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  1. This year each event will have it's own name along with the 12-12-12 icon. This should help you keep track of each coin and what event it goes with. It took some wrangling to get set up, but it's really nice. Thoughts with you mar-elendili.
  2. I'm having a hard time deciding which coin I like the best! For those of you wondering, the first coin is New Jersey!
  3. Im not to good at this photo thing...
  4. Not the right picture.... Forgot a page.
  5. We are starting to see several of the International Orders are being delivered. and the others in the US should be arriving in the next day or two. We've got our Fingers Crossed here at Oakcoins, that all will get them on time. We are anxiously waiting for confirmation that everyone has them. On Another Note: I would like to apologize publicly for the lack of communication on my part and for problems that my inexperience caused with this coin. This project was more complex then I had expected, and I have learned a lot in doing this. If I have offended anyone, I am sorry.
  6. I stand corrected, I apologize. There was an email sent 8:40am. Next time I will reply to your email sooner.
  7. AtlantaGal, I have gotten no email. This is the first ive heard of it. I will look into this Monday Morning and get back with you.
  8. We love all of our customers at oakcoins, and I think that everyone will be happy with their coins when they get them.
  9. I'm not sure what the issue is. We had discussed all of this at the going coastal event and it wasn't a problem then. You will get your coins well before 12-12-12. I guess you're damned if you do damned if you don't here in the forums.
  10. I needed to wait until I got everyone's information correct before sending out any of it. We all know that if someone had gotten theirs prior to the whole group, they'd be on the forums with the sad faces. After spending some time with family, I went out to work at midnight to send off the tracking codes and photos. I then realized that the file with all the photos had a few missing. At 1:30 I made the call that I was going home and would follow up on the missing photos Friday morning. Hope this helps shed some light on the mystery. However... The Yahoo thing is still a bit of a mystery.
  11. Nosnow and Dragons, I'm not sure I understand. I responded to each one of your emails as quickly as I could. 63 people with 63 designs. I choose not to respond to a lot of the comments on the forums, as many of the people who complained on here were nothing more then a woe is me looking for attention. One minute responding to my emails in a positive polite way, and then a few minutes later jumping on the forums with their sad stories of how the world was unfair. Like I've always maintained, if you are having a problem, email me. I will respond to each one of you emails and problems individually. It's amazing how just a few people like bring their dark little raincloud with them in these forums.
  12. I got most of the Photos and tracking codes sent. There was a small issue with a few photos. If you didn't get a photo or tracking code, please email me. However, I am sure that everyone here would love to hear about it as well.
  13. I'll send out tracking numbers tonight.
  14. All coins shipped except one I am waiting for an address. I have responded to everyone's email as I tend to deal with people on a one on one basis. Oakcoins has done an exceptional job on this project, regardless of my inexperience here. I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you this year in my travels and have tried to correct issues as they arose. I will continue to do so. It's interesting to follow all of the discussion on the forums. Many of you are kind and I enjoy working with you. The phone call today and the 'Happy Thanksgiving' well wish was much appreciated. Likewise, I find all the complaints equally as enjoyable. I know for some, legitimate complaints have been addressed, for some of the others, I think some just like to complain. Happy Thanksgiving to each of you. May your coins come quick, may you be happy with they way they look. May your events be a success. For those of you who aren't happy with them, i look forward to reading about them as you use this forum to complain. If anyone knows any others hosting an event that did not get a version, we have a few of our generic version and pink version available. Lastly, Hats off to Mark. We had over 60 editions of the coin. 20 trades and several side trades. This world wide multi event is amazing and Mark should get all the credit for an amazing coin and a popular event.
  15. I can help you there. It's the Auckland one, obviously.
  16. WOW! The coins are in. I am having a hard time deciding which one I like the best! We will ship out Monday!!!!
  17. If you are doing an event and would like a coin, geoswag.com has two versions for sell. Email me at michael@oakcoins.com so we can get yours reserved. They are going fast.
  18. Just curious why this one isn't listed on the spreadsheet? He's there. Dont worry.
  19. I hid the names because I needed the room on the spreadsheet to see the totals along with the event name and number. The information is still there if needed.
  20. I sent out an email today. Did everyone get it?
  21. Yes. The coins are 2". The samples turned out nicely.
  22. I have adjusted your coin amount to 50 coins as requested. But I don't want geoswag having 25 no matter what. So if that's the case, I want all 75. Mare, I am trying to work with you for your dissatisfaction on the price adjustment. You said "I would honestly prefer 50 coins total at the recently adjusted price." IF you want 50 coins then I will order 50 coins. IF you want 75 coins I will order you 75 coins. PLEASE let me know so that I can get this issue resolved.
  23. I have adjusted your coin amount to 50 coins as requested.
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