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  1. I wish ALs would be allowed where there are nominal entrance fees. Physical caches are banned in most of our national parks and are ideal places for ALS but all the parks have some entrance fee.
  2. Do you have the number of new cachers over the previous 12 months?
  3. There are a significant number of new cachers every year that disappear very quickly. We need to find a way to turn some of those into long term cachers.
  4. Virtually around every corner :-)
  5. From looking at the graph it appears of very few caches were find during the stage 4 lockdown and most were found after the amended stage 3 regulations. We have seen lots of new cachers in our area since the relaxation of the regulations. #2 to #7 are all in our area after the relaxation of level3. New 100 cache power trail
  6. Vital hint - Use the Wikipedia spelling of the answers and Google image search We are up to day 45
  7. We joke about attending Skype events in our local WhatsApp group but definitely against the rules. I you need caching talk just organise a group chat. I am sure people are not that desparate for a log.
  8. This is a gloabl issue but the decision must be local. Our events have less than 20 people. 99.9% of the time they are all locals. We are all sensible people. Our country has no restrictions on travel or gatherings as all the cases so far (less than 20 ourt of a population of 50 million) are people that have just returned from Europe, mainly Italy. Their contacts have been traced and tested. The closest case to us is 800km away. With those facts do you suggest we stop all events? I think not. HQ is doing the right thing. Letting the locals decide.
  9. ChrisDen

    D vs T

    Same with puzzles. Some work for hours to get a solution all the way to people that just ask around for the final coords. Each will draw the line somewhere.
  10. ChrisDen

    D vs T

    This will be interesting. There is a line somewhere that people will draw for themselves and it will be different die everyone. Some examples: Let's say a group are out caching and get to a cache on a road sign that is just out of reach. One person jumps on the back of the second to retrieve the cache. I am sure that everyone in the group will sign the log (me included). Then the group gets to a tree with a cache high up and one climbs the tree. All sign? Then they get into a car and stop at the bottom of a hill. Only a few walk up. All sign? After that they drive to the start of a 3 km hike. Only some hike. Who signs? The next stop is at the bottom of Koffiebus. Some climb and some not. Also someone got up early in the morning and packed the sandwiches for the trip. Can they sign? Each person will draw their line somewhere. From a personal point of view the above is the reason we prefer caching alone.
  11. Yep. Agree. Waiting to see the number of cachers that logged their first cache in 2019.
  12. That is a scary statistic if one is looking for constant growth. I do sometimes wonder if the gave us not better with fewer caches of good quality being find by people who are prepared to spend some time looking for those caches. To me there are too many easy 1.5/1.5 caches placed all over the place being found by people who just want to end the day with a big number of funds under the belt. PS - I really enjoy these stats
  13. Can't wait till after the current souvenir challenges to see the effect on the stats. Cachers have been very busy in our area (Eastern Cape)
  14. All I can say is that activity (finding and placing) has increased dramatically in our county since the 25th. Also more great caches have been found (in a small caching community it is possible to know which caches are good, even if they have only 3 or 4 finds with 100% FPs) and people are trying to place good caches that will earn FPs. The souvenirs have served their purpose. Generated interest in caching. My only change would be to try to get better recognition for % FPs
  15. I like this batch of souvenirs. Suddenly people are looking for caches with high favourite points. People are finding it better to go and find one good cache rather than a number of park and grabs. It has also made some more aware that it is a reward to give a CO a FP if the cache deserves one. The effect had been positive on our caching community.
  16. Your cache, your name. Better to change the name than archive an old cache
  17. Looks like there is a bug with the leader board. Caches with 0 favorite points are not getting the 3 points.
  18. Anyone having issues with points being allocated? Did 20 caches this morning. Only logged after 12UTC but got no points. I thought it might be the Cachly app that logs the time of the find (in my case before 12) but I deleted one of the logs and logged it on the website. Still no points
  19. FPs as a percentage of found logs by premium members would be far better with a minimum of (say) 10 logs
  20. Hopefully not only for FPs and there are also points allocated for finding caches. Closest cage to me with 50. FPs is about 500 km away
  21. Pity the period is so short. To organise a proper event will take time.
  22. Maintenance by non owners. In other words a cacher that gets to an old cache with a smashed container where the CO is no longer active is more likely to replace the container than they would a new cache with an active owner. The latter getting a needs maintenance log. People seem reluctant to post a needs maintenance log. They rather make a note in the Found Log that there is an issue. That is my experience on my caches.
  23. There could be another reason for the older caches not getting needs maintenance logs. A lot of the older cages belong to people who no longer cache. There is a tendency to try to keep those caches from being archived so I would assume that there is a lot of cacher maintenance that is done rather than post a needs maintenance log
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