caches you've found/placed by type or look at them all - something similar should be in place for trackables so you can list all bugs and coins found/placed on one screen.
  8. It would be nice if you could order the cache lists by other atributes other than the order you found them, such as date last found, date placed, difficulty of terrain or cache.
  9. Quite simple here - chizu is japanese for "map" and team chizu is learning japanese!
  10. As someone who works in a lab, I imagine these specimin bottles would be designed to be stored at -20 at least, possibly -80 degrees so I imagine they'll be ok in the field!
  11. I'd recommend this one for a walk with history and scenic views that doesn't take too long (and not just becuase it has my Travel Bug in it)!
  12. ok no probs I;ve found one at http://www.world66.com/myworld66/visitedStates
  13. Hi guys - I'm trying to log and move geocoins from all 50 US states and I want to be able to draw a map highlighting which states I've covered (only Texas so far!) - is there a highlighable map of the US similar to this one for the UK? Thanks! David
  14. hope it's not 112 after the fire yesterday!
  15. Anyone coming up/is already up at the Edinburgh Festival this year and grabbing some caches while you're here? I'm sure most will be Haggis Hunter's
  16. Wait until people start hiding nanos in the middle of nowhere
  17. Congrats - I placed my first cache the other day and it's a wonderful feeling - even better when you get your first visitor Mine's here
  18. I normally watch Lincoln City when they're at home and I'm in town - I'll be around Sunday too if you're back?
  19. If anyone is caching in Lincolnshire, specifically around the Lincoln area, on the weekend of the 27th of August, I'll be down visiting my gran and would like to take in a few caches at the same time. Unfortunaltely, my girlfriend is also going away and is taking the GPS with her (boo!). If anyone fancies caching with me that weekend I think it could be a good opportunity to make a new friend! I'll be staying in Reepham and am a 29yo male. Thanks!
  20. Thanks for your help - I'll wait a few days like you advise
  21. Hi all, Today we logged a cache which was supposed to have a travel bug. In the hand written log in the cache we see that the bug was taken yesterday and replaced with a geocoin. We picked up the geocoin. However, the coin hasn't been logged as being dropped in the cache yet (it looks like it has been left by a visitor to the UK). How should we log this? Thanks, Chizu
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