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  1. As mentioned by Jffok, I am also having issues with my Oregon 700. 1) Live Geocaching works inconsistently even when I'm synced with my smartphone. 2) Caches do not always download so we get out in the field and I'm missing about half of the caches. If we have over 8-10 caches, we use the list download feature which appears to work most of the time. 3) Caches do not stay open during our search time. In order to log a find (or DNF), have to reload the cache. 4) The wireless sharing option has never worked. One of us has a Garmin GPSMaps64 and we can never send or receive between these units. Thank you for the reference to GPSrChive.com. I will check it out. I am using my smartphone in conjunction with the Oregon 700 now and it appears my Samsung works much better for hunting a small amount of caches in areas with sufficient signal strength. Meanwhile, I just went on eBay and bought the older model GPS (Oregon 550) since I loved that one - until its power button died and Garmin steered me into the 700 model.
  2. This was a fun summer challenge until you included the "trackable" challenge. We were initially delighted, thinking it would get some old trackables moving again. But very disappointed to see folks logging TBs as "dropped" and immediately relogged as "picked up". My opinion of that tactic is CHEATER! You need to weed out those folks unless you approve of that pathetic excuse of obtaining points.
  3. Never mind....Found the proper spot to "lock" our milestones. Sorry for the bother!
  4. I've been looking at the new "profile features" on Geocaching.com and can no longer find the option of "locking my milestones"!!! Can anyone point me in the right location? Yes, I know I can manually edit them in "MyGeocachingProfile.com". I'm also using Project GC which uses GC.com for it's information flow. I also keep my GSAK stats up-to-date which has absolutely NOTHING to do with my milestones in GC.com. (Useless information.) Whatever. Does anyone have information on these new personal profile features on Geocaching.com??? I'm getting a bit frustrated. Too many other questions to list...
  5. We'd love to do this! We'll be driving up from Texas and wondered if someone could tell us how long is the drive from Seattle to the trailhead? (Approx time and distance??) Thanks!!
  6. We are confused about the process in which you log a trackable Geocoin in your new cache. Just turned in our 1st cache for approval. It's in the "pending" state now and we understand it might be there for several days. We've activated a FTF Geocoin, and have Received a "TB" code from the Geocaching site. Now it says to "log" the TB into our cache. When & how do you do this? We didn't see any options for adding trackable information in an inventory or log when we set up our cache. ?? After reading some of the forums, we're going to go back and revise our TB log with info that says the FTF coin is "adoptable" so whoever finds it knows that we meant for them to take it, and, hopefully, use it as one of their FTF coins. Or not - up to the finder- right? We want to make that clear as there appears to be some confusion about geocoins. Ours was meant to be taken by the FTF person and used as they want - even if we'd like it to travel on in caches. Are we totally confused about this? Any help would be appreciated!
  7. Hi, there! We're new also but having a lot of fun. There's good advice already listed here but one other thing we did (besides reading the FAQs) was to watch the videos on geocaching.com. They contain a lot of useful information, too. Good hunting!
  8. Tks so much for all the posts! For now, we'll add our location. Hopefully, later on, we'll have more meaningful stats or information to post.
  9. Just joined on 01-Oct-2012 and we're trying to figure out what to include in our profile. Is it just too dang early to write it? Do we need to think about it for awhile? Any suggestions would be appreciated! BTW, we went on our 1st outing today and found 2 caches! (Okay---yes, we picked easy ones since we're newbies....)
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