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  1. Hello, I offer my sincerest apologies for the delays and issues that have been encountered with The Cache Shack. There have been numerous issues in our real life that have caused problems with sending out packaging and accessing our email. As we are just a family run business, my wife taking care of it all, illnesses and computer crashes have played a part in having such delays. We were relying on someone else to help but apparently they were not doing the job. We are up and running with a new computer and all orders are being sent this weekend with additional items to make up for the collapse of our usual stellar customer service. I know we cannot make up for the past problems but will try our hardest to make up for every single issue and problem that people have had. If the packages have not been received by next week please let me know here and I will resend them once again. Once again I apologize and sincerely thank you for your time
  2. Coins arrived in the mail today. They're beautiful. Hope to be posting a pic tonight and will start shipping in the morning Happy Caching
  3. These coins should be finished this week and hopefully will be in hand next week. I will let you know when I ship the pre-orders out. They're selling like hotcakes Thanks everyone for your purchase
  4. Just got these in over the weekend. I am in the process of fulfilling the orders now! THank you everyone for your purchase. If you do not receive your coin in a week, please drop us an email at thecacheshack at yahoo dot com
  5. Just got the pictures in of the finished product. They are being shipped out and should be in soon!
  6. These are in Nickel plating as the other editions were in antique silver and gold plating. I placed a limited amount on them, 50 gold and 100 antique silver We did not want to change those edition amounts because it wouldn't be right. There will be 100 of the nickel ones made.
  7. Just heard back. The mint is closed at the beginning of May so they should be finished around May 8th and then we wait for them to ship them here which takes about a week.
  8. I paid for them on Monday morning. I'll get with my contact and see how long it will take. Hopefully sooner than usual since the die has already been cast. I will update with the answer ASAP!
  9. Thank you! I couldn't find the old thread
  10. Hi, We decided since our Geo Trek coins were so popular when we made them last, that we are doing a re-minting of them this time in Nickel The polished gold sold out during the preorder and antique silver ones sold out soon after. The coins have already been paid for and are in the minting process now. They should be in stock in about 3-4 weeks The coins are $9.99 each, with 100 available at this time Click here to order PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE COINS WE ARE SELLING WILL BE IN NICKEL IN THE SAME DESIGN AS BELOW Here are the pics of the design These are what the previous coins looked like made
  11. There was also a slight change made by the mint on the coloring of the coins. THe red on the taillights was taken out, they couldn't get it to work quite right and make it look good.
  12. Just finished paying for these babies and was told they'll be ready in 3 weeks. Thanks for the preorders! I'll update again once I hear anything new
  13. cute! translucent enamels or soft enamels? rsg They should be soft enamels. I will double and triple check though
  14. Once again we sponsored this great event in Baker County Florida. Due to the popularity of last years coin, we went ahead and made one for this year and are offering it as a pre-order. Last year's preorder almost sold out. Time to outrun the law and get your shine on! Moonshine bottle with a corncob stopper on the front. Loaded up shine running cars on the back. Coin size: 1.5"H x .97"W The coins are in production at the mint and will be available for shipping in a few weeks. Only 150 will be made. Click here to order Also comes with an icon
  15. You are right, So I changed the options. Thanks
  16. My Geocacher's Ring should be here on or about Sept 11th. I will have pix and vid to share that same day.
  17. The art work for The Geocacher's Ring is ready for view. https://www.thecacheshack.com/ Thank you, Shandscott
  18. If you would like a Geocaching Car Flag. Go to www.thecacheshack.com. We have them in stock. Shannon Scott
  19. LE's are now SOLD OUT!!!!!! PREORDER! Geo Trek Geocoin Antique Silver http://bit.ly/NrqB9
  20. Our newest coin is available for Pre-Order. GEO TREK GEOCOIN Available in Antique Silver or the Limited Edition Version in Polished Gold. There are 150 made in Antique Silver and only 50 made in the Polished Gold. Boldly Cache Where You've Never Cached Before with the Geo Trek Coin. The front of the coin designates you as a Geocacher. Cache Long and Prosper! The coin is 1.67" This Geo Trek coin will also have it's own unique icon. The Prices are $9.49 for the Antique Silver and $9.99 for the LE Polished Gold You can Pre-order the Antique Silver Coin Here You can Pre-order the Limited Edition Polished Gold Coin Here We should have them in stock in 4-6 weeks.
  21. The trackable Geocacher's Ring are now available. Check it out. https://www.thecacheshack.com/Geocacher_s_Ring.php Shandscott www.thecacheshack.com thecacheshack@yahoo.com
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