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  1. Just a few months ago I had a similiar experience. Some 15ish year old kid (who should have known better) was traveling alone and had packed his realistic looking black water gun in his carrying on. The orange tip had been painted over to black. I happened to have been just a couple folks behind him and had to wait in line while it was all investigated. His mother was called to return back to the airport (while we still waited) and the kid was handcuffed. The shutdown all of the security gates at this point too. Eventually they agreed not to arrest the kid but he was not allowed to fly. I wonder if his name is on that 'permenant security risk do the cavity search check' list now?
  2. Any suggestions on which bluetooth GPS units to use with a Palm?
  3. I too prefer the now missing google maps and hope they come back soon. Would it be possible to do a toggle right above the map between the two that saves a cookie on your machine? Then for those who like it with mapquest sometimes and google for the rest of the time, its very easy to switch back and forth. Would that be easier to code then a 'preferences' thing? I'm not a web coder so not sure.
  4. Unfortuantly 900 miles is to far for me to drive to pick it up. If you are willing to ship it, I'd pay the shipping fees. Good luck with your move and save drive north.
  5. So I had my hubby look up the vaccine he and his mom talked about. It seems there was some translation error and it is a vaccine against a tick borne disease but not Lyme's Disease. Here's an English website found where it talks about the disease it covers. http://www.mdtravelhealth.com/infectious/t...cephalitis.html My apoligies for the misunderstanding.
  6. Well what is it you want to know? I saw a poster also commented about google maps only being good for finding the parking lot not the cache. Somehow it never occured to me to try and use any mapping program for more then driving directions to close to the cache and using the satallite to get an idea of the area. One of the things I like most is being able to click on the map with your mouse pointer and pan around with your mouse. Much easier/faster then trying to use those directional area icons. As for zooming, evening though it just has a single +/- (vs the slider on maps.goggle.com) you can click multiple times quickly and don't have to wait for each redraw (at least this is my experience with it but I am on high bandwidth at work and home. Haven't used dialup in years). I originally switched to google maps from mapquest/yahoo yellow pages cause I could go to maps.google.com and put in the name of a place and a zip code to search on. It would zoom the map in to the general area and show me pinpoints of anything close to the name I put in. I found that much more useful then a list of names with a distance counter cause sometimes the one that is technically further away is easier to get too streetwise. I also loved being able to see the satallite photos. When I was searching for a new apartment in a town I'd never visited, I used the sat maps to give me an idea of parks in the area as required for my large dog and then again when we upgraded to a house. If you have any specific questions, I'd be glad to try and help. Can post them here or PM me.
  7. I don't know about repel but for Lyme's Disease concerns there is an innoculation in Europe. I was just over in Austria last month and in-laws cat kept getting ticks so we were talking about it. Apparently it is a mandatory innoculation once a year there. The first time takes a once a month for three month shot series and then a once a year booster. Unfortuantlly we weren't there long enough to get the series. Before we left, ticks weren't an issue here. Now, we can't seem to go out side without finding the buggers. We've been debating about seeing if his parents could ship the stuff to us (you buy it over the counter at a pharmacy and take it to your doc to give you) but we don't know how to give each other shots and didn't think I could talk me doc into giving me of a foreign drug. Has anyone heard anything about the innoculation making it state side? I tried googling but couldn't find anything.
  8. Hated the old maps. Love the new ones but then again I switched from mapquest to google maps along time ago so they were what I was already familiar with. I completey ignored the old maps and would just have another window open with google maps to look at. It didn't show me other caches in the area like the new interactive maps do so I'm in heaven. Not that I've paid much attention to these forums but in reponse to the question about getting the old maps back or being optional which style, it might have to do with license agreements. They may only have a choice of one or the other or couldn't come to an agreement with the old map company.
  9. I wasn't caching when I saw this but it surprised me none the less. A grey fox ran across the road in front of my car as I was heading into work. I actually had to stop (was going slow due to school zone thankfully ) and look cause I said to myself that couldn't have been a fox but sure enough that bushy tail and sleep body are hard to mistake. he was fallowing the swath of mostly nature left alone land under the group of powerlines running through town. Other then that its been the usual supsects. Ticks, spiders, deer, beaver, armadillos, snakes(poisenous and non), turtles and birds I couldn't even name all of them.
  10. What's the size/weight so I can caluclate shipping charges?
  11. Buder

    New Tb Design

    Being the newbie that I am, I will admit I made this mistake. It didn't occur to me that the number on the tag was a secret and I posted it in the log. Someone mailed me explaining that and I quickly editted it out. Adding something like 'Secret ID#' above the number might help.
  12. My first experience to Geocaching was an attempt at a Puzzle Cache in Vienna. Now hubby is a native German speaking (good thing since we were there visiting his parents) and we met up with a couple of friends from Britian. Hubby was translating the puzzle for the rest of us and we thought we got everything at the various stages and then worked out the coords for the final and went for it. No dice. Tried some other reworkings of the math. Still no go. Went back to the two stages we thought we might have messed up. Still no smileys. Eventually we had to give it up for the night. I did email the owner of the cache with our answers to the stage questions and it turned out we were /way/ off on one of them. When he explained the answer it turned out our translation was a 'gist' and we missed the keywords to get the correct answer. So we never did get our smiley cause we didn't have time to go back. Do I reqret all the time we spent on the puzzle? Not in the least. We had a blast. It was the first time we were exposed to Geocaching and we were still hooked without evening finding the treasure. We've had DNF's still and the lack of finding the cache doesn't mar the experience in the least. It was still a fun time to be had.
  13. I paid the premium membership for two reasons: 1. It was cheap enough for me to help keep this website open 2. The pocket queries
  14. Had one this weekend where two diff GPS's were pointing at a tree that was broken off about 10ft high and the hint mentioned 'in the tree trunk'. We kept trying to figure out how to check in the top of that tree. Hubby gave up and sat down to have a cig and started looking around the area to see where he would hide a cache and spotted a likely place and sure enough it was there. We posted in our log about the difficulties and the owner emailed back apologizing and mentioned that he'd had trouble getting a good lock . We'd waypointed the correct location with both GPS and I emailed him the coords from both units. I'm still new to geocaching and I find it very frustrating to know you have a good lock and your unit says its right there but you can't find it. Intentionally setting the wrong coords would quickly drive me to boycott that persons caches in the future. After this experience, I will however give the person the benefit of the doubt and just mention in logs when I think the coords are off. At the very least, it might help the next person.
  15. Tennessee here and its bad for us as well. I haven't had a tick since I was a child and we've found four in the last week.... two of them days after we were anywhere we thought to be worried. We heard that our dog might be bringing them in despite the advantage so will be spraying our yard with stuff to kill off ticks as well. I thought the advantage killed ticks but an article says it only makes animals unpalatable to fleas and ticks and they can drop from your pets into your home still and hungry for a new host. Showers have become longer due to taking the extra time to check for ticks daily.
  16. Create a filter in GSAK. Click on 'search' menu Click on 'filter' menu option Click on 'dates' tab Adjust the 'Last update gpx' to however many days you want. I actually created a few different ones with varying dates so I can easily pull the filters up from the tool bar. I also checked on the first tab to only include those that I have not found. I update found in a seperate load.
  17. Well of course it wouldn't be copyrighted if its photo's we've taken. Such as our recent trip to Vienna Austria, we came back with over 700 digital photographs ranging from the horrible (which we'll keep to ourselves) to some really good shots (if I do say so myself). Some are of common touristy places well photographed, but others are not. I personally like looking at pictures of places I haven't been too to see if I want to go there or just for fun but maybe I'm unique that way. Would you grab a cd (or business card to a link to view online and/or download) of geocaching pics and/or travel pics?
  18. For reference: Quote from another topic about using a usb thumb drive in a multi cache puzzle. I hadn't throught there'd be concern about home burned CD's? Is there really that much of a concern? One of the things my husband and I were considering to create and leave as swag was cd's burned with photographs from our travels and the interesting sites we've seen. Nothing personal, just some great looking photographs. Would people like such things?
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