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  1. I'm guessing you have the smallish SSD drive instead of the more conventional hard drive. Unless you have a bunch of music, videos or pictures eating up space, (or other large files) you should be able to install GSAK and download the files directly. You will want to delete them after though. (Something I haven't, uh, mastered yet) Right click on the "C" drive and click "properties" and it will show how much room is available. I have been looking hard at the HP with the 16GB SSD and like it a lot, and have been figureing if I will have enough space. Even with Topo 7 or 8 I should be good. PP4x4
  2. I just did some horse trading for one. First time at 46 having a motorcycle, and I'm still too skeeerd to ride it on the road. Slowly getting there though.
  3. My first car GPS was a Mio, and was returned shortly thereafter. At least the people on the site are not unpleasent to look at!
  4. What he ^ said. Also, you helped by looking where it wasn't. PP
  5. O.K., the PN's are no harder to use than my other GPSr's. It is very easy! Topo 7? THAT is a pain in the ars. 3 steps to load caches into a Garmin. Start GSAK Open the zip Click GPS, select send and wait about half a min. If even that. Yes, I left out the common steps like downloading the zip, connecting etc. There is nothing intuitive about 7. Open the zip to unzip. Start 7 Wait. Click draw. (draw????) Click file. Click import Select the files you un-zipped. Be sure to get both of them. Set the PN to map transfer (?) Save your project Click exchange Select the project Select the map segments. Oops! you have to use smaller segments NOW selct the map segments I would continue, but my foggy brain ran out of memory and anybody reading this just felt their eyes glaze over. Now when Topo 8 comes out, THAT looks promising. THAT is why people say the Garmin is easier. Now if you don't mind selecting each page listing, you can load either with "one click". Niiiiice!! Thanks GC, Garmin and Delorme!! PigPen4x4
  6. I'm going to second (or third or whatever) the Vista HCx. Once you are used to the button layout, it is easy to use and accurate. Loading PQ's is as easy as pie. Add a $10 Palm for paperless and you're set. I have one in addition to my 60CSx and PN40. I like using the others better, but it is a personal prefrence. The Lady is looking for advice, let's not turn this into another brand war. PP4x4
  7. When one drives me bonkers like this, I too put it on my watch list and if someone else finds it, then I know it's there. I have several one there now, and some appear to be MIA. PP4x4
  8. On my Etrex Vista HCx, I find turning on (then adjusting) the backlight makes it MUCH easier to read. I like my others better, but I think it's a great little unit. You do (sometimes eventually) get used to the layout of the buttons. I too can't say anything about Maggies, as I know less than nothing about them. I would like to encourage you to keep working with the Etrex. In the end you may well like it. PP4x4
  9. Mine was gone about a week total. Great service. PP4x4
  10. I've heard good things about the eneloops, as above. I have very good experience with Rayovac Hybrid. My expereince with energizer rechargables was not so good. I use a MaHa charger, it came with a 12v cord and a wall wart. But I use it almost exclusivly in my car. Where the power connector is soldered to the circuit board the solder joint cracked, but a quick touch of the iron took care of it perfectly. PP4x4
  11. is that it is it worth the extra money? Yup.
  12. I will say that Pax42 covered it very well. I too have both, and the PN40 is my primary. They are both fantastic, though my 60CSx is getting flaky lately. I bought the PN40 when I lost my 60 in the woods returning from a cache. I found it a month or so later, and side by side results are more alike than different. It surpised me when I found the 40 won't get a lock on my desk, but then it surprised me even more when I first found the 60 would. If I lost both units today, I would probably buy another 40. PP
  13. I'm playing a game with my GPS. It led me to that tree, now I have to go 567 meters (you might use feet to throw them off a little) 395 degrees geo north. "Then what?" I go to the next destination. If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bul_ PP
  14. Owning a VistaHCx, 60CSx and a PN40, I can say the screen size is not an issue. In fact I used it today to navigate around the lake and even in direct sun it was great. Of course bigger is nicer, but it has nothing to apoligize for in that department. PP
  15. Thanks Caleb. If anyone is on the fence about which GPSr to buy, I think this speaks volumes. Christopher
  16. So this morning, I jump in the Geo mobile micro van, put a couple charged AA's in the PN 40 turn it on and it just hangs on the splash screen. OK, lets try another set. I have to pull a battery to shut it down. I need to aquire sats, so I plug in the 12v external power while I change these. I get the other set in, but what's that smell? I'm groping my charger, phone, pwr cord and nothing is hot. Look around, oh well I'll deal with it when I see smoke or flames. Long story short, (too late I know) the unit will power up and run with external power, but on batts it will either not start or will hang on startup. It will run a short while on batt's and shut down. This is with 2 different sets of rechargables, 2 AA's from my bag, then I bought a new pack of AA's at big orange. Same results. I don't think it's the batt's. I regularly connect external power while driving, and have changed batt's while connected many times both with the 40 and my 60CSx. I will call or Email Delorme Monday, but if anyone has any ideas that will be GREAT! Thanks!! Christopher
  17. Bueller's not here sir. Try Cochran Mill park in south Fulton county. Lots of great caches. OH! I'm about a week late! Guess I should check this section more often. PP
  18. Florida in August. Whew. It will be quite warm, and the mozzies (skeeters) will be plentiful. Use Deet. As you go from Silver Springs to the Everglades, spen some time at fort Desoto park. Neat place with lots of good caches. I mostly spend time east of Orlando, so that's about all the advice I can offer for your route. Enjoy your visit over here! PP
  19. Open a page you like, and click (I think) Veiw, Source. Find the part that is the cache description and copy it. If you like comic sans, you may copy mine. Paste it into your cache page and leave everything inside the "< >" brackets. write your own description, publish and see what needs work. It will take some fiddleing, but you will soon get it. BR means break, HR means line, align=center, and it goes on. Or find a basic HTML guide and enter the code yourself. Thats how I do it.
  20. No I haven't posted a "fake" SBA, I have only posted one SBA and it was legit. What I know of this situation is only what I have read here. I would not have SBA'd the cache in question, but I would not have contacted the owner either based on some of his posts on these forums. I'm not taking sides here, just pointing out people sometimes take things very personally, and I just try to avoid people like that. PP
  21. Mine does this while on the hunt sometimes. Look down and it's poof! Gone! Drives me bonkers. So far, calibrating the compass or turing off then on helps. It is not frequent enough for me to justify returning to Garmin, who if you ask them will act surprised as if they never heard of such a thing. They have great CS, but could do a little better admiting when a trend shows up. I have seen several on here mention very simular problems.
  22. Something completly different came to mind, .......oh........never mind. I use a lanyard around my neck. I really like the Geocaching one on the Groundspeak website. My 60CSx was in my jacket pocket when I lost it. I had left the lanyard at home. Now it is one of the must have items.
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