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  1. Thank you all for your kind words and also thanks to those who helped with and attended the Spring Picnic... It is nice to see so many clever caches popping up all over the state recently too! Ski...

  2. Congratulations Fro!!!

    It was an honor to accompany Fro on find#300 and the many others in the area on that rainy day...

    He sure is good at finding those little plastic containers in the woods.

  3. "Thanks NJ Admin"

    This guy bent over backwards to help us get our caches approved in time for the Spring Picnic event. He also answered all the e-mails and stupid questions us computer illiterates could throw at him.(or her?) icon_confused.gif


  4. Dr Who logged all 5 of my Bucks County caches last week. All 4 traditional caches had vague entries and I never received a confirmation for the virtual, so I deleted it and sent him an e-mail. I will give him the benefit of the doubt on the others until my next trip to PA to check on the caches.


    He caches closer to South Plainfield/than he does to the Pine Barrens...hmmmmmmm....

  5. Hello all,

    I just wanted to clarify something That Fro had mentioned about the name change on the next geocaching event/picnic sheduled for 5/3/03 in South Jersey.



    I originally named it the South Jersey Geocachers Spring Picnic because of it's location, but that title seemed to imply it was for South Jersey only. I was not a NJGA member at the time,but after discussing with themagician I offered to host the next meeting at the May event and renamed the title to The NJGA Spring Picnic and emphasized that it was open to all geocachers and their families. That's how it happened. Ski...

  6. I went out and got some hip waders too. Muskrats,Mosquitos,& Muck and Melvin's Multiple are on my list for the Cheesequake picnic with a possibility of one of them being cache#400.

    If there is anyone bringing the proper equipment for "Night Vision" I would like to tag along or borrow if possible. Njski...

  7. The may 17th date is good for me. I don't know too much about the park so I have a few questions:

    What's up with the Tides?

    Do they effect some of the caches?

    Where are the best campsites?

    I know the group campsites are not available, but maybe we can post our campsite #s here on this discussion page so we can try to stay in the same area when making reservations. (Just a thought)

    It will be good to see you all again (except you Mopar!) icon_razz.gif


  8. No problems yet.

    I did see a story on Fox News this week that the military's gps system is overloaded right now because of the war and that they had to commandeer some commercial satellites to handle the demand. I don't know if this would effect our gps signals over here, but I am willing to put up with some glitches if it helps our troops over there.


  9. My nominee:

    Natural Pavement by Whm3


    I packed up the family and took a trip up to the Ringing Rock Park in Bucks County PA. to visit this park & cache. It is the home of the famous Ringing Rocks that make different musical tones when they are struck with hammers or other metal instruments. After enjoying the rocks for a while we continued deeper into the park for the cache. We were happy to find one of the most beautiful public accessible waterfalls and a well hidden cache nearby. Overall the park was a great family pleaser and the clever cache placement near the falls makes it my favorite cache so far. icon_smile.gif


  10. Sounds Good!

    I have never did any caching up that far in NJ. A search of the area shows 12 caches within 5 miles of Melvins Multiple Madness and a lot of them have some very interesting log entries from New Jersey's finest Geocachers. If the event is on April 26th/27th I can make it up there, but the May 3rd/4th dates I will be busy with the NJGA Spring Picnic down here in Belleplain State Forest. Hope to see you all at both events.


  11. Down here at the Jersey Shore Tneigel is leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else when it comes to well thought out caches and mindboggling hiding spots. He knows places in the pine barrons better than the critters who live there.


    Honorable mention to CCCooperagency and TeamGwho for their locationless caches...



  12. Hello friends,

    I plan on showing up for the get-together and enjoying a day of geocaching and meeting everyone. As for Forming the Society I say both sides have good arguments and those who want to sign up should do so, and those of us that don't should not and leave it at that. Your never going to satisfy all of the people all of the time.


    I am currently trying to organize a geocache event in the Belleplain State Forest in early May. The plan so far is to have a ton of caches hidden in the area by then and to reserve a sheltered pavillion near the lake as a meeting place. The park office said that would be ok. Also geocachers could show up anytime after the park opens to get the cache sheets from me at the pavillion and could geocache all day if they wanted too before heading back to the pavillion at dusk for meeting/prizes.


    What do you think? icon_confused.gif Any input from my fellow geocachers would be appreciated before I submit the event cache.


    Hope to see you all in 2 weeks. Thanks njski...

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