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  1. Thx for all this information, i will try to delete everything also And i have found another Catégorie : Gifts from Other Countries But this is once again, in my opinion, that the organization of the Categories is to be reviewed Because these certain Category names are too vague or not precise enough Here, why not keep a name related to the description of the category which seems more explicit to me : "uprisings against the communist"
  2. Following the Event that came from this past in Berlin I had an Idea for a New Category and as it apparently does not exist, I ask the community to see what they think about it. On November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall began to be destroyed by German youth. Now in 2019, Germany is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the fall of this wall, which is now found all over the world. Let's show the world where we can find them Below are some examples of this around the world In Belgium In New-York In Brasil In South-Afrika In South-Korea In Australia As you can see, they can be found on all five continents What do you think about it? The group has already been created too, and enroulement is open Remains of the Berlin Wall around the world
  3. Keith Thank you for considering my point, and agreeing to include it in the categories. As I said, I'm going to change my vote. This is what was promised and this is what must be delivered
  4. Ok, I quite agree on a project in this direction But how could we associate that in a Categorie Name ? Here 2 example in Belgium Herstal associate Herstal (B) with 2 old manufactorys of Moto FN & motos Saroléa In Charleroi (B) Spirou cradle of Spirou editions (comic strip)
  5. Vous êtes insultant, vous êtes débité car votre Catégorie n'est pas passé ???? Mettez-la en sourdine, surtout que vous ne respectez pas la bien séance (de soumettre à la discussion la création d’une catégorie) Bien à vous Auf Wiedersehen, If you do not understand, translate yourself
  6. First off all I am not blinded for absolutely create this catégorie, The proof is that I try to respect the "conveniences"(Not like the last 2 PeerReview). Create a group, submit the idea (which here meaculpa had already been created by *Team Krombaer*) in the forum Concerning "Redundant", I can agree with YOUR point of view if Redundant means "in excess" but if you mean "superfluous" than No, clarification please But I also believe (my impression) that you do not understand that for 10 years in Europe "Roundabout Arts" has become an entire Artistic movement just like Abstract, Figuratif, Invander art ...and much more. You can see all this information in all the links of my previous post, But i am sorry there not in English
  7. I can understand this, but not agree with this In Europe it's a spécial catégorie in Art In French ==> Art giratoire ==> More info here Fondateur de l'art dit "giratoire" ; Unesco ; Le Parisien In German ==>Kunst im Kreisverkehr ==> More info here Link 1 ; de.Wiki In Holland ==> Rotondekunst ==> nl.wiki In Italy ==> LE ROTATORIE DELL’ARTE In Spain ==> rotondas y el arte ==> arte urbano I even found that in America there also gave a name ==> ROUNDABOUT ART ==> Roundabout-Art Why not create a categorie : Roundabout Art
  8. Hi, To point out, actually I did not do it on purpose, when I created the group "Public art sculpture at a roundabout" and put a post on the forum that Alfouine pointed out to me that it existed another group Um es deutlich zu machen, ich habe es eigentlich nicht absichtlich gemacht, als ich die Gruppe "Public Art Sculpture at a roundabout" kreiert habe und einen Beitrag im Forum gepostet habe, darauf hat mich dan Alfouine hingewiesen dass ein anderer groupe existierte
  9. Ok, Let's continue the discussion on the other forum Roundabout traffic / Kreisverkehre Thx
  10. I didn't see that there was already an open discussion But here I have created a group with the same Theme Public art sculpture at a roundabout Sorry *Team Krombaer* for creating the group that will create the category
  11. Hi everybody, I just created a new group : Public art sculpture at a roundabout Group In order to maybe create a new category This category serves to show and demonstrate that art can embellish roundabouts in the world. More and more roundabouts are being created around the world, and to make them more attractive, public authorities are calling on artists to make them less ugly What do you think about Here are some examples in the world : Image Best Regard
  12. How long can it take, Is it possible to contact someone
  13. I do not know, but Yves and I we may have a vision of the game a little different than some We are not one of those who absolutely want to create WMs in the maximun category, but if that's what the majority wants then I bow
  14. Here is, I have Rereview all the WM from Brussel Send Mail to elyob and the restrictions are removed
  15. It's done, the votes are over, and unfortunately I have to bow 75% vote to remove the restrictions, so I will delete them Now, give me time to warn those who posted WMs and because of restrictions have been refused that they can resubmit them Only then I delete the restriction
  16. Still a little patience the vote ends at 18h00 Central European Time (CET) I just sent the Mail back to the active members to remind them of the deadline
  17. Hi One of my WM (Midi Solaire - Waremme Belgium) receive this logo What earned me this honor, and Why, who..... Michael
  18. Wonderful, And now what must happened for to use this
  19. I have just sent one by one the Mail to each member
  20. "but as of 1634 CDT, I have not" ??? i didn't understood, please explain
  21. Elyob, i didn't know if you understand Ducht When you go to the link ==> New Foundlanders ...... opgetrokken als gedenkteken aan de Newfoundlandse soldaten die op 19 oktober 1918 als eerste de Leie over staken. => erected as a memorial to the Newfoundland soldiers who were the first to cross the Leie on 19 October 1918 <== WAR ==> Declined
  22. If I understand correctly you claim that I Mens, So understand that I'm upset I think it's you who do not understand exactly what's going on In fact the problem is precisely when people began to publish WM ( a week ago), and that some are seen refused on Brussels and in Brugge they realized that he had a restriction As proof even Elyop confirms that it existed before and Please re-read your own comment of 2/2/2018 on my post 1/2/2018 where I present my first draft You never say it's over the restriction who are well in the draft but we have discussion over language and font Sorry if I got back enough, but I never would have thought that this restriction could hit so many people and it's just that after we react and that takes me to a dictator It seems to me that, it's logic as when the category is published, we respect the instructions that have been established and that we respect them.
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