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  1. For South African cachers with at least 20 finds: Highest average Terrain: 1. PetrolCap 59 finds 3.01 2. Richter Family 207 finds 2.82 3. turbodent 24 finds 2.77 4. gw3g 42 finds 2.74 5. Lively Grasshopper 40 finds 2.73 6. lvwalker 27 finds 2.72 7. cmerry 42 finds 2.70 8. tomdog707 34 finds 2.69 9. caspar79 24 finds 2.65 10. >FTR> 178 finds 2.64 And average Difficulty: 1. QTF 23 finds 2.57 2. CasaVerde 27 finds 2.43 3. Marxíe24 24 finds 2.40 4. cougarscout 20 finds 2.38 5. tomdog707 34 finds 2.35 6. perplexedpuffins 28 finds 2.34 7. dude1000 42 finds 2.30 8. The Doozer37 24 finds 2.29 9. charona 23 finds 2.24 10. MissColumbo 29 finds 2.22 Highest average elevation: 1. Thequeenofhearts 26 finds 1810.2m 2. steyntjies van rfn 26 finds 1714.2m 3. Chewbees 26 finds 1706.4m 4. paashaas101 20 finds 1693.3m 5. MichaVD 25 finds 1683.4m 6. SteelJaw75 26 finds 1672.2m 7. we_tak 21 finds 1671.9m 8. oliviadK 27 finds 1671.3m 9. RickZA 195 finds 1665.0m 10. divestrom 21 finds 1655.3m Hi Danie can we get these stats for cachers with over 250 finds?
  2. tarisma

    The Sandpit

    Hey capedoc what dates are you here till? I would be more than happy to join you and take you to various caches.
  3. I think what you will find happening is people do a lot of copy paste logs with very high word counts to keep their words per log up for badgegen.
  4. Ya just saw that now also. Can't believe Mhlwanzie Peak was there and I missed it last time. So bleak.
  5. Ok my friend has the tracks for Greys Pass. Ans as soon as he finds them he'll email them to me.
  6. I most definitely will be trying with you guys again. A friend of mine was using his Garmin watch I think he may have the track logs with him. But at worst I can recall the hiking route and have a fairly comprehensive map of the area.
  7. Would be a t 4.5 its a 2 day hike. And there has been one in KZN. Keiths is a nice easy hike not a lot of climbing. There's also a coin in the cache there. I really shouldn't have dropped it in retrospect. Also if you stay there its quite a quick day hike up greys pass to the top. Where you can grab a couple of Cache Quests caches. (I think 1 may need replacing with his permission of course) GC35P0W
  8. I haven't got my tracks from garden castle. But there are very nice Hikes there all of them day hikes. Also still 2 ftf's available there.
  9. Morning I'm interested and always looking to get more caches in the berg. I really would love to go back up greys pass and get the remaining caches up there.
  10. I think we will only hit it next year March. After August I think quite a few cachers are going to suffer burnout and slow down as a result.
  11. A 3 day hike to search for a nano on the top of the drakensberg is kak. Any chance we can see those size distributions per province?
  12. Sorry been slammed with work. Lets see, which South African fly half holds the record for most drop goals in a test match.
  13. Nothing yet. It seems my easy question is not so easy we could pass this one on?
  14. Ok easy one now. Who was the fourth man to walk on the moon?
  15. Any chance we could see the top 10 rarest d/t combos in SA?
  16. tarisma


    Well done to Technonut for completing his d/t grid!! First in KZN
  17. I thought is was the 90th one this year. So stab in the dark would be. 1908
  18. Could it possibly be that it's exam time for students, schools and most professionals. I know my caching takes a hit in November?
  19. Us KZN cachers better get up there. But I doubt Mhlwazini peak is still findable.
  20. tarisma

    Where am I?

    340 degrees, natures view and ice box?
  21. Ok my first time so I hope this is a good one. Why was the Mashai pass leading up to Rhino peak blasted by the Parksboard?
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