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  1. You can go to cvgeocachers.com and it will give you a link.
  2. kicking this up to the top agian.
  3. Would love to catch them. But good luck there. We have been trying to catch them for years There is a thread here called central valley cachers and a website www.cvgeocachers.com that will link you to our Facebook page that seems to get the most action nowadays. Greg
  4. I know the Bakersfield one use to have monthly events. I know Fresno also has a large group. you can google dry creek cachers I think.
  5. ya, Most people are using Facebook now. If any of you use facebook here is the link to the Central Valley Cachers group; http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_149659251745818&ap=1
  6. I am happy it was still here. I am glad all this was not lost. not sure why I was not seeing it.
  7. just trying to bump this feed back up to the top of the south southwest page..
  8. Not even one R.J. and no snakes. we saw Cows. just one group. 2 coyotees, many lizards. that was about it.
  9. It was great bill. I am off to the E.T. Highway this weekend with Team Tek, Team Elkhorn, Plant Peddler, and Stashseeker. should be alot of fun...
  10. Way to go Ted...... We are trying to get this forum active again. but with Facebook it makes it hard.
  11. where are you from? I noticed you found a few in the stockton area. we have a great group out this way.
  12. can anyone help with GSAK. i am trying to run the stats gen macro and it keeps doing it up to a date in 2009 I have read and tried to figure out why it will not do any update from them. I am so confused. any help would be appreciated. I also have the newest version on GSAK..
  13. What a great day of caching with bill and Kermit.
  14. they guy that was running it did not want to pay for it anymore. He was trying to get someone to buy it from him but got no takers. I like this one anyway. there is the one on FB that I started last year but after my FB account got all messed up and had to create a new one. now there is no admin and I can not even post on there. How crazy is that. LOL Regarding Mega Run. I heard that it is better to do the alien head at night. Is this correct? I am going to do it the weekend of the 22nd of October...
  15. There is a new one in Folsom by the same guys that they spent a year doing that is a day also.
  16. Kenny. News flash. I got BOGA to go caching today. we had alot of fun.
  17. I have not looked for long time regarding whereigos are there any in the central valley now?
  18. Geocaching made it into the Stockton Record today Saturday May 1st Geocaching makes the news in the central valley
  19. It Looks like we have been challenged. this is from a cacher in Bakersfield area. Wesley Morris wrote: Does the CVC crew have what it takes to come down and challenge the Kern County group? We would love to have some of you represent. Come on down on Saturday April 24. GC23TQN WSRPD 2010 Caching Event (Event Cache) in California, United States created by WSRPD
  20. unfortunately they do not alow any more of the code caches. They now say that there has to be a log in them. the ones that have codes like your gung ho is grandfathered in. but looking forward to the hunt Well, people would have to just put a single symbol AND email me for the go ahead once they read the "secret word" Thanks for the heads up ! Actually Ron. one of the ways I saw it done recently was that the person just put another set of cords into the tiny one and made it a multi. This might be a thought.
  21. Thanks guy....with a glowing review like that I'd better come up with a challenging cache for the CVC crew...but it will be awhile. Years ago when I stopped hiding I had in mind ...the smallest cache in the world...now all I have to do is find it myself in the litter of my office ! Hint: it is less than .5 inches long and appx 1/8" in diameter but contains space for either a log or a note with a code word...it would not be for the faint of heart but giant kudos go to those who would find it. Ron unfortunately they do not alow any more of the code caches. They now say that there has to be a log in them. the ones that have codes like your gung ho is grandfathered in. but looking forward to the hunt
  22. Downloaded the Swiss Army Knife of Geocaching and it looks like it meets up to its name ! I am going to do some rock-hounding in southern California and want to load a bunch of waypoints into a file (easy typing) and then transfer it over to the yellow eTrex (museum piece) and then to a topo program so I have a nice big laptop screen for overviews of the area. Will also do a little geocaching there to get back into it...including of course placing a cache way out in the middle of a geode field .... might be the easiest thing for a geode hunter to find ! welcome back Ron. Would love to see you put out some caches in this area agian. Love your caches. my fave probably is gung ho fat choy I am sure.
  23. HOLD IT! Let's not confuse BOGA with life! He doesn't have one - just WORK (a four-letter word.) If anyone finds a life, get me one. It's been too long. ok bill I expect to see you at that coffee event on the 20th. I will even buy you a cup of coffee..
  24. Matt only makes one post a year. He as used that one up already. LOL Funny greg HA HA HA O my god that makes two, what was I thinking. ya now everyone seems to use facebook huh? your good for 2 years now matt
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