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  1. I've only been asked once. "Playing a game with my GPS". 'nuff said. My youngest almost wigged out. "Daddy, you not supposed to tell"! If pressed, I guess I'll just have to shoot from the hip. I hate lying. It just drives me nuts. I'm not trying to judge anybody, we all do what we feel we need to. But I just can't. Perhaps the hard hat thing. Then nobody will ask. I already carry a clipboard with about 20-30 printouts. I'm working on paperless. I guess the clip board will then just be a prop.
  2. There is also a cache at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Or, as we used to call it, A.I.R. AMS cach C.
  3. I also think a screamer would be funny. After the inital shock! I also have a vision in my head of a curious muggle opening a cache and being very surprised when it screams. That would be funny to see. C.
  4. Having just switched from a Etrex Vista to a 60Csx, I have to disagree. The moment I went under anything more than light tree cover, the Vista was as useful in my pocket as in view. The 60 does a great job even in the rain and tree cover. Don't get me wrong, the Vista is a great unit, and I'm glad to have it. But if I were to loose my 60, I would order another right away. Or as soon as I saved a few pennies. C.
  5. Please don't derail the topic with an off-topic rant about micros. There are plenty of other threads for that. Thank you. Yes Mother.
  6. Be careful what you wish for. You might end up with a bunch of brain dead micro's.
  7. So, If say you are going to away from the computer for a while, and you are in a place to drop a TB, what if you enclosed a note attached to said bug explaining the situation. I have found cachers to be very reasonable people, and I think MOST would wait if they knew the situation. I cache with my Treo and can log at the cache site if I wish, and I have. But I have not run into this situation before. If I saw a note attached to a bug saying say, wait 'till the 14th to log as picked up, I would. But, maybe I'm not living in the real world. PP
  8. I had (well still have) a Etrex Vista, and I found as soon as I went under tree cover it was very inaccurate. In real light pines I could let it settle down and get fair readings, anything denser I had to stand out from under when possible and get a bearing and distance and look for a landmark. I have since bought a 60csx and it is all the difference in the world. I had a cranial flatulance not long after buying it, but all is great now. I went way back in heavy woods to grab one and since the kid's were in shorts, I carried it back out. The reading was off by about 50' from listed, so I took a reading right on the cache location. When I went to return it, I could not find the location. (it was getting dark) I then remembered the reading, pulled out the 60 and walked right to it. Just as the sky opened up. Also, heavy clouds made my Vista go nuts as well. PP
  9. I just upgraded from a Vista to a 60 Csx, and I am very happy. I do like the City Navigater as it will quide me almost to the cache then I switch to the compass screen and bring it home. Driving directions are always spot on. Not saying the Vista was a bad unit, it was very good. But the 60Csx is fantastic. PP
  10. I agree with the others, unless you need the FRS. However, that Rino is $202.00 delivered at GPSDiscount.com So I don't think its a good price. "Besides I never really cared for hybrid electronic equipment. If one component breaks you lose everything while you're getting it fixed." Now if they could make it an "x" series, add a MP3 player, AM/FM radio, PDA (w/ blue tooth of course), laser pointer, digital camera and LED flashlight, I'm all over it. PP
  11. Well, I'm feeling pretty sheepish this morning. Seems I had it set for metric, and when I saw in the top left corner of the Sat. page 6m, 4m, etc. my brain didn't think METERS! I had it set to metric for a puzzle cache im my area. Thanks! C.
  12. I have the same problem but apparently more severe. My 60csx would not lock on today at all. After two hours, it still only showed 4 miles at best. My Etrex Vista sitting right next to it locked on right away. I ran the update on Monday. It had done this intermintently a couple of times, but would always lock after a couple of re-starts. Later that day it worked fine. Any more suggetions?
  13. I just bought a 60Csx to replace my Etrex Vista. Now the Vista was good, but the 60csx is GREAAAT! I also got the Auto Kit, and really like it as well. C.
  14. I also feel that too many micros are being improperly placed by people who will not do the work for a regular or even small cache. I have had some fun with really good micros, and have seen some really lame ones. I do like hitting a micro for the kid's, especially when they have been with Mom and Dad all day and need a diversion. Around Lake Oconee, pretty soon there will be more micros than ticks. I wish the reviewer could say, "That’s enough micros". A few are really good and appropriate. Others could easily support a regular cache. We actually spotted one as we approached in the car. I too enjoy reading the logs, something you don't get with micros. Can't move TB's through micros either. Do I hate micros? Na. Do I love 'em? Well, maybe a few. Will I do a complex multi or puzzle for one? Uh, no. Unless there is something intriguing about the area to justify it. Got that said, maybe I can sleep now! PigPen4X4 JM.02W
  15. Florida has no laws prohibiting the sexual liason of Martians in public. And yet we allow it to continue. And why? Because the Martian Sex lobby has a stranglehold on this government and I tell you people, this can lead to naught but trouble. First they come after your poodle, and then your poodle brings it to your leg, and then before you know it, you yourself will be sticking gasoline hoses into your orifices. Do you think that's really a stent Dick Cheney has in his chest? No, it's a gas hose. These Martians have infiltrated at the highest levels. Harry Whittington got a little too close to the truth. That's why he had to apologize. See? Alllll connected, my friends. Now thats funny.
  16. I can appreciate the concern as well. I did one at a "Welcome to ....." sign, it was PVC and looked very much like a pipe bomb. I decided to conceal it as best I could walking back to the truck, as I felt the eyes of the world were upon me. I can just visualize some poor city worker stumbling across this thing and nearly having a heart attack. I think it would be better if it were labled better. IF I ever create a cache, I will carefully consider how it looks to the rest of the world if they stumble accross it.
  17. I use my Treo 650 with internet service from Earthlink. Works great. I have even logged while standing at a cache, just for S & G's PP
  18. Maybe 'cause I'm new at this, I disagree. I am bummed (actually my daughter is), we are going to Tn this week and I saw a local cache had some TB's and I told her we would take ONE with us. I didn't grab it right then as I did not want to hold it too long. Now yesterday, somebody cleaned out the cache, dropped them all in another a little too far away to get one, and there are no more local TB's to take. Yea, I appreciate they are on their way, but DD sure is let down. Got my eyeball on some up north, so unless Tn. is cleaned out, maybe we will bring ONE back.
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