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  1. That same group, familiejansen, logged 3 of my bugs and 2 of them were long gone by the time they first started caching. I deleted all of their logs from those bugs. I just don't get the point of logging bugs you haven't seen. I know the game is played many different ways and by everyones' own personal rules and principles but really, what is their point here.
  2. I haven't recieved any since the 19th. Are they working on it??
  3. I'm getting VERY few emails thru AOL also. I'm not getting my PQs either. None of them have come thru since 7/19
  4. As I’ve read from the Buxley site, Geocaching.com won’t let him work with their site. Why? I don’t think it’s a question of taking money from GC.com. That site was the first one I used when I started caching. I prefer Buxley’s maps for my area. Someone must be spoiled and wants to take their ball and go home.
  5. When we go Geocaching in unfamiliar areas, we hook our Legend into our laptop with MapSource disk in it and I don’t think there’s a place we can’t find. We are really pleased with the detail. It’s almost like cheating. We’ll use this setup when we go on vacation this summer. No more wrong turns.
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