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  1. No luck for me. I wasted one but only have used one today so I get four more. I am sure geocaching.com is working to get this fixed. So it is a waiting game.
  2. We are looking forward to having some of these kewl coins for our collection.
  3. We have been unsuccessful in creating the routes. We preview the uploaded route and it look good then when you save it then it is corrupted. Just like the picture of the cacher who started this post. We hope that this will get fixed because when it works it is a wonderful feature.
  4. I copied and pasted your e-mail and it was sent back undeliverable. Please contact me through geocaching.com as I was interesting in buying some of your coins. Thanks!
  5. The mailman just came with my laptop's and they are sweet
  6. I wanted a couple. I hope they are not sold out.
  7. My came today (9-11) also and it is a beautiful coin. Don't know if I will let it go or just collect it.
  8. I hope they fix it asap. I thought it was just me.
  9. I am having the same problem and I have been a member since April 2006. It started yesterday. I could use any help.
  10. Puzzle caches can be so mysterious. I am having a hard time figuring out how to figure them out. If anyone gets a chance please look at What the..... GCWQ6Z. I hope someone can figure it out. Any help on websites to help me with this would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. This is kind of a neat idea and if anyone would like to contact me I would be glad to give you my address and put it in a cache here in Utah.
  12. Is there a link that will transfer the information to English?
  13. Thanks for all that replied as I found the information that I needed.
  14. ISO: IN SEARCH OF Meaning I am in search of any information to help me......with borders, etc to help me with my cache pages. Thanks, Mom the Cook
  15. I AM IN SEARCH OF ANY INFORMATION TO HELP ME WITH BORDERS, ETC. I own a few caches and like how other cache pages have borders and pictures. I want to learn how to do this. Any info will be helpful. It would be nice for a simple solution as I am not as computer literate as a lot of you. Thanks, Mom the Cook
  16. Well I personally don't like them. It hard to walk in their yards but you spent the time to get there.
  17. I found a spot where I would like to place a cache. There is a barber shop (yes, the old fashion barber shop) that has been around probaby for 50 years, plus. The sign says flat tops $10. I thought it would be unique to call the cache FLAT TOPS $10 There is trees and a ditch that is on the side of this little little barber shop. I don't know quite yet what to hide. It is on a busy busy street (four lanes,etc) so I want a quick find so people aren't searching forever. Ammo cans are nice but not very unique. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks, Mom the Cook
  18. It seem that sometimes we get stuck at dead end streets, gully's, etc and had spent more and more time driving then finding the cache. Any suggestions? We did for yesterdays hunt print off the geocaching.com with google map for the area we were in that was more helpful.
  19. On the Garmin website they have a helpful buyers question form that assist you to find which gps fits your needs. Good luck.
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