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  1. Looks like fun Nik.

    Count me in as a definite maybe.


    BTW....Central Jersey?

    I live near the southern end of the state and the event is 125+ miles away.

    Conversely the NY/NJ north border is only about 40 miles from the event. (Give or take)

    Does anyone know the accepted boundaries of North,Central, and South Jersey?



  2. My 2 cents....


    #1 Melvin's Multiple Madness GC39A3 (New Jersey)


    #2 Muskrats, Mosquitos, & Muck GC2F59 (New Jersey)


    #3 The Pines On S.I. GCGE4V (Maryland)

    This one is 8 months old and has not been found or even attempted...



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