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  1. All I ever learned from Microsoft Helpdesk was how to hum to 'Girl from Ipanema', eventhough I already knew it from the famous elevator scene... hbrx.
  2. What's wrong with caches in Norway? hbrx. 32 V 598598E 6646042N
  3. In this thread over in the Nordic Forum I have this list of transportation: Walking Bicycle CrossCoutry Skiing Ski Lift/Downhill Skiing Car (rental, borrowed, and passenger. I dont own one) Taxi Local Bus Long Distance Bus Tram Subway Train Local Ferry Swimming and more in planning... hbrx.
  4. Any restrictions on wher the jeeps may travel? Maybe some of them eventually make their way across the pond to the socalled old world? hbrx.
  5. This is not really Clyde (Just a holiday ghost) Another good reason to keep you version of GSAK up to date. This was a known major bug for European users, and was notified to all users on the GSAK mail list and in the forums. This was fixed in version 3.03 - please see the version history at www.gsak.net O boy. Do I feel like the noisy boy in the back of the room not paying attention in class I had stopped at 3.02, and now feel even more embarassed as when I cjeck my mail I find that I have read your mail about the fix. Well, back to what I do best...eh...ehhh. OK back to sleep then. hbrx.
  6. Youmight be dreaming. I am dreaming about the same... I did ask for something like that a while ago. Not shure what the status is. I suggested an user definable 'translation table', to let us change 'Highway Heaven' to HH, 'Bernhard #' to B-, Adventure # to Ad, and so on. Could also be useful to replace troublesome characters (like our nordic æøå which today only can be omitted, sometimes giving strange results) If more people find this useful we might see it in a future release. hbrx.
  7. My apologies if this have been covered before, but the it must have slipped past me. Have folloved the two treads about GSAK, and checked the Online Help. Problem is: - using GSAK as 'normal', - then something happens and GSAk have to close(both systems), - or my system goes down (mainly a laptop with bad drivers) When restarting GSAK it performs a defrag/rebuild. So far so good. But in that process it 'looses' koordinate-information. All coords are reset to N00 00.000 E000 00.000. Only way to rebuild whole database is to reopen all relevant GPX-files. (edit:) It only affects the current database. All others go unchanged. Is this a known problem? With a fix? thx for an otherwise great program. I usit extesively, and love the tight connection to OziExplorer. Why all this talk about outsourcing programming to India when two of the worlds greatest pieces of software comes from Australia? hbrx.
  8. Anyone knows if people in Czech Republic have a forum anywhere? Just wanted to send a message to you/them? hbrx.
  9. Mine include: Walking Bicycle CrossCoutry Skiing Ski Lift/Downhill Skiing Car (rental, borrowed, and passenger. I dont own one) Taxi Local Bus Long Distance Bus Tram Subway Train Local Ferry Swimming Plane and Cruise/Distance Ferry (but purpose was not solely caching...) In planning: Canoe Rollerblades Plane Long Distance Train hbrx.
  10. This feature was introduced in 3.01 - see the "special tags" help section (which is now online) here There already is! The OziExplorer export button has been there ever since version 1.00 I have perhaps not made mysel very understandable... I know of (and use) the %hint-tag. This gives me the decrypted hint. But the tag I am missing is one that gives me the hint undecrypted. I could not find any such tag either in the help in GSAK or the online helpfile. Is it just that I cant find it, or are we not talking abouth the same thing? I am also using the Ozi-button in the menu bar. NO problem, a great function. What I was thinking of was some sort of "export waypoints to ozi and open up ozi without bothering me with further dialogue". A 'quick-export'. That function could use the same settings as last export, and making a temporary waypoint file. The reason I put up this request is when I plans trips I switch back and forth between GSAK and Ozi, and make changes in the filtering or database, and exporting again. But, I do also realize that it might be a little bit to much, just beacause I want to skip a few keyklicks :-). hbrx.
  11. Regarding Waypoint Tags. I have read the new tread, and the help-info in the program without finding anything about it so; Could we please have a %crypt-hint tag? The hint 'undecrypted'. On the Garmin 60CS, when doing a search for unfound geocaches and choosing one of them to start navigating to it I get to the waypoint screen, and it displays the description data. I DO want to see if it is a multi/micro etc, but would like to have the hint encrypted until I need it. And perhaps an 'Direct to Ozi'-button, to load all waypoints to ozi without the need to go via the 'Export WPT fil' dialogue (gsak might use a temp-wpt file). GSAK will be the reason for a 'Geek Event' in Oslo, Norway this spring. It has gained some momentum in the society, and more will come. Keep up the excellent work! (might also repeat my wish for a 'string conversion' table...) henrik.
  12. Even thou the wap-sites are fast, it's pure enjoyment reading gc.com with opera on my Nokia6600. Spoilerpictures and all. But I had a hard time on sunday, when the website was a bit unstable... Liked the canadian website as well. Fast! hbrx.
  13. I would like the files to be named with both query-name and date. Example: Norway-2004-03-24.gpx for my query for all the caches in Norway (still less than 500, for another week or two). hbrx.
  14. Regarding long similar cache names and non-unique %smart-name. I was about to suggest a kind of 'conversion-table', customizable by the user, to take care of long similar names of caches that got converted to the same smart-name. But then comes along Beta2 with improved smart names. Thanx. It fixed that problem. But such a table could perhaps be useful anyway? It might be cache names you want to convert to something else than what the %smart-tag gives you. As an example I would convert 'Bernhard#' to only 'BH' while %smart gives med Bernh (when set to =7 (with a trailing two digits)), and PPJ gets converted to Ppj. If I could maintain a list of such conversions, sort of like the State-abbreviation tab in the Options setting, it would be sort of the best from two worlds. And perhaps a repeat request, options for assigning colours to waypoints in Ozi in the same manner as asigning symbols in the dialogue for transfering waypoints to GPS. btw, I just love this program more and more. It's awsome. hbrx.
  15. Dont know if you know or if it is apropriate for your use, but Excel reads gpx-files. hbrx.
  16. Attended one great event, and found another one. Revisited yet another one, and picked uptwo bugs. Great day skiing in beautiful weather and fine conditions. A bit sad my conditions was somewhat weak after 3 hard nights... hbrx.
  17. English will most probably be sufficient. At least a lot better than automated translations. hbrx.
  18. Yes, where it is meaningful there will two tags for each class. For example for cache type there will be %typ = full cache type and %typ1 = first character of cache type. Any other suggestions on this are most welcome. Ahh, you realize you have opened up a 'can of worms' now? I have some variations in mind, will type it up and post it. hbrx.
  19. You might want to look into Ozi Explorer and OZiPhotoTool. Cut from OziPhotoTool webpage: OziPhotoTool takes the digital photos with EXIF metatdata, and tracks from OziExplorer to determine where the GPS was when the photo was taken. As long as the GPS was in the same location as the camera this represents the location of the photo. OziPhotoTool outputs the linkage between the photo and its location by creating an OziExplorer waypoint file, generating map features on OziExplorer maps, watermarking the photos, embedding location information in GPS EXIF tags, and/or generating HTML output. And for those not familiar with OziExplorer: OziExplorer GPS Mapping Software which will work with Magellan, Garmin, Lowrance, Eagle, Brunton/Silva and MLR GPS receivers for the upload/download of waypoints, routes and tracks and most brand of GPS receivers for real time tracking of GPS position (Moving Map). I have not used this combination myself, but as soon as I have restocked the empty slot in my bag where the camera used to sit I'll do. hbrx.
  20. This is one of my two caching partners. The other one looks very similar, but is kind of mirrored hbrx.
  21. Yes, the next version of GSAK has a complete overhaul of how the "Waypoint name" is generated. As requested you will be able to now generate the waypoint name using %tags (like you do with description). I will be adding new tags to allow for a wide variety of combinations for the waypoint name. As for the colours - well not yet. I may reconsider this in a future release Well, seems my wishes come true With the tags going into the waypointname the need for color is not that important, as it is easy to sort waypoints by name in Ozi, and applying color to multiple waypoints. When adding tags, will 'shortforms' of %typ and %con (like R/M for a Regular/Micro) be available? Will you consider other tags suggested here? hbrx.
  22. First, thanks a lot for letting us all use this fine piece of software. I put it up to a real test last week, before and during a cache expedition to a city 300 km away (Gothenburg, Sweeden ( I am based in Oslo, Norway). Awsome in planning the route and wich caches to visit when combined with OziExplorer. And this brings me to a 'feature request' or a question on something I thought I managed to do but cant reproduce. When exporting waypoints to Ozi I can choose between Cache Code, SmartName and Cache Description to name the waypoints. There is also a field for 'Cache Description Format' wher I can define how the description field of the waypoint is constructed. Firstly, It is a bit confusing having two different 'Descriptions'. and second, and my main concern; I am of the strong believe that I managed to transfer waypoints to Ozi with the waypoint names build from the 'Cache Description Format', but I am now not able to reproduce it. This leds me to believe I remember wrong. Anyhow, It would be wery useful being able to build up the waypoint name with the variables from the description field. This enebeling us to quickly sort out what type/difficulty/terrein/size a cache is only with a glance on the map. And in the same lane, the possibility to choose colors for different types of containers/types f.ex. could also be useful. At least in the situation when you are planning a cache trip, or during one. Yes, you have this informatin in Ozi when positioning the pointer on the waypoint, but thats sometimes cumbersome or tiresome. To sum it up: My wish is to have colours and %-codes in cache names from GSAK, an otherwise great program. hbrx.
  23. I vote no, As mine is already taken hbrx.
  24. As to the problemwith planning caching trips long time ahead; Download a gpx-file for the area from gc.com (if you are a Premium Member (IMNSHO everyone should be...)), and load it up to Clayjars Watcher or to ClydeE's GSAK, Geocaching Swiss Army Knife. Both of them have an indication telling the 'status' of the cach, its easy to see the last x logs (finds, nofinds, notes). Before heading out on a long (or large) cache trip I vould advise you to make a doublecheck a night or two before you start, using one or both of the two programs. hbrx.
  25. I agree with the above, but have taken another approach. I have logged my Locationless finds under a different user. One user, hbrx, for the real caches. And a reverse one xrbh, for the locationless. This trick does it for me. hbrx/xrbh
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