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  1. The HCX is a nice unit, I have one as well as my 60CSx and my new PN40. Of the Garmins, I like the 60CSx better, but I'm not saying it is a better unit. Just a personal prefrence. If you can get the Vista for 6 bucks more, jump on it. Nobody has ever said this would be a better GPS if it didn't have the E.Compass. If you don't like it, you can turn it off. Betcha never do though! C.
  2. Hey Jeff, I might make use of that bookmark as well! Thanks!!
  3. Being a 60CSx user, I'm used to calibrating the compass, a lot. Now I probably look even stranger now, (up down, back and forth....) I have not really noted all conditions, but calibration seems to help until next power cycle. Your explanation of the speeds just reinforces the feeling the E/C is not on. I have checked the munues, and it shows it is on. PP4x4
  4. On my PN40, the compass started acting flakey after the firmware update. It acts as though the Electronic Compass is turned off, when I stand still it points differently than the course I was on. Walking around gets it back, usually. Anybody else? Any suggetions? BTW Please don't start the "It's not a compass" thing. It's enough of a compass for what I do. THANKS!!!
  5. I had started planning a W/C multi here in my complex. I do vehicle conversions for special needs, so that was my motivation. ANyway, I was going to hide a key behind a downspout with coords to the multi mailbox at the end. The key would open a unused mailbox with a ammocan inside it. I then found out the mailbox unit belongs to the USPS, so that nixed it right away. 'Splains my wet mail though. Now I'm looking for a retaining wall at the right height to place one behind. Ta PP4x4
  6. This one is connected to an interesting series north of Chattanooga: GCT78C Sequoyah Spur “Terrace View” There are some interesting caches around this one too, Ooltawah area: GCKHY6 Tigger's Bouncin' off the Greenway A couple good ones around here, GC20B7 The Green Mile "Traditional Cache" This is one of my favorites: GCTAEQ Hippy Tree If this one is not my favorite, it's right up there with it. West of Knoxville. GCHMBH Nemo's Tomb A careful PQ will reveal some great hides. Most trips there I find something interesting. Have Fun!! PP4x4
  7. To get back to a comparison; I bought (and paid too much ) a PN-40 when I lost my 60CSx in the woods the week before my Florida vacation. I since found the Garmin, so I am able to use them side by side. PN-40 I love the 3 axis compass. I love the description and (if there's room) last few logs I love the bright orange color, though I wish the back were too. For the price (now) it is a good value. Supposed to be able to charge batt's in unit. I have not tried the imagry yet. 60CSx Much, MUCH better battery life. To me, the import process is easier. Auto re-reouting. For some reason, the 40 doesn't seem to. Could just be me. I always grab the 40 first, but there is the "new toy" bias there, as well as feeling like I need to learn it. Either way, you won't go wrong. PP4x4
  8. 1. Cycle it off and back on. 2. Recalibrate the compass. I have had 2 60CSx's warrented for pointer problems. I now live with it, as one or the other above always fixes it. PP4x4
  9. I agree, the W is Niiice! 'Specially with my tired eyes. I also feel strongly the Mio is crap. The reciever and display may be OK, but it seemed the software was not. Black Friday had the 200W for $99. I'm sure it could be found again. PP
  10. I have (soon to be had) one, and it's not a bad 'lil unit. But I liked using my 60CSx better. I just found myself always using the 60 rather than the Vista. I bought the Vista as a backup. When I lost my 60, I bought a PN-40 as a replacement. Niiiice! I found my 60, so the Vista will find a new home. BTW, already selected. If you like the form factor, you will not be disapointed. PP
  11. When I went from a Vista to a 60CSx, I enjoyed caching much more. If you like the click stick and button layout, you might also consider the VistaHCx. I also have one of these, but found I almost always used the 60. When I lost it, I bought a PN40. Another nice unit. Good luck with your choice. PP
  12. Folks have been doing it to their multiple thousand dollar cameras and lenses. Don't say I understand them, but they claim it protects the equipment. Is there really a need for sarcasm? I apologize, sarcasm was not my intent. I will say I like it so far. I was surprised it will not lock sitting on my desk, but I was even more surprised my 60CSx would when I first got it. I'm having a hard time adjusting to the software, probably because it is so much more. Kinda in the way I'm used to Irfanview for simple photo editing, so if you gave me the professional version of Photoshop, it too would be a hard adjustment. Battery life is indeed low, but I'm hopeing that will improve with firmware updates. Do I recomend it? Yep! PP
  13. Cover the back in gaffer tape? That's not a bad idea, if I want my brand spangly new GPS covered in tape (even if just the back) and looking like shirt after a couple weeks or so. OR Delorme could put orange color beads in the mix instead of black. Can't wait to try this thing out. The mapping software sure is different. PP
  14. Lost my 60CSx Saturday in the woods. I'm hopeing for a similer outcome, since my addy is also on the splash screen. PP
  15. The Big Brown Truck dropped mine off this morning! WoooHoooo!!! Now, tho figure this thing out. Sure is different than the 60CSx. One suggetion: Delorme, make the back orange as well. It will make it much more visable in the leaves. My 60 is laying somewhere in the woods, all alone crying, cold and lonely. That gray and black just makes it almost invisable.
  16. Just bear in mind Garmin may not honor the warrenty on a EBAY bought unit. Watch the classifieds section here and you'll get a good deal. PP
  17. Don't attatch anything metal to the GPSr. I also found I wanted something to clip, and it threw off the "compass". I just couldn't calibrate it with the clip on it. And I didn't trust a plastic one enough to try one. PP
  18. Would/could you carry it with you from the car to a cache site? I have a paranoia about leaving anything of value in the car, and wonder if it is portable enough to carry. And to maybe, well, sneak a peek at the hints, but only if needed of course! Or would you maintain a Palm to carry with you? PP
  19. Fake bird house on one of the trees. Being in plain sight just rases the difficulty level a bit. PP
  20. I suppose with your thinking, perhaps we should allow a 14YO to armchair cache, seeing as it's not fair since they don't have a car. PP4x4
  21. So, you use the name of a condition to describe somebody doing something stupid? Grow up. PP
  22. I bought one, returned it when it said the nearest anything (Home Depot, Radio Shack Etc.) was the next state over. The Tech support suggested I find these places and enter them manually. Uh, no. PP4x4
  23. Happens to me too. I just either go through the find, Geocache routine again or re-calibrate the compass. One or the other usually works. If you're still in warrenty, Garmin will replace it. But my experience is the replacement will eventually do the same thing. It would be nice to see this settled properly. PP4x4
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