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  1. Thanks to the new metrogold from geodude.nl this had been fixed. He charges $6 for the program and it mods metroguide to add the routing automatically. I currently have a 2gb card with us topo, canadian topo, and metroguide north america v7 on it. I have tested with Euro V8 metroguide which worked as well as some homemade maps I found on the internet - an amazingly detailed carribean, and bermuda, and greece and Japan. Only the metroguide NA and Europe are routeable the others don't have that kind of data, but they all play nicely together. and thanks to metrogold, there is no 512mb or 1gb memory limit of sendmap. So it will support up to 4gb cards if those ever come out. I love the fact that when I got my Legend Cx I did not have to buy new maps to autoroute, thanks to metrowizz. Unfortunately, I cannot get autorouting to work when I have uploaded both Metroguide NA and Topo maps. What I ended up doing was using a nearly free 512MB microSD card for topo then I can swap it out when I want topo maps.
  2. I use a Garmin Legend CX, with the latest firmware. Mine is working with a custom designed logo. I was reading this http://www.gpsinformation.org/penrod/poilo.../poiloader.html and it said to use a photo program (i use photoshop 8.0cs) and create a Width .22 inches. Length, .22 inches. Resolution is 73dpi no more than 24x24 pixels. I copied the geocache logo for my cache's. and then named it the same name as my POI file and put it in the same folder, then loaded it with the poi loader. AND IT WORKS!!!!! Now some odd problems, I also can not see the gc's unless i'm zoomed in depending on my map detail level 200m or 300m etc. I also have the same thing where if I turn off user database then i can click on my custom poi's otherwise they are not clickable. Note with my latest firmware if I go to setup there is a new option there "Interface" that allows me direct access to delete the POI file, if I want to remove it completely. Seems easier than loading a POI with one object thanks to the latest update. One other thing, sometimes when I go into custom POI it says it's empty, but if i hit menu (left side) it gives me the option of "selet database" and they all show up.
  3. WOW that does work well I can have the GC code, size difficulty, terrain all in the title then the name and hint in the body of it. That's amazing, now I don't have to print everything
  4. Try here it has all the codes http://gsak.net/help/hs10300.htm Puddlewalker, I did look at the help, the answer was not there, that is why I posted this question here and your response did not do me, or anyone with a similar issue any favors. thanks anyways newbie, Woggs1 Edited to be nice
  5. Does anybody have an earlier copy of the POI loader that works, that you could e-mail me or msn transfer? really would appreciate it. Apparently the latest version of POI Loader has a bug (from what I've read on this Forum) that defaults to proximity alarms and is not allowing comments. I have not seen this. I'm using a previous version and all is well on my 60Cx. Your 64MB card would be fine, unless you have used all available memory for mapping. One of my 500 waypoint custom.gpx POI files is under 500K by the way.
  6. That's sort of the problem I'm having. I'm using GSAK, i export my geocache list as a GPX file and it loads, but instead of comments all I get is proximity alarms. How do I change it so I get the comments? I also can't seem to export as the CSV file, it always just says it's invalid. I'm using a legend CX with 64mb microSD if that makes any difference. Custom POIs can be loaded on Garmin units using the microSd cards. I have a 60CX and have been loading them literally by the thousands at a time. As far as proximity alarms it does give you the option to assign an alarm (proximity) distance (per custom POI file) when uploading them. I personally have not used them this way, but it seems it should work. One thing I noticed is if you chose to assign proximity alarms, this info gets displayed vs any "comments" text you might want.
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