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  1. I live in Wisconsin and for the most part if my friends and I see "Winter Accessible" it means it's not on the ground. It's actually an attribute we look for if we are having a difficult time finding a cache. Check if it's winter accessible. If it is, we won't look much on the ground.
  2. Were they being obnoxious or otherwise bothering you? If not, I would have just kept going and allowed them to join in if in fact they were caching. That said, you handled it the way you felt you needed and as long as you weren't nasty about it, it was fine.
  3. I'm the one in our group who usually comes out bleeding. It's generally somewhere on my legs from a stick or a bush. Last month it was from a barbed wire fence. First thing I said "Well, I'm glad I'm up to date on my tetanus shots."
  4. This is exactly how it should be done. Two weeks ago I was out with several of my friends. All of us fairly experienced cachers. We spent a long time climbing two separate trees. Looked everywhere. Trodded through mud to get there and fought off branches. All of us logged it as a DNF. The cache owner noted our logs and was out there to check on it within days. It was in fact missing. None of us ever even considered logging it as a Find. My friends were trying to fill one of their grid spots but lying to yourself to fill your grid doesn't really make much sense. At least to me (and to them.) The owner has replaced the cache and we'll return in a couple of weeks to try it again.
  5. Congrats! It took me a couple of years to get to my first 100. I finally hit that milestone in Hawaii this past March. It took me much less time to get to 200 though. Got that one on a 32 stage multi in Central Park a few weeks ago. Didn't really plan it that way but I'm glad that's how it worked out.
  6. I cache with the same group of 4-5 people all the time. We have a team stamp because it is simply easier than writing each of our individual names on the log. If it's a nano log or just a smaller log, we will put our individual names down because the stamp would be too big on that type of log. We're always together and don't split during the day. We find the caches together and log them online under our own caching names. We often have two vehicles. Especially if we are on a hiking trail of some sort. We park one car at the beginning and one at the end so we don't have to walk miles back to our car.
  7. My friend and I were looking for a cache in Vegas a few months back. After we had been there about half an hour, a couple walked up to us and asked if we were geocaching. They said that any time they see people looking on the ground, in bushes and on the backs of signs, they figure that's what they are doing. They helped us look for a while but we never did find it. (I'm pretty sure it was near the fence area where a homeless guy was sleeping and I didn't really want to tell him to move!) Everybody else who walked by just gave us weird looks.
  8. I didn't really want to touch the "material" any more than I already had. Also, there wasn't any room to put another log sheet in there even if I had had one with me. This thing was jammed tight! I see the the CO replaced the cache back in August and nobody has logged anything since then. I'll let them know about the current condition of things! Thanks for the responses.
  9. Question: This morning I had the container in my hand. Opened it up and because it hadn't been sealed well, a large family of bugs had moved in. Not sure what kind of bugs they were, they kind of looked like earwigs. Anyway, I shook out the bugs the best I could but another problem existed. There was a piece of cloth jammed into the container so tight that I was unable to get it out. On top of that, this cache was in an area just off a walking/biking trail and a lot of teens tend to hang out and party there. I'm not sure I want to know what that piece of cloth was. (and yes, it looked like it could have been panties). I couldn't access a log book to sign it. I haven't logged the cache yet but after reading this thread, I don't want to end up as one of the "people who don't know what they're doing" logs! Do I log this as a find or do I not because I was unable to sign the log?
  10. Went on my first geocaching adventure with some friends on Saturday. As I was in the storm drain grabbing the cache, my friends were above looking down into the grate at me. Several people asked them if they were ok or if they needed help. Nobody asked what they were doing though! We were asked what we were doing when we were under a bridge grabbing a cache. I made some comment about Billy Goats Gruff. But we did then say we were geocaching. Being a newbie, I have not yet been questioned by a uniform.
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