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  1. I have a Sony Xperia 5ii, the app will not open. I get a green screen with the Geocache logo and it is not loading. I have changed permission to include location and storage, open supported links- non of this I have had to do with my previous two Xperia's. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled. Any suggestions as this Android should support the program app?
  2. That seems to be the solution, adjust the date on pc. I have had to do it with nearly every log entry as a day behind >^..^<
  3. I haven't received any souvenirs on my android at all and all my finds are logged from it and edited on laptop when I get home Hi i have found a new problem regarding to the local time zone problem: If I change the log date at the web site, do I get the souvenir at my online profile, but this souvenir is not transferred to my android geocaching application. I then made an additional log yesterday with the android application, but still no souvenir for the 3. of August at my phone. BR. gbjensen / Lars
  4. hi there, I know what you mean about the dates not matching. I just logged two caches with half hour of each other and they came up with today's date and yesterday's date. So I just edited the date to get it right :-)
  5. When I did the find on the 13 July to kick off the August streak it came up as the 12th July and I was told that was due to the time difference. So I did a find the next day and it came up with the delayed date of the 13th. Going on the time difference, I started logging the August hunt a day late and my find came up as the first August even though it was the second here in Australia. I then posted a DNF immediately after and it came up as the second August and now today the third it came up as the third. So even though my finds were found on consecutive days it is now showing my DNF as a separate day where in fact it was logged on the same day as my first find. Thank you above me I will adjust my dates now that we are on Australian time.
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