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  1. Head up to Lake Georgetown and do the series on the hike around to The Doctor and Corral caches. Amazing view and the old homestead, fresh spring pool and waterfall make it a GREAT hike.
  2. Daddy Daughter Diggers here and we live in Denton. Multiple favorites for different reasons but the one we talk about the most was out very first finds in Geocaching. They are still at the most beautiful locations I have seen since we started several years ago. The corral down in North Austin. It's where we took the profile pic we use here. Popping over to TexasGeo site now.
  3. 6 years for me spread between active USAF and SCANG. I was a DCC on C-141's in CHarleston and then spent flight line CC on F-16 at McEntire.
  4. Good morning all. I'm coming to you on bended knee as I have come to a dead end. I received an Earthmate PN-20 for Christmas and I was able to load up the top maps and such but I can not for teh life of me figure out how to get the cache files (GPX thing-a-ma-bob) into the unit. I have tried several directions, gone through several webpages forums and even multiple pages like the one below and all with no luck. Can anyone help me with a simple "Idiot's guide to loading cache details into a PN-20" link. http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/Na...Sowards-Emmerd/ Thanks and Happy Holidays: John
  5. Thanks all. Krystyn is at a play date all day so I'm off to find the maps
  6. My daughter and I have been dabbling in GC for a couple of years and we are really enjoying our weekend trips now around Dallas even more. I have decided to upgrade our unit because old Yellar, as my daughter calls our current unit, is getting old. So after reading the forums and reviews I have decided that Santa is putting a GPSMap60cx under the tree for us but here is where the really stupid question comes in.......... Does it come with all of the maps I need for simple GCing around the Dallas/Denton area or do I need to buy something else? I see people posting about SD card maps and topo maps and such and to be honest, I have no clue what the heck they are talking about . Thanks: John and Krystyn
  7. Well he must have a newer version posted because the one you download now won't work until you enter the Reg code. Whenever I drop a file onto it the Spinner opens a Command window and says it won't proceed until the Reg code is entered. Thanks for the feeedback guys
  8. Good morning, Have any of you purchased GPS Spinner program from the waypoints section of this website and received a response from the individual that is selling it? We are just getting into GCing and we paid for it 1.5 weeks ago and have sent several emails asking for our registration code but have received no response. Any ideas and did anyone else have this problem? Thanks: John
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