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    60 Csx

    I found that the compass arrow seemed to disappear more in the last few months. I then figured out the problem. I recently started taking my blackberry with me clipped to my belt. When ever I put the GPS in my pocket it found the blackberry in close proximity. The blackberry has a magnet on the clip. This would always mess with the compass. Then it was a recalibrate compass dance. Now the blackberry stays in the backpack until required
  2. When I sent the GPSmart info to GPSCity, they( GPSCity) said they would match the price if I wanted to order it.
  3. The 300 is now available: http://www.gpscentral.ca/products/garmin/oregon-300.html Still not sure if I'll be buying it yet.
  4. I'm trying to learn more about the info provided by the satellite screen. This Nuvi screen was after ~30 min on and I see no WAAS D's. Hence I assume the Nuvi will never see a WAAS satellite. Anything of note in comparing these? Thanks OOOPS
  5. The first unit I bought is a 60CSx and I love. After 1000 caches it just had a melt down. I am sending in for a repair. If it can't be repaired I WILL buy another 60CSx. Personally, I love the active compass while geocaching. It is so much nicer to be able to stand still wait for the compass to settle then make a move instead of wandering around in circles.
  6. I have done several 30s in a day. In Minneapolis we spent about 6 hours caching finding 30. We did a lot of driving and had about 6 DNFs that day. It's the DNFs that really slow you down.
  7. I was just looking at some caches in British Columbia and discovered the owner of the cache had placed some significant booty at the cache for FTF STF TTF. check out the description GCAAE8, GCA7C7. I was wondering what other people have found as an FTF prize or if it was found much later.
  8. Smallest I found was the end of a mechanical pencil with the coords rolled up inside. The largest was a 55 gal oil drum.
  9. I tried it again just a few minutes ago and still get the blue flag. I really hope this gets sorted soon. Many people have adopted this new feature and now miss it when it does not work properly. A new feature that has been adopted very quickly. I have been very impressed with some of the new features. Keep up the good work.
  10. I have been searching the forums but have not come across anything that describes what I would like to see. I have encountered in the past, not that often, that when a new cache is published it does not always appear on the Newest caches page for my area. I found out later that the cache was placed several weeks back which made the listing appear as an older listing several pages back. I was notified of the new published listing, but I didn't check further back in the pages to find the actual listing. Now once a week the new published listing for my area are sent out. I would like to see the option to add all newly "published" listing directly to the gps or packaged as a GPX , LOC or something file. Also, could the option of "Newly Published listings" be added to the queries options?
  11. This sounds like fun. When will the start date begin?
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