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  1. I have setup 11 PQs to receive all caches in the Netherlands. Now I also wanted to receive the caches along the border with Belgium so I made a route (GoogleMaps and GE) as close as possible to the border and exported it to KML. Now that have this route uploaded to GC.com I wanted to make a PQ for it: max 500 caches, any type, any container and placed within Belgium (there's no need to get the caches in the Netherlands because I already receive them) but the option to make the PQ country specific is missing. Actually I can understand why its missing for a route based PQ but for the thing I am trying to do..., well, it's not possible without Any ideas/suggestions? Is there another way to get all Belgium caches close to the dutch border?
  2. It would be very usefull to have a wiki somewhere. Would make it possible to write the manual together
  3. I asked this question 2 days ago, no one answered me, maybe you will have better luck. I was hoping to use GPSgate but no luck since the Wherigo-player only accepts bluetooth
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