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  1. I'm looking for MapSource Points of Interest. Anyone wants to sell it, please contact me with an offer. Thanks
  2. Hey, how did you get it to work? I also have the same config but mapsource doesn't see my gps. Are you using a usb cable or serial cable? If you are use a serial cable, do I need the serial driver for the gps? Thanks for your help. J
  3. Either one or both. Mapsource Trip and waypoint manager is one product and a useless one at that. do you want topo or road maps? and for what area? I'm in california. what do you have and how much? Please email me tocrusher@hotmail.com Thanks
  4. I lost the software it came with garmin legend c. If you have any cheap software that's compatible with this gps, please make me an offer. Thanks, tocrusher@hotmail.com
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