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  1. Yes Sir, that got it sorted. That poor bug has been back and forth across the globe and U.S. but I never could drop it. Its about time. Thanks again.
  2. dadgum.. that's it I think. Thanks!
  3. Maybe "lock" it then I can unlock it?
  4. See, that's the issue.. Its never shown on my inventory and was never placed. I'm guessing its been idle so long, I need to contact GS support to reactivate it maybe? I don't get and grab or drop options on the bugs page...
  5. Rather than start yet another topic... I'll hijack this one. long story, but i'll try to make it short and make sense. I bought a bug 10ish years ago. JUST launched it this weekend. It doesn't show in my inventory, but it does show as owned. I cant figure out HOW to release it or grab it. I have it set as non collectible.... what am I missing? Bugs #TB39AC
  6. What luck came home from work, logged on here saw unit sold,, did some house cleaning, found my GPS,, WOO HOO !!!! Pratzert, think you could edit My e-mail addy out of your post/quote
  7. still got this unit for sale? recently lost my map76s, looking for replacement
  8. Shunra?...you do know thats ILLEGAL in MOST states right? might well be dangerous in the wrong crowd also.
  9. Once again thanks for the replys! It looks to me ,after a quick glance at both G7 & Babel, that both should do what I need,Now the question Is will I be able the figure it out!Like I said earier I'm a bit of a ludyte..er half ludyte?I'm sure I'll get it after a few tries and some more reading of those sites. I really dont know why Garmin/Mapsource doesnt allow that transfer in its own software. I thought after a bit of messing around that a cut&paste would have been able to do the trick...but heck that would be to easy. my friends GPS is an OLD EagleNav somthinganother, probally 10 years old, and downloading to that is really out of the question since He doesnt have cable much less know how to use the thing, but their were 2-GPS12s in the group I was traveling in and I knew/hoped I could have created routes on those units once I got a simple watpoint list extracted from the track in mapsource. Oh well our trip Is over and I have a year to figure all this out.I thought of(and may yet) simply eliminating a bunch of the points in the track to make a shorter list of waypoints to enter(somehow yet to be determined after more reading)into one of the 12s. but the lake I was on has 14000+ islands and LOTS of rock reefs and if I take out the wrong ones bad things could happen. Thanks again for all the help,I'll see what I come up with after I mess around with those 2 programs.
  10. Hey thanks for the replys, to answer your questions in order, Prime, its a saved track on my GPSr although I also have it saved in Mapsource. I could get mapsource to show me a list of points that the track consisted of but I couldnt figure out how to move them anywhere else in mapsource,like say to a seperate waypoint list,I couldnt even print the list out,I'm guessing the print problem has somthing to do with the file type. I'm not up on all the file types and not much of a computer/program guru. I know enough to get around on the net and keep my machine running but not alot more. In the meantime I'll check out G7toWin and see if that'll fix me up. Bexy , you had the "track" right, it was a saved track/trackback route that My GPSr auto generated(kindda hard to edit a "real" route when your doin 35MPH in 3 foot waves).I set My GPSr to mark a "point" every 10 seconds I think when I first planned on marking that trail. Maybe this will help, I saved that track,and all the other info off My GPSr into its own file, when I needed it this year I opened the file. on the left side of the Mapsource screen it seperates routes,waypoints,tracks,maps,and GPS for live tracking,hit tracks tab, then if I click on the track it highlights all the info,then right click and choose track properties. it gives me all 110 points the GPSr auto save/marked. Problem is I cant get that list moved anywhere else. whats up ?
  11. OK heres My problem, I have a saved track that I made last year(not a route) on a boat trip out of a canadian lake. the track is 14 miles long and contains 110 points that My GPSr saved during the trip. this year before I left again for my vacation I wanted to turn this track into a list of waypoints I could also load into my GPSr, thinking that I could share the list with a friend following me in another boat so he could also enter the waypoints into his GPSr manually since his is another brand. I couldnt figure out a way to transform this saved track into a route or a loadable list of waypoints for My GPSr or a printable form for me to share. I used both Mapsource and Easy gps and neither helped me out. Am I missing something here? is this possible to do even? My GPSr is a GPSmap76S, (which i love) I also have a gps 12 that I tried to load the track into hoping it would just take the waypoints...no dice. anyone have any clues?
  12. go to map page,hit menu, scroll to setup,enter, highlight "detail" set to most. also need to check your "zoom" settings in the main menu page.
  13. I use bluecharts of Lk Michigan, they kick butt! got any N.O.A.A. nav charts?(H2O topo's) blue charts are EXACTALLY the same
  14. quote:Originally posted by Kerry: quote:Originally posted by The Face:Well, I have a Garmin GPS45 that must be 15 years old now thats still working fine .... The 45 was/is about 1994 vintage but if it was 15 years old then one would have paid a small fortune for it . Even when the 45 was released it was still a small fortune at the time compared to today. Cheers, Kerry. I never get lost everybody keeps telling me where to go I stand corrected?..I dont remember the exact year,but I remember rushing out and getting my 45 the first DAY it was avilable in town here.I'm thinking it was around 250-300$ at the time,and worth every penny for me.
  15. Well, I have a Garmin GPS45 that must be 15 years old now thats still working fine. I then bought a GPS12 about 6 years ago thats still working fine and now have upgraded to a Garmin 76s thats about a year old. never had ANY problems with any of the units,except a broken ant. on the 45,which I replaced last year just for the heck of it so I could play around with my OLD school unit again
  16. WHOA!!! Kiwi,I just reread this thread, what you fishin for?..that was the main reason I got my first Gpsr. I used it mainly for ice fishing(YES ICE)to mark reefs and then be able to come back to those places later and be on the spots more quickly than by memory/triangulation(sp?). anyway that was a great way to learn the accuracy and use of the unit. you could use a similar proces by walking around a field and placing somthing on the ground to visually mark the spot, then also mark it with your gps. walk away from the spot a reasonable distance(1/4 km) and then walk yourself back to it using only the Gps.If you mark somthing permanant like a rock or fencepost then you can keep checking it over the course of a month or two to see the difference time makes,which is noticable but not drastic. after doing this a few times and playing around with the screens and menus and maybe rereading the manual you'll be able to determine the best ways for you to find what your looking for. ..so ...did you say FISHING?
  17. I also have dealt with TV nav and they were the cheapest on the mapsource software I could find,they were very helpfull and their service was prompt. actually I have a thread here on this forum page extolling their virtues. I'd gladly recomend them and use them again if needed. I've never really dealt with Garmin except their mapping people and it was a so so experience,but in all fairness the problem I had with them was lack of certain bluesource maps ,they recommended "fishing hotspots" maps of the lake(lake of the woods on the min/can border)to me...but that stuff is a freakin joke compared to real nav charts ,which is what blue charts are.
  18. Kiwi- I also have a 12,I've recently upgraded to a garmin76s, so I've seen both ends of garmins line of handheld units.(also played around with some other garmins of my friends). The 12 is an EXCELLENT starter to intermediate unit and works fine for caching, between the map page and the nav/compass arrow page you'll be able to find any cache people hide.
  19. Mikkel, thats a LOT of unit for a newbie,it'll keep you busy for a long time. as for maps,depends what you want to use the unit for,caching,boating,driving, all of the above? theres another poster here whose name is "anders" he lives in sweden so he may be able to best tell you what maps are available and worth your time for your area of europe. for more info on tips for that unit best I can add is do a search of the boards and you'll have even more info to wade though. thats the unit I have and I love it.
  20. Brynne- My suggestion would be to get him the EXACT same unit his brother/s have, that way they can show him what is capable of and how to use it well. OR you could get a Garmin GPS76 for about 240$, that unit will keep 99% of new GPS users busy for a long time.
  21. Zip code 54304- 298 caches' a THIRD across Lake Michigan!(300 mi les away)
  22. OH, by the way I'll see your golden and raise you a chessie, with a Dachhound too boot!
  23. BCJ19- I think thats a real cool Idea! Give me the trivial info...I'll use it. Better yet' come up whith a spreadsheet type thingy I can use and I will use it on all my caches(not that I have any NOW,wait till this summer!)and I know others that probally would also. PS-NO MORE BEER, MAN I'M SHINEY!
  24. Cap'n- I have the CD version of blue charts,I unlocked all of lake Michigan. the charts KICK BASS!. they ARE nav charts that are scanned to software. they are only as up to date as the most recent(or the charts they have)charts.pick the area you want ant look at NOAA's link to charts(if you can find it) , the blue charts consist of ALL tyhe maps for specified areas,harbours,rivers, smaller close ups ,ect, HOWEVER remember your still relying on the GPS to "place" you accurately on those maps. meaning map shows you in 50 FOW ,depth sounder says 70 FOW= GPS reading off whatever distance that may be.
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