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  1. As Dorsetgal says..... Where if anywhere has it been stated that this edict from GS has resulted from a request from LOCOG or anyone involved in the Olympic process? Having said that it does make sense however the blanket ban and timings seem a tad draconian, some locations will not be involved in Paralympic competition (Hadleigh, mountain biking) and yet all caches are to be disabled until 10/9/12 when the event is over 12/8/12.
  2. Since the upgrade all my cache pages that used to have a background image (under the cache page) iykwim, are now appearing underneath the cache page txt making it really hard to read...... Is the only way to change this to remove the image? Also is the an adv.ance search option on the front page still?
  3. Competition caches are live....... To far away for us to be in the first to find race, but good luck to all of those making the effort to get out there and look.
  4. But Groundspeak/geocaching.com not acknowledged as supporters on advert page
  5. Well if it wasn't approved they'll find out about it tomorrow, lots of advertising on the info page though. I mean gc..com not the council they obviously know about it
  6. you have the wrong position format setup you need to change it to hddd mm.mmm' Go to main menu set up units and then select hddd mm.mmm' position format then when you input the coords N52° 20.149 W 001° 33.227 you'll have the correct format
  7. i don;t think they suceeded last year though as they didn't actually list their caches then. Speak to a local reviewer or email GS directly, don't think you will be able to use your logo but you might be able to link to the website.
  8. Really think that cutituti should check the tracking of the parcel........ 5 months is long enough to get around the world several times
  9. in an word no....unfortunately its the risk you take when you release a coin into the world.
  10. As Andy says a great place to start would be at Gt Notley tomorrow expecting large numbers of the Essex caching community so lots of advise on hand...... and cake as well
  11. McW beat me to it I was going to suggest that Shenfield Sidetracked one!!!!!!! Its a little buggar that one and as he says it shouldn't be
  12. Its now May...... is there any sign of the mission?
  13. sorry signed on with my work account. still Whats up with the mission?
  14. That would be me (Mrs Ski), looking forward to getting out in the parks and meeting lots of cachers and introducing lots more people to this additiction. We have lots of exciting plans in the pipeline but would always be interested to hear from you all with your thoughts and ideas of what you want to see in the parks. Part of my role will be to introduce Geocaching to a wider audience including School parties, Scout Groups etc. We are aiming to be able to provide hire of GPS units in several parks, along the same lines as offered by Yorkshire Dales National Parks. If you have any plans for caches in the Essex Country Parks we will work with you to ensure that our cache locations do not overlap. If you are planning on setting any caches in the parks in the near future please contact me, my official parks account is SXParx and I can be contacted via my profile (unfortunately I don't yet have posting rights on the forum as this account has only just been set up). I will be contacting the people who volunteered to assist Jo last year when this was first mentioned to see if you are still able to assist. Lots to do and so little time but if you bear with me I'm sure we can make this something really worthwhile. Michelle Hopkins SXParx
  15. Does this mean they are no longer taking part? And the mission should not be sent to them?????
  16. Mission is now in the hands of Royal Mail.......fingers crossed everyone. Britian is in the grip of unusally bad winter weather and some of you may have seen how we seem to have ground to a halt because of this, heres hoping the mission won't be held up too long. Good luck to the next agent (I will post a photo shortly of JuniorSki with the mission
  17. why not try the Sussex Amble we did last year between Xmas and New Year and had a fab-u-lous time
  18. It would probably help the organisers of individual missions if OP actually posts on the mission threads...rather than just hoping people will see this thread. Hope little one is better soon
  19. Just checking in to report the safe arrival of mission.......Agent Juniorski is currently on assignment but will be back this afternoon.
  20. Not sure OP was offering to give his collection away........
  21. Perhaps Fredhead could annotate the International Agents with.......... (Int) That way they are easily identified
  22. Thanks to Fredhead this mission seems to be ticking along nicely.......can I make a suggestion to everyone???? As we have a few International Agents in this Mission it maybe an idea to send these earlier in the mission..... obviously the further along the mission we go the heavier the parcel will be for postage
  23. What you need is a branding iron! I know you can get custom ones made in the states (for branding logos onto wood, leather etc) but I wonder if anywhere in the UK does custom ones... would save a bit of time Or a custom made stamp and some Stazon Ink (probably cheaper option)
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