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  1. I was in a Army Surplus store a while ago, and found an interesting can. Guy told me it was a French first aid kit, or something similer. Very much what you describe, and metal. A metal can makes a very neat sound when poked with a stick during the hunt. So does, uh, something plastic. PP
  2. The Delorme Cache Register is the cat's meow. PP
  3. At what point did you figure out it was a micro? Probably knew it, but found out it was in the woods when he arrrived. Been there, done that. PP
  4. Using this one GCRWG1 as a center point, visit Cochran mill park. It is a great place and very well stocked with caches of all kinds. PP
  5. I've taught the Piglet's to just say "Hey Dad" Sometimes they actually do. PP
  6. When my brother and my wife were conspiring to get me into this silly obsession, he strongly recommended the EC. I have turned it off a few times just to see, and didn’t like it. I guess it's what you're used to. If you buy one with it, you can certainly turn it off. Find a used one if you can, then if you still enjoy the game buy a SDR* unit. I have a Vista HCx, and even though I favor my PN40, it's still a great unit. Good luck with your decision, and remember, even 'Lil Yeller will find caches! *S Deluxe Royal
  7. Looks to me like there is a rating system. TFTC = I didn't like your cache very much (Or I'm too lazy to write a decent log) 100 +/- words = Good job! PP
  8. Welcome from Fayetteville! If we were closer, we would hook up. 'Bout an hour east.
  9. I sunk an ammo can about a month ago, and as I recall it took 6Lbs of cement to make it sink. I put the swag in a Nagoline (?) bottle in the can. Perfect fit. The can is still dry inside, I pulled it yesterday to add some cammo. I will probably put it back tommorrow and publish it. PP4x4
  10. I think you are quickly leading up to one of the newer generation GPSr's. PP
  11. Must...................resist....................urge.....................van................. NEEDS....................tires.......... Dang, I hate it when responsibility gets in the way.
  12. It's a great unit. I still have one, though I bought a PN-40 when I lost the 60 in the woods. (Found a month later) Some folks (myself included) have had compass problems, mine is corrected easily enough. PP4x4
  13. All of mine are. GCX0G2 is not. Correct you are! When I adopted it, it wasn't a PMO so I left it that way. If a member finds my cache with a group, I will gladly enable it. Or if a established member wants to look for my cache, again I will gladly enable it. I changed some of mine a while ago to try to build traffic, left them that way for a month with no result. There were 2 finds during that time, both by PM's. I guess I just make them too hard. So, as to why, I feel it is a measure of protection from some kid (?) with mischeif on his mind messing with them. Thanks for taking the time to look at my hides. Now, C'mon down and find them, along with some other great cache's! See Ya on the trail!
  14. My inventory is a Vista HCx, 60CSx and a PN-40. If I lost them all due to some unfortunate event, I would buy the Delorme again. I didn't always feel this way, but with the updates, Caceh register and customer service I received from them, it would be a no brainer. Don't get me wrong, the 60 and Vista are GREAT units, but the 40 (IMHO) has them beat right now. I know less than nothing about the Colorodo and Oregon as well as Maggi's, so I shall not opin there. And the way I cache, I would't consider taking a I touch, Iphone or other delicate electronics with me. My cell stays in a dry bag 'till I'm out. JM.02W PP
  15. Two things came to my (feeble) mind. 1. Tha 60CSx can only hold a certain number of waypoints. I don't rember the number, but if you keep adding more, it will get full. Try deleting your older waypoints. (Caches) 2. I sometimes have to re-install the Garmin drivers. Don't know why, but I do. Then the computer and the 60CSx talk all nice nice and all is well. PP
  16. Yup, for now DeLorme as taken the lead on convenience of loading PQs. Not sure what's easier than dropping a PQ onto the GPS unit through Windows.... (not that I do that anyway, as I got bunches of puzzles caches I've solved i need to find) To understand the comment, you would have had to witness the bantering between Roddy and myself. (and others )
  17. "That does not make sence to me" Don't make sense to me either, but I do it too. It just keeps the potential for problems down. Takes what, 15 seconds? And I'm good for the day, usually. Dang it KS, You must have moved it right as I posted my reply. Got some cryptic message that was uhhh, welll..........
  18. Log in to your GC page, the one that shows all your finds and so forth. Scroll down and find "Build Pocket Queries" on the right Open it and click "Create a new query" Now, just select what you want to have sent to you. What day? Tommorrow usually works best. Just consider the choices, if they are either or and. Best part of a PM if you ask me. Hey Roddy, I will stop saying the Garmin is easier now!!!!! PP4x4
  19. I use a Garmin Nuvi 205W for just that. It routes me to where I need to go, usually. Sometimes a cache will be at the backside ot a park, so to get to the closest point possible, I may end up in front of somebodies house and it saying "go through their yard". Uh, no. But then I can look at the map on the GPS and see where the park in questions entrance is. I THINK all the Nuvi's can have coords entered in the correct format. My DW's Mio has to have the coords converted.
  20. GPS Discount.com has the Legend HCx for 199.99. Great unit, well proven. For about 25 bucks more he can get a Vista with electronic compass. Some folks like a EC (including yours truly) and some don't. It's a personal choice.
  21. Yea, I guess after 28 min I'd bail too.
  22. I too like the buttons on the front of the 60CSx. MtnHermit made a very good point about compairing the two. I have the Vista HCx and the 60CSx, and for very occasional use as you stated, I would buy the Vista. But, if you think your use will escalate, you might go ahead and get the 60. PP
  23. Glad you resolved it. Sounds like ten bucks well spent! C.
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