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  1. Thanks ShakeyMic. But I don't see anything on my pc other than the Magellan Communicator which is a program file and I can't open that. I don't see a Magellan drive. Is there something that I can download off the Magellan website. Also when I connect to the pc, the gps itself just displays connected to pc and I can't move around in the gps until I disconnect from the pc. Also does anyone know if there is an explorist forum somewhere I can post and get some answers?
  2. Don't really know where to post this question. I just got my Explorist GC today so still playing around with it, this is my first GPS. I have been using the iPhone app. My question is, how do you delete caches off the app that you marked as found. Before I went out I used the option on the Geocaching website to SEND TO GPS, now I would like to get them off there. Any ideas? thanks
  3. I'm fairly new to GC, but before I got started I read all about finds, hides and TB's on the GC website before going out for my first find. I think so many newbies don't bother reading the guidelines, etc. There are also some apps for your phone in addition to Groundspeaks that people get and never bother logging finds etc just go out and look for the cache, but don't truly understand the game.
  4. I just saw that myself and am doing the Snoopy happy dance! Woot! . I know, that is awesome. I was so excited!
  5. Well a bit of fantastic news for us iPhone users that like to post pictures from the field. The GC app has been updated to add the feature of putting pictures on the Trackables page from the app itself. I got a notification on my phone for an update to the app, downloaded the update, added a picture to a TB within the app and checked the page on my pc and oh my, it worked. I am one happy camper now, lol.
  6. Eartha - that is weird. I can upload photos to a cache, but there is not a way to actually put a photo with the trackable log from the iPhone.
  7. Awesome, that's great artwork!
  8. Thanks, Gitchee-Gummee and scrapcat. Gitchee-Gummee that helps a lot, I was looking for a button on the TB page that says submit photo. I agree scrapcat the iPhone app is an exceptionally good app, except for the part of not being able to add photos from it. I thought I might just be missing it. It would be great if the developers could add that feature. I think I will leave a review in the iTunes store stating that fact. Thanks.
  9. My question is, in some of the trackables I have moved the TB owner states please take pictures. Well I have taken pictures of the TB in different locations and I am wondering how I add those pictures to the TB's page? I have some nice pictures of the desert and of Sedona, AZ that I am sure the owner would like to see their TB visiting. Can anyone give me instructions on how to do this. 1. How to upload from a computer? 2. How to upload from the GC app for iPhone? Thanks
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