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  1. My wish is for a 'mode'-function.

    When out caching I use my 60CS in car, on bike and by foot.

    The statistics (speed, movingtime, etc etc) is useless in such a



    I want the ability to tell the unit which mean of transportation I am

    on, and the settings and logging (track) changes accordingly.

    So whan I am home in fron of my PC I can upload different tracks

    and on the unit check driven/walked/biked distance.

    Display settings should also be configurable by 'mode'.



  2. The grand plan is to eventually include all menu options as macro commands.


    Any chance the Macro-folder wil be included in Backup/Restore?

    It already is

    Great. Or overwhelming one might say.


    And the Macro folder, lazy me dident check...but as

    always, Clyde is one (or several) steps ahead of the rest of us.



  3. I don't know if this has been answered or not,

    but is it possible to change the display order of the headings?

    I just started GSAK on my other computer to check if what I remembered

    was correct. And what pops up as 'Todays Tip'? Nothing else than


    'You can change the order of the columns in offline

    view. Just drag the column heading to where you like it.

    Your settings will be saved'


    Was that convinient or what?



  4. It's because the files generated by Geocaching.com (.loc and .gpx) are not supported by Garmin.  In order to get the waypoints transferred into your GPSr, a 3rd party program is required.


    The new MapSource version 6.5 BETA supports the .gpx format.  Still there seems to be problems with .gpx files between MapSource and GSAK (a very popular 3rd party program).  It seems that if a file is edited by GSAK, MapSource apparently cannot read it (SEE THIS THREAD). 


    Maybe they can straighten out that problem with the release of MapSource version 7.

    GSAK can already export directly to MapSource, so to be honest I don't know why anyone would want to go the GSAK=>GPX=>MapSource route?


    Just go GSAK=>MapSource

    One of the reasons for wanting GPX files from GSAK readable by Mapsource is the ability to utilize the Link feature of waypoints.


    From the help file

    Link – This feature allows you to include a link to a file or URL containing information related to the waypoint.  For example, you could link to an electronic document containing a description of your waypoint, a digital photo you took while at the waypoint, a web site devoted to the area around the waypoint, etc.  You can enter the desired file name/URL or click Browse to select the desired file.


    When importing GPX files from PQs the link to the cache page is put into this property. AFAIK mps-export from GSAK does not include this.


    Only thing I have noticed. But, I am using Ozi so...


    I am suspecting Mapsource support for GPX is a hack just to support PQ generated GPX.



  5. Yes, GDB offers that ability.  Garmin won't publish the file format and every version of Mapsource that supports GDB so far has a DIFFERENT version of GDB support. 


    Beta Mapsource that can read GPX files may prove more gratifying in that regard.  (It's definitely more gratifying in my world since it's an open file format and Garmin can't endlessly tinker with it to ensure incompatibilities.) 


    I don't know if the new betas can write data to GPX as well or if it continues to hold your data hostage in a closed file format.

    Mapsource version 6.5.0 writes GPX.


    I have made these two files for comparisation.


    - Have filtered on my caches in GSAK, exported to Mapsource and

    saved as GPX to: mapsource-gpx.


    -Also did a direct export to GPX in GSAK; gsak-gpx.


    The complete gpx-file from Mapsource containing just one of the caches

    looks like this:



    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
    <gpx xmlns="http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/1" creator="MapSource 6.5.0 Beta" version="1.1">
       <link href="http://www.garmin.com">
         <text>Garmin International</text>
       <bounds maxlat="59.699950" maxlon="8.109600" minlat="59.699950" minlon="8.109600"/>
     <wpt lat="59.699950" lon="8.109600">
       <cmt>The Roadbuilder by hbrx (15/1) (1/1)</cmt>
       <desc>The Roadbuilder by hbrx (15/1) (1/1)</desc>
       <sym>Geocache Found</sym>


    Mapsource will not import the GPX made by GSAK, but gobbles up the ones

    from gc.com, complete with the weblink.


    This might as well be a bit OT, but I am not active on the Babel-list so...

    (it might even have been posted there already)



  6. 2. This one i do think I have mentioned before but; A possibility to omit the dialogue boxes when doing an export to Ozi.

    It is a reflexion of one of the ways I use GSAK/Ozi. I repeatedly export different

    filtered sets of waypoints to give me a graphical glance of where unfound/bugs/mine/etc...is placed on the map. Or when I import a new gpx-file (be it a PQ or a single cache) I want to do a quick export to see changes on the map.

    Version 4.2 allows macros (automation scripts) to be run from within GSAK as well as the command line. Macros do not come up with message boxes, so you will be able to set up a macro to do this (perhaps also combined with other commands to automate the whole process). I will also have a look at adding an option to the Ozi export to suppress the message boxes.


    Looks forward to both the omission of dialogue and macro functionality.

    Could perhaps be an idea to set up a website/page for exchange of 'smart' macros

    as all the smart users out there find new and creative ways to use GSAK via macros?



  7. Two suggestions/requests regarding exporting waypoints to OziExplorer:



    An option to _merge_ waypoints exported from GSAK with those

    already loaded in OziExplorer. I know it is possible to do this by merging

    the resulting .wpt-file into Ozi, but I want to do _everything_ from GSAK :-)


    After having a look at the API (v1.08) i guess it is a bit difficult since the

    merge functionality isent mentioned there. Please tell me I am wrong and that it can be included in a future version!



    This one i do think I have mentioned before but;

    A possibility to omit the dialogue boxes when doing an export to Ozi.

    It is a reflexion of one of the ways I use GSAK/Ozi. I repeatedly export different

    filtered sets of waypoints to give me a graphical glance of where unfound/bugs/mine/etc...is placed on the map. Or when I import a new gpx-file (be it a PQ or a single cache) I want to do a quick export to see changes on the map.

    When I am in this mode I always exports to a 'dummy' file. What I am intresting in

    is to see the waypoints on the map. The file is overwritten each time.


    Is it possible to have an option to do a 'direct export' to ozi? Using the settings from last 'proper' export and omit the file dialogue and the confirmation click to load to ozi?




    (not my fault that I want to do everything with GSAK. It tempts me to it :-)

  8. Works like a drean in the wap-browser on a Nokia6600 on Telenor network.

    A bit cluttered on the Opera web-browser on the same phone.


    Opera on Windows looks great, and it displays and performs equally nice

    in Lynx on SunOS.


    Great work!

    (but I still have to use the webbrowser to download spoiler pictures

    to my phone...)


    hbrx. :laughing:

  9. Some sort of bug?

    After installing GSAK 4.0.2 the Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs list shows both GSAK 3.03 and 4.0.2 versions. If I try to remove the old version the Windows suggests to remove the new one (as in fact there is only one version installed, the other is just a some sort of a ghost trace I think)

    This occurred on my both computers (HP Desktop and IBM laptop), both are running on Win 2000 ver. 5.0 SP4

    I have the same occur to me.

    Both 3.05 and 4.02 are on the list.

    But I have installed a lot of other versions before and inbetween.

    No reinstallation of system either. Dell Optiplex, XP-Pro SP1.


    It dosent bother me, but I guess it _could_ mess up something sometime.

    Hopefully th HW have gotten a better life as Linux-Workstation before then :(



  10. Another smart-tag request;


    UTM zone, easting and northing.


    Very handy for Custom URLs, as the best online mapping services in Norway

    use UTM in their URLs.


    Well, I see a problem as since mapmakers (online) in Norway, use 33V all over the country, even if the 'official' zone is something different.

    So I guess what I am really asking for is a %utm-x-n and %utm-x-e, where x ise the zone you want to convert to.


    Guess this wont come to the top of the list very soon :ph34r:



    -still want the waypointnameconversiontable...

  11. Counties of Norway








    Møre og Romsdal






    Sogn og Fjordane







    Counties of Norway


    Actually, Svalbard is a county of Norway. Sort of.

    Anyhow, it is a part of Norway.

    Today Svalbard & Jan Mayen is counted as a separate country

    by geocaching.com. Any chance of adding them to Norway instead?


    As for matching counties and caches in Norway; count me in as volunteer.



  12. In this post on Logging Shortcuts in the 'Geocaching.com Website' forum ClydeE writes about adding a custom URL for a direct link to the 'Log this Cache'-page. Great!

    I added it, and right-clicking and chosing the new entry worked fine.

    That is, a new page opened inside my Opera-browser.

    But when I preceeded the Link name with an '!' to get the link on the generated HTML-pages and in the 'Details' part of the split screen I got a problem. Clicking the link in the details brought up the page inside GSAK, but GSAk dont 'know me', so I have to log in to log the cache. If I right-click the link and choose 'Open in New Page' it opens up InternetExplorer.


    Is there any way to indicate that I want that link to open up the page in my standard browser?



  13. and Clyde and myself will get blamed for screwing things up. :-)


    This is why I'm hoping to creaate a standardized numbering base for geocaching-optimized icon sets...

    I agree that we HAVE to come to an agreement of 'geocaching use' of these symbols. And we have a golden opportunity to accomplish this since this is the

    really early adoption phase.


    The posted symbols make a great start. I like them.

    Still, some thoughts about which symbols is most useful since

    there is 'only' 24 of them, and just to start off the big debate :-)


    - Event? Do we need symbols for 'found' and 'not found'

    - Locationless. Hmm. Not shure.


    - The icons with the red X makes me think more of an archived cache


    - Perhaps the happy/sad faces could come to use as indication of found/not found



    The numbering:


    - What is the best approach?

    - Like the suggestion which is nice to the looks on the unit

    - Must used icons at lowest numbers to allow for different sets of icons

    for increased flexibility (and confusion ^_^

    - Some sort of defined system (i.e. found cache=cache+1) making it easier

    approaching Garmin to implement support for multiple symbols for geocaching

    function on units.

    - Subsets/Multiple sets?



    Just some thoughts to get this ting going.

    Guess I have to order that serial cable now...



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