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  1. Thanks Steve. A bit expensive for dodgy software though. As to the PC software, I find it very useful however it can be a little tedious merging data as there is no facility to do so. I get around the problem by loading both sets from the PC into the GPS and then downloading the result, the two sets now merged, back into the PC. Has the modern version addressed this problem.

  2. Ah but it is our first one. In some areas theft is so bad you can never be sure whether you simply can't find a cache or if it still there to be bagged and how frustrating that is. At least we used to be able to come home and enjoy the fun in the knowledge the cache was there somewhere. Moreover it is particularly peeving that a bug was zapped (oops s'cuse the pun) because it does bring into question whether you should bring someone else’s pride and joy into risk.

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