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  1. I was shuffling things around to salvage some disk space and in the process lost my CNNA7.img file. Now MapSource won't even start and I lost my CNNA7 disk in a move. :)


    Could anyone send their CNNA7.img file to ejnewman at gmail dot com? I still have all the files for the detailed map sections, CNNA7.tdb, and CNNA7.mdx; I'm only missing that one img file. :)

  2. i dont know how to add a waypoint in? in the goto option i can put the distance of the cache in but i dont know how to get the bearing? is that how you find the cache! i've done some geocaching with friends but have just got my own trex but cant get started! please help! <_<


    I don't think "go to" is what you want. Somewhere else there should be an option to add a waypoint where you can punch in a latitude and longitude.

  3. You can also do that through a search & replace in MS Word. Somewhere in the dialog for that there is a place where you can pick non-text characters (like a line return or paragraph mark) so you can search and replace across lines. You just have to make sure to save the file as plain text (and with the .mp extension) and not as a .doc.

  4. It would really be nice if the companies stopped deliberately crippling the printed output from their mapping programs. All of them seem to do it. DeLorme lets you print big with the Plus version of Street Atlas, but you don't have the option of a Plus version of Topo USA. To print big, you more or less are stuck with using high-end GIS programs like ESRI.


    That is because the people making the mapping programs also sell ways of viewing those maps (printed atlases or GPSrs). They aren't going to provide their customers with a way to avoid buying more of their products. :)

  5. California Department of Motor Vehicles Drivers Handbook only states “Do not block your view by putting signs or other objects on the front windshield or the back and side windows. Do not hang objects on the mirror. Windshield/window stickers, etc., are permitted in these locations only:

    - A seven-inch square on either the passenger’s side windshield, lower corner; or the rear window, lower corner.

    - A five-inch square on the driver’s side, lower corner.

    - Side windows behind the driver.”


    However, it also states “Do not drive a vehicle equipped with a video monitor if the monitor is visible to the driver and displays anything other than vehicle information or global mapping displays.”


    So there you go, it is how you differentiate statements made in the divers handbook.


    :D Isn't California just GREAT!!! :)


    So you can have a GPS as long as it isn't mounted somewhere that could block your view. Makes sense to me.


    I tried WorldWind a couple weeks ago and didn't like it. Its navigation controls aren't as good as Google Earth's, and it really ate up CPU cycles on the P4 3.4GHz machine I use at my office.


    I like WW's controls a lot better. Google's work backwards from every other 3d app in the world.

  7. edit: btw, try the bird's eye view if the data's avail..it's pretty wild, you can swing around from multiple vantage points (does g earth do that too?).

    Yes, you can rotate and cant the angle of the display in Google Earth. Additionally, in cities, high-rise buildings are displayed quite effectively.


    The bird's eye view pictures aren't the same thing. In google you can tilt the view, but you are still looking at pictures taken from directly above. The bird's eye pictures are taken at an angle, i.e. looking at the side of a building instead of the roof.

  8. If you have ArcView it comes with Import71 that proccesses an E00 file, then you convert the coverages to shapefiles.


    Probably 0.0001% of the GPS users on this forum have Arcview, or know someone who does. :D

  9. If you hang tight for a few months, ArcGIS Explorer will be released. It is like Google Earth, but will read GIS files like shapefiles in addition to Google's KML. Not sure if it will read GPX yet. It is easy to convert e00 files to shapefiles, you'll just have to find someone to do the file conversion for you. I know how to go from GPX to SHP, but I don't know how to go the other way.


    This was supposed to be out in January. Don't hold your breath for their most recent guess for a release date. :unsure: I also hear that the initial release won't do vector data at all.



    How exactly is it easy to convert e00 to shapefiles anyway?

  10. Polish (.mp) map files are ascii too, Garmin's .img files are the only things that aren't. :laughing:


    It looks like mapdekode does the same thing as mapedit, but mapedit does it graphically while mapdekode just shuffles around the numbers in the map file. Either way, you still need to compile the result into an .img file using cgpsmapper or something similiar. That step is required no matter what method you use to edit the map itself.

  11. Here's the page on how to create your own maps:



    Some of the tools there (all of them are free) might be helpful. Mapedit can open and edit Garmin's .img files, but you might have to save the changed map as .mp and then recompile it to .img with cgpsmapper after you make your changes. I've never tried modifying a Garmin map.


    Probably the easiest way to add trails would be to make them a seperate, transparent map that can overlay whatever is already on the GPS without having to try to modify any of Garmin's maps.

  12. I'm guessing there won't be anything pre-made.


    The closes you will probably get will be downloading elevation data for the areas you are interested in from seamless.usgs.gov and generating your own topo maps. Those will just have topography though, no rivers or roads or anything like that.


    I suspect that anyone taking a camping trip in Afghanistan these days will be provided with better and more up-to-date maps than you could put on your gps anyway. :anicute:

  13. If all you are going to do is look at the gps to see where you are then it doesn't really matter which datum you use. For geocaching you will have to stay with whatever datum the cache coords are presented in (WGS84).


    If you wanted to use the gps to get your current location and plot it on another map then you would need to make sure that the gps is set to use whatever datum the other map is in. Even if the datums don't match though, the error might still be small enough to not matter depending on what scale the other map is.

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