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  1. Please note: This coin will have an Icon on Geocaching.com. Like the 9-9-9, 10-10-10, 11-11-11 events, this coin will have one name for the coin: 12-13-14 - Last Sequential Worldwide Multi Event. For convenience, the coins will be named by location. Don't get to alarmed. Although we do not anticipate a 13-14-15 event, we have penciled in some fun World Wide Multi Events. So keep an eye out.
  2. After much trial and problems, the Full Strawberry Moon is out. I hope everyone enjoys it. This is the June Bonus Coin. It was a long time coming and one we had problems with. 2015 will have some very cool coins coming out. I hope that everyone is looking forward to next years coins. We are going to make every effort to make sure that everyone has a great 2015.
  3. I don't believe there were any new ones at either GCF, but I didn't go. Can anybody who did go confirm this? #2 - Snow Moon has yet to be released, so Harvest Moon is #9 of the released WP v2's. Also if anyone is interested in trading for 1 of the H M's I have a few to trade. Thank you. You are correct. The Full Snow Moon has not been released yet. So the numbering is a little confusing. We did not do any special versions for GCF. Can anyone tell me which one is the nicest coin released so far? I am torn as to which I like the best.
  4. Shipping has been updated. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. As far as I am aware, the pre orders have been shipped.
  5. Does it look like the one in the picture below? If so, look at the edge of the coin, maybe there's a tracking number stamped there. I had a hard time finding a photo, so few people post a photo of their trackable items, so if it's not this one, some other clue will help (such as a photo of the coin you found). You mention finding it (I think this topic's coin) here, and I'm duly impressed that you did so. Someone who is holding one of these coins may have a better idea of where the tracking number may be. A number that starts with "GC" is a Geocache in this case, as mentioned, not a tracking number, so there's another number on the coin if it is in fact a Geocoin. The Tracking Code should be on the side of the coin and start with BG. This is the Event Coin for the Berkshire Geobash. Contact Michael at oakcoins and he can help you if you are having problems.
  6. We have fixed the shipping rates on the web page. There was an issue with our last upgrade that caused issue with the shipping. Please let me know if you are having issues. We will get tracking information out to you on these.
  7. We have had a couple of problems with getting the June Bonus coin done correctly. Its been an issue that we hope has been corrected and should be a nice BONUS once we have it ready to ship. Michael
  8. Here is a bit of Info on the Coins Full Wolf Moon Coin of the Month Version Full Snow Moon NOT RELEASED YET Full Crest Moon April Release Full Pink Moon GEOWOODSTOCK RELEASE Full Flower Moon May Release Full Rose Moon June Release Full Thunder Moon July Release Full Sturgeon Moon August Release Full Corn Moon September Release Full Harvest Moon October Release *This has been made available to Distributors and will be available in a few weeks on the Geoswag Site. Full Frosty Moon November Release Full Cold Moon December Release Don't be surprised to see a Blue Moon Edition. But please tell us we wont have to wait until July 15?
  9. Wolf Pack 2 "Wolf Moon" Version GC&P March 2014 We are about to come out with our Wolf Pack 2 Geocoin in March 2014. There will be several versions like we did in 2012. This will be another amazing set for the collectors. One Catch. The only way to get the "Wolf Moon" is to be a member of the Geoswag Coin and Pin Club and have to have signed up for the the club by end of February. 2012 editions are still selling on ebay.
  10. OK. I apologize for the confusion. First: There are 29 Versions of the coin. On my initial count I forgot to Count the Flash Mob and Generic event Coins as separate versions. There was one coin that was made by mistake and so final total is 29. Second: All Trades have been sent. The US sets were sent out late. The coins look amazing. We can not keep any in stock and will not be minting anymore of our versions. If anyone has any left we would love to pass on your contact info to people who email us. We have one Trade set left if anyone is interested let us know. We are working on our 12.13.14 version. Look in the forums in January for the New Thread.
  11. All orders have shipped! I am not sure how BOREK got his coins last year. Great shipping if it showed up last year. We are looking into that and will get your the correct tracking. We just received these yesterday and have gotten these shipped out. Trades are all set to ship out today if yours was a NOVEMBER Version. The coins look great. If anyone has any left let us know. We are getting lots of emails requesting all versions and would love to pass them on to you if you still have some left.
  12. The Generic event coins will not be available to single purchases until after the event.
  13. The Flash mob coin is one of two that has Glow In The Dark color. It will be a must have. It's pretty cool too. When looked at closely you can see the Mid Level recessed gears in the back. Notice the Groundspeak Colors on the front of the clock work.
  14. We will have 3 Versions for sell today on geoswag.com
  15. Thanks for the post. We are working on Mint Art, and should have it soon. Also refunds on postage should post shortly.
  16. Happy Halloween! To Celebrate, we are having a Halloween Geocoin Photo Contest. The winner will get a Steam Punk Robot Geocoin Gift Pack. So get out your creative hats - as only geocachers can - get the camera's out and start shooting. To Enter Post your Photo's of The Steam Punk Robot on the Geoswag.com Facebook Page. Our Panel of Judges will narrow the entries down to the top 10. On October 24th, the Top 10 photos will be listed on the Facebook Page. That next week we will open it up for the Peoples Choice. 1 Point for Every Like and 10 Points for every share the photo's get. The winner will be announced on Halloween.
  17. There are Currently 18 Events signed up to participate. There are 8 currently in the Trade. We will make a list available shortly.
  18. We will be doing 4 Versions of the coin. All will be a part of the Trade. We will post a spreadsheet up later today and try to keep the list as current as possible. Version 1. Geoswag Version Version 2. Flash Mob NOVEMBER Version. This will be for our 11.12.13 - 11:12:13 November Flash Mob Version 3. Flash Mob DECEMBER Version. This will be for out December Flash Mob. Version 4. Generic Event Version for those who are hosting an event but will not need the 50pc minimum. This will be available in MOQ of 15 or more.
  19. We are trying to fix the shipping charges. We will refund any difference on purchases made that were incorrect.
  20. For Detail information on the project check out this link: http://www.geoswag.com/11-12-13.html
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