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  1. I was having issues with my eTrax 10 similar to yours and this fixed my problem, hope it will for you as well!! http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=457
  2. My first find was a LPC in a BMW dealership lot..... My daughter and I were going nuts trying to find it. I kept saying "No way would they put it on one of these new cars" lol Finally I said to my daughter, see if that lamp thing will lift up... Sure enough it did BUT we didn't lift it high enough so we didn't see it. We ran in circles for about 10 more minutes before we lifted it again, high enough this time, and made the find.... From that point on I was hooked........ Edited to add my log... LOL "My first find!!! Log has been wet though and kinda wadded up, didnt sign cuz I was afraid it would fall apart, needs replaced. TYFC!!! We were so excited to find it!!!" My first find so I knew nothing about replacing logs, etc..... Edited again to add... I enjoy all my cache finds the easy ones make up for the hard ones... I enjoy them ALL (LPC, rebarb, key holders, micros, pill bottles, film canisters & even amo boxes!!) and totally appreciate that there are other geocachers out there that take the time to hide them so I can find them!!! THANKS!!!!
  3. Around here people are saying they have "reset" the cache... Same difference and for the most part it is the original CO is the same for each reset.... I refuse to find those. Have messaged the original CO on several asking for confirmation. I see them logged on recently but they are NOT maintaining their caches.... Sigh......
  4. My only experiences have been to check if I needed help... Just said nope, just geocaching and they smiled and drove away... I did get one rent-a-cop at a local college out of her car to help look.... Sadly this cache had been muggled.... lol
  5. Got my GPS for my birthday last year cuz I don't own a smart phone and I wanted to play too!!!
  6. I live in Texas and caching in the summer is limited despite the longer days... It's just too dang HOT!!! Get what ya can early Am, then your done!! Even the evening time is sweltering..... I'd rather cache in the winter (the whole 3 weeks of it lol)
  7. I recently found a really cool one where the CO cut the tops off of 2 coke bottles a little below the neck where it kinda spreads out. They glued the 2 cut off pieces together and made it so one of the caps didn't unscrew. Painted them black. Worked really well!!!
  8. All I ever see are fields of cows, occasional dogs and cats and a few squirrels, couple a garter snakes and BUGS..... They can keep the creepy bugs.....
  9. From hers: The photo from her log: The caption for the picture reads "Not a raccoon" BUT he is soooo CUTE!!!! I've never seen a real live chipmonk!!!
  10. I've been caching since Feb and have 245 finds, 1 hide. I have only found 2 caches with food items and yes I removed it. Food items attract critters and bugs... YUCK!!! I also remove trash & broken swag, pieces of toys, etc... I haven't found any of the gross or offensive items you have BUT I would remove them as well. Make sure you have some rubber gloves and baby wipes for touching that yuck stuff!!! I would also, if possible wipe out the cache with wipies after you remove that crap... Your mountain climbing cache trip should be free of all of that and much more pleasant!!! HAVE FUN!!! OH and when I log my find I make the CO aware of the clean-up I performed!!!
  11. This is REALLY cool!!! I enjoy teaching people to geocache. The looks on their faces when they find their first one... Priceless!!! Oh, and BTW, ALL the MKH caches we have found have been clean and dry except one that someone kindly thought to leave their chewed up gum in ... GROSS!!!
  12. MOST of the puzzle caches are just too hard for me to figure out. I've been working on a local one for MONTHS! lolI usually glance at them and if it's not slapping me in the face I move on.....
  13. My 19 year old daughter and I discovered geocaching this past Feb!! We LOVE it!!!
  14. I keep a pack of wipies in my geobag and some gloves as well for this reason... Ewwwie!!!
  15. I love my eTrax 10!!!! I typically cache locally and always check the maps on the cache page to see where I'm going. I get as close as I can driving and then only use the page that lists all my caches (click on geocaches and the cache list will come up with the closest one first), cuz the maps on this gps are stinky and useless!!! That page will tell you how many feet and what direction to walk toward. Never have had any problem getting to the locations, finding the cache, yes, but that's what it's all about!! I did some caching when we went on vacation this year and also had no troubles..... Hope this helps ya!!
  16. Mine does the same thing, changes my home location I mean..... Aggravating... AND I looked but didn't find a way to make it STOP doing that!! lol
  17. That cache is actually mine, I didn't want to advertise it. I was recently looking at extreme caches in Europe and after a while I started thinking that I may have hidden the deepest one without realizing it. Now I'm a bit curious, because I thought there were deeper ones. Here it is: http://coord.info/GC3P881 I don't really agree with that. If the cave has been surveyed with recent techniques and the maps are accurate, you can estimate the cache depth from the entrance. It won't be extremely precise, but you may still have a ~10m accuracy. That may be sufficient to distinguish the deepest cache if there's enough separation from the closest one. I must say that is an AWESOME cache hide!! Would love to find it BUT I'm too fat, no arm strength and waaaayyyy out of shape!! LOL There are some great really pretty cave pics posted!!! Cudos those those that have traveled this path!!
  18. Of course. How do you think those signs get clean? Personally I'm a retired telephone sanitizer.
  19. In Alberta, the GOV't takes bids to have companies contract for highway maintenance. They take a truck with a giant watertank in the back-kinda like a brush firefighting truck-with pump and pressure washer gun. One drives on the shoulder, and the other sits with the window open, spraying down every single sign from the speedlimit to the giant signs stretching across 4 lanes. Interesting cuz I don't believe I've ever seen that being done here.... We do have those street sweeper machines though!
  20. It's ok.... I agree with whoever said they miss the finds/DNF's scrolling across the bottom!! I was seeing local names on there earlier Thursday... Kind cool....
  21. OMG Why, why did I come back to these posts??? lol AND Why, why did I watch that video???
  22. Someone actually pays people to clean signs???? lol
  23. I was reading posts today I noticed a couple references to being platinum members. What is that?? Just asking, fairly new to geocaching and this is the first time I've seen that mentioned that I can remember....
  24. I found a broken bong by a cemetery cache and I found someone's debit card laying in the street a few weeks ago. CITO the bong to the trash can by the cemetery and took the debit card to the issuing bank....
  25. Gross...... Don't think I wanna go in the woods anymore lol. Did manage (Me & my daughter) to get a nasty case of chiggers last month doing caches in a field.... That was no fun....
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