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  1. Fro and I had the honor of being the last finders ever on the Monmouth Battlefield Troop Movement Cache and we collected all the stages for the owner. As you stand on the hill overlooking the battlefield you can really get a sense of what happened down in those fields.

    So this was my favorite cache of the ones you listed.


    Some other considerations:


    If you love crazy micros in public places Lavarock is your man.


    Braintwisting micros in the pines is Moose-Is-Loose's forte


    Rumor has it that someone (not me) has been working on hiding a multicache all summer and it may or may not require the use of night vision gear, a canoe, and scuba gear to find it.

  2. BrianSnat is right. Some tunnels have re-transmitters so that firemen,police, and rescue squads can use their radios and cell phone distress calls from motorists can get out to #911. The only way I know this is because Atlantic City delayed the opening of the new connector tunnel when the re-transmitting system wasn't working properly.

  3. Congratulations to Snowflower on find#200.

    The cache was "Go-Vet" at Veterans Stadium on the last day of baseball ever at the Vet. This was a very tough micro to get when the place is empty, let alone trying it during a sold out game.

  4. Thanks for all the great compliments!

    I am slowly gravitating north and look forward to seeing new areas and finding some caches by Team Ekitt10, MrMagoo, Mopar, Bassoonpilot, Stayfloopy, Skully & Mulder, Briansnat and all the other superhiders, but first a few of us South Jersey boys will have to tackle that darn Melvins Multiple Madness.



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