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  1. DING! William Henry Harrison died 31 days in office from a cold and pneumonia in 1841.
  2. Coincidentally, I was in London the other day and found a couple of the series. This one was a bit far away though! Next question: Who was the shortest serving US President, and what cut his term short?
  3. And that will demonstrate to the park authorities that geocachers have no respect for landowner permissions or the authority itself. Sometimes I think landowners are right in not allowing permission with this sort of disrespectful attitude.
  4. Is this thread now officially dead? c'mon Keehotee your turn.
  5. While I understand those concerns in general, I don't understand what would make geocaching in the parks cause more such problems than in the streets surrounding the parks (which are usually even closer to these "high security targets"). Particularly as there is already the agreement in place with Met Police, which addresses exactly these security concerns. What makes it different in parks? The difference is that the Parks Authority only have juristiction over their parks and not the surrounding area. They can only ban it in areas they own. If people who own the surrounding areas feel differently then so be it. It's their decision thet they're entitled to make.
  6. I don't want it I had no idea of the answer, it's definitely a win for norsch or Steve_P, I should have kept my nose out To clarify - a DING to norsch! Sorry again!
  7. I agree absolutely. Similarly, it takes time for cachers to scout out good caches to do, just as it takes a bit of time and effort. Both parties are responsible, for placing and finding good caches (not that I'm going to try to define what "good" is! )
  8. As there are surely only a finite number of "good locations in the country, I assume all "seasoned" cachers complaining about the quality of hides getting worse will be more than willing to archive some of their caches in better locations to allow the newer cachers the opportunity to place new caches in these spots instead of worse locations? Thought not
  9. sorry must remember the wording of my own questions next time!
  10. That will be a DING! Most mammals can but for unknown reasons, we can't and that's why we need a constant supply of vitamin C rich foods such as oranges etc.
  11. Thanks! What can most animals do but guinea pigs, fruit bats and humans can't?
  12. Is this a trick question? anhornas sounds like one horn and therefore a unicorn? I've never seen one on a menu!
  13. Reviewers used to be able to change the cache type but if I remember correctly they can't do this anymore. I think the only option is to archive the existing and relaunch as a new cache at the same coordinates/
  14. Unfortunately this cache is now archived
  15. not really - I'll have already looked it up beforehand or pull it up on my phone if I haven't !!!
  16. Ok - precisely what foodstuff did Daniel Peter invent in 1875?
  17. Typical - I'm away for a day and my perfect question comes up - I have the magazine in front of me!
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