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  1. Have you tried GSAK? A wonderful application thats superior to at least MapSource regarding Waypoint (Geocahches) administration. Last release also transfers waypoints TO the GPSr. GSAK=Geocaching Swiss Army Knife Look for another tread in this forum also. hbrx.
  2. Hey, mythos. This got me a bit suspicious... I saw 'Hjemme' on your 60C-screen, and then I checked the map on tour Axim. I live abouth the top of the last 'a' in Ålesundgata...scary. Do you live around here? Or was the map just coicidentally positioned? Funny, really. And, yes. I am also looking forward to a new GPS, cant decide between waiting for a CS or not. hbrx.
  3. The cache Winter Night, just outside Oslo, Norway has a great Gallery from the two semi-spontaneous 'Mini Events' held there. This picture is from a cache hunt in Oslo from early November outside Oslo. The view is supposed to be great... X-country skiing is the rule theese days for caching in most parts of Norway. hbrx.
  4. Fuelcost...?? Ahh, you need a car for that! Think I spend a few hours on the web, on and off multitasking between other sites. How many hours in the field depends. Anything from 0 to 20 hours. hbrx.
  5. My nick, hbrx, is a a shortform of hebrix, which is a complication of my first name Henrik. I took the name hebrix for a carachter I created to play in my first AD&D. The campaign never got to anything, and I have never gotten around to start playing. I dont use hebrix alot, but hbrx has been a nick for more than ten years now, and I will even respond if called by that name (if you can pronounce it...). henrik.
  6. quote:Originally posted by Divine:Most caches in Finland have descriptions at least in English. In many cases also in Finnish. I think I've seen only couple caches with Finnish-only description. <cut> Sure, sometimes cache logs are fun to read, sometimes even important. For example, if the previous finder notices something dangerous near the site, it would be more than desirable to log it at least in English. But generally the logs in different languages just tells us about the versatility and richness of the vast geocaching community. I have to secod that. Just exchange Finland with Norway and Finnish with Norwegian. I find it a bit frustrating with caches with description only in a language I dont understand. Have only looked at them on the web (some Dutch ones atleast), and even if I can read and understand some of it, I am sure I have to miss some of the details describing the cache, area etc... This being an international activity I find somewhat strange (or even a bit rude) to put out cache-pages only in your local language. Logs...well not all are equally fluent in writing English, but a short 'Found easy, cache OK' should be doable for all(in adition to al lengthy log in local language . As someone else noted, the Czeck cachers ar good at putting an additional short comment in English in their logs. Enjoyed that as I cheched out the caches around Praha before heading there last May (unfortunately my GPS got stolen few days before departure so caching got a bit amputated). Would think the problem is greater outside the USA, or? How about English vs. Spanish in USA? Are there many cache descriptions/logs in spanish? hbrx.
  7. As I have some Island-caches in Oslo, and there are several more on the Islands in the fjord outside Oslo the Bug is more than welcome to head towards Oslo. Triple Island is available year round for the brave, and Minimyr will be available again when the ice is safe. hbex.
  8. hbrx

    Locationless Icon

    >We're still sorting out an alternate icon for >virtuals. It's hard to pin down something that >isn't there, but the flag idea seems to work >well. In Norway this road sign is used to mark a place of intrest, like historical landmarks, building, museums, generally places of intrest. Not sure if it is used in other European countries, but here the sign is instantly recognised as a place worth visiting. Virtuals is places worth visiting. Maybe something like this could be used. Or something else thats recognized 'worldvide' as a place of intrest. hbrx.
  9. Norway, UK, Denmark and Czeck Republic. Sweeden still pending... Found caches by Brazilian, and US-cachers in addition. The one by the Brazilian is one of the oldest in Norway and still going strong (GCC89). Funny thing is, he (Rodviking) has only placed this one cache, and never registerd a find... hbrx.
  10. hbrx


    Just to add on,its not just Divine that prefers to think in kilometers instead if miles. Me wants the ability to eliminate miles frommy caching experience.Maybe an option to choose nautical miles for aqua-caches? hbrx.
  11. I would (of course) recommend Norway. Not all, but a lot of the caches atleast here in the Oslo-region can be reached in Winter. Oslo (being the only city (some might disagree) in Norway) has lots of opportunities for skiing as well as caching. The ski-resort of Hemsedal has gotten lots of caches lately, and probably some of them is accessible in winter. I found a cache buried deep in snow close to the slopes in Trysil this winter. hbrx.
  12. Had to chose the last one. It dosent bother me. I dont have a car, i use my bicycle. Anyway, dont whine...here in Norway the Gas goes for $1.25. But thats per Liter. hbrx.
  13. Thanks for making the site work faster and more reliable. I have a wish that I cant se anyone have mentioned yet. It would bee cool to search for Travel Bugs near my location, or filter on caches containing TBs in other searches. I also agree with whoever it was that said Style Sheets should/could be used to customize fonts and colours on the cache-list. hbrx. Oslo, Norway
  14. I had a hard time retrieving this cache in Prague (.cz) thats hidden right in the middle of a high-traffic area of the most touristy part of the town on my last trip. No cover, and less than 10 meters from the entrance of an outdoor restaurant. Even if it is cool to hide a cache in such a publick place, its a pain in the *** to those of us that tries to keep the cache a 'secret' The cache in quiestion is GCD11B. So to the original question, I did not find any smart way to open the cache in the high traffic area. hbrx.
  15. Ultra cool, callis. I have made a bookmark of it in my Nokia. Dident work at first, but then i realized i needed to use capital letters in the HEX GC-numbers. great. hbrx.
  16. quote: a cache placed by a cople of Hungarian geocachers in the most westerly point of Europe - "Cabo da Roca" in Portugal; Mainland Europe at least Both Ireland and definitly Iceland is 'westernmore' than Portugal. Exercise; Find iceland on a world map. Find the westernmost point, and head South. Where do you hit land again? hbrx.
  17. It is beyond me to understan why anyone would buy a portable computer with no serial ports... ..but the again, im a telecomn/networks guy, and all my boxes have db25/9 for console-communication. The problem is that the combination lightweight/DB9 is hard to find. The PC-manufacturers seem to think that if you carry your PC alot,you dont need to connect it to anything hbrx.
  18. Jamie, you have spotted a multi-navigator from Swedish instrument and compassmakers Silva. Here in Scandinavia a compass is about equivalent to a Silva... hbrx. (In Norway with caches already buried in snow)
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