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  1. Thanks Weightman for the quick suggestion. I'll give that a try Bob
  2. Hi, Need some help with my profile email. I originally registered in 2002 and started lurking around with interest. Life got in the way and now believe it or not I'm just now back with a renewed interest. The email I used back in '02 is now long gone. I've added my new email but I believe the system is sending the validation email to my old disconnected email so I can't retrieve it to validate my new one. Any thoughts on how to get that fixed? Thanks Bob Bob@mcconnellsweb.com is what I want to use if it matters
  3. Good input everyone thanks, certainly didn't turn us off the sport as we thoroughly enjoyed the rest of our day going 7 for 7. Maybe I should have introduced us as brand new and pulled the guy off to the side and asked him politely if he would mind letting the kids find it. I like the idea too of letting more than one person in our group find the cache. We were all big on first one yells! But maybe pass the joy around a bit. In the end 3 of us found two and the one found one but that person was also the most afraid of the "woods". Thanks again everyone Bob
  4. Wife and I haven't been doing caching long at all but really enjoying it. Yesterday we convinced our teenage son and his girlfriend to go with us and try it out. We downloaded all 1 and 2 terrains and difficulty as we're all newbies. At our first stop we showed the teens how it all worked and the four of us began our hunt. About that time a seasoned cacher approached and asked if we were looking for the cache. To which we explained we were and he began looking as well. Within about 5 minutes the visitor found it, signed the log book, handed it off to us and then left. The kids were crushed and the wife and I were kind of dumbfounded ourselves. I would think unless you're invited wouldn't it be more polite bypass a group that is already searching and go on to another cache then come back after we were finished? Admittedly I'm still learning so any education is appreciated Thanks Bob
  5. As a Newb here we made sure and started with easy to find and easy terrain to build our confidence. It worked as our first day 2 weeks ago we found 3 of 4. The fourth one took us three trips back and ended up being the most "unhidden" of them all. We laughed at ourselves for a good while. Also until we get more experienced we're staying away from the micros and nano's. We have enough regular size stuff in our area to keep us busy for awhile. Bob
  6. Joe I too have a golden oldie, a Magellan Meridian Gold which was top of the line (for about 10 minutes) back in the day. I've recently bitten the GC bug again and after doing some reading on the new hardware I think I would give a vital body part for a new Oregon 450 but I just can't justify the expense for the inner techno geek in me. Plus my old Magellan has worked perfectly for the limited time I've been able to get out and hunt. I think you will find, like I did, after you get used to entering the coordinates manually into you V it's really pretty fast unless you're going to do some marathon 100 cache day or something. I can enter 10 caches in under 10 minutes Welcome to a fun sport! Bob
  7. Trying to get into Geocaching with min $. Using an old win95 laptop and $99.00 generic GPS receiver. The receiver works great in MS Streets and Trip 2002 but using win95 the only thing you can use in MS Streets and Trips 2001 and it only works sporadically. I've tried all the com1 port settings and have tested the GPS unit every time with hyperterminal and it always puts out the data. I'm thinking is MS S & T. Anyone else had similar experience? Thanks
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