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  1. Sorry to hear of your loss our thoughts are with you.
  2. Rainbow Islands is what I was thinking of so DING to Rutson!
  3. Thanks harry Ok in computer gaming, what was the sequel to Bubble Bobble?
  4. (sumimasenga, watashino conpyuuta ha hiragana to kanji kaku dekimasen). hachigatsuno hatska ni watashi nihonno osaka ni tsukimasu juuni nihon ni tomemasu. Watashi wa iririsujin desuga, sannenkan nihongonobenkyou wo s***e imasu. ja mata!
  5. We received confirmation within 48 hours, and we didn't pay a deposit!
  6. I also find parking spots are often in the text rather than as a downloadable waypoint, especially on older caches.
  7. Once we set out for 12 caches and got so frustrated at 2 DNFs we had (one was genuinely missing though we didn't know that at the time) and the other had really erratic signal) that we gave up after only 2 finds, so we can sympathise!
  8. A walk along the Water of Leith is also good. There's a few multis along the Royal Mile itself (from the Castle to Holyrood Palace) that are easily done. Haggis Hunter's "Crag & Tail" is particularly good for tourists, as is Greyfriars Bobby. Good luck and enjoy - I'll keep an eye out in the logs!
  9. Wasn't it SR toothpaste (or something like that?) For a time I'll guess 6 o clock pm? Channel 5 - no idea
  10. Can I suggest a hagis supper from your local chip shop?? Seriously it's sad that it's come to this - both reviewers will be missed by both ourselves, the forum posters and the wider caching community.
  11. I'm from Lincoln originally and have done a few round there on return trips to family. In the city itself, Houses of the Holy is great. if you're approching Lincoln on the A57, then they don't get much easier than Monkey See, Monkey Do!
  12. Grr I read Shane at school but can't remember who wrote it. Annoying since I knew most of the rest of them as well (trust work to get in the way!)
  13. SP serves an ace with that answer and gets a DING for his troubles (even if he forgot to mention Sean the Sheep!)
  14. I promise! It's one of those random things I've heard in pub quizzes before, although Lesotho took a few seconds before I remembered it's name! Ok, next question: Who lives at 62 West Wallaby Street?
  15. or was it on the 15th to coincide with some rugby 6 nations game?
  16. It was March 17th. This year I guess a lot of people had it on the 15th, given that the 17th was a Monday?
  17. DING to adrianjohn! Well, you are in Lincolnshire after all! Anyone visiting Lincoln should go into the cathedral and try to spot him without any help!
  18. I never get picture ones, so I thought I'd set another! Who is this cheeky chappy and where in the UK would you find him?
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