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  1. Congratulations!!!
  2. Thank you for your quick response NappingBears. I have one cache over in Fort Dupont and I will monitor this thread for any new information. Ski...
  3. Are existing caches in Delaware State Parks Grandfathered, or do they have to be removed and resubmitted?
  4. ski

    New Event Idea

    So let me get this right... you want me to carry an antler in a WMA back to my car!!! While wearing a gorilla suit What's the big deal? I heard you dress that way for every cache attempt.
  5. ski

    New Event Idea

    Yes this cache is definitely "road trip" worthy and the other caches in the area were ok too. I was hoping one of you NJ/NY guys/gals that are heading down next month could bring back the Moose Antler TB back with you and hide it in NJ. I messed up, because it was supposed to stay in Jersey.
  6. We just got back from our Niagara Falls vacation today. The good: No crowds, restaurants empty, no traffic Falls were great New casino and hotels just opened Fallsview rooms are available this time of year The bad: Major attractions are closed for the year... Maid-o-mist, Behind the Falls, Cave of the Winds etc... Everything is expensive Some Niagara Parkway construction north of the falls. Icy parking lots and sidewalks in the mornings. Search zip code L2G 3W7 for the local caches including my favorite called Power Vista. It is a webcam themed cache from inside a power plant self tour where you electronically send a virtual postcard from the visitors center back to your home e-mail address. Power Vista cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...a1-84be6eea4714
  7. Mission accomplished E-mail is on the way.
  8. I need that cache too, and can make the trip over to DE to get your half of the cache. Maybe tomorrow. Ski...
  9. I'd like to see that one migrate a little farther south before attempting it, but thanks for letting us all know that it's in the area. Ski...
  10. ski

    Ammo Cans

    I have seen some ammo cans where the lid can shift a little to one side while it's open. When this happens the lid can still be closed, locked, and look ok, but there will be a gap on one side that will let water in.
  11. I would like to meet some of those North Jersey/NJ legends: Mr Magoo Briansnat Bassonpilot Scully & Mulder Avroair JM Bella Natureboy etc... Hunting a few of their famous caches would be cool too!
  12. I have two MOCs in the same park down here in Cape May. Both are very hard and would probably not be suitable for the usual tourist or family cachers that frequent the area. I only had the best interests of the wildlife area and the safety of geocaching visitors in mind when designating the caches as MOC. When the proposed trail upgrades occur in that park I will probably discontinue the MOC designation.
  13. Bored into telephone poles or power outlet on the sides of the buildings? Both are illegal if a utility company owns them. How do they get approved?
  14. If you are questioned by the authorities too many times for looking suspicious in heavily crowded areas it doesn't seem like a fun challenge anymore. There is a new micro cache in SJersey hidden at the entrance to an underwater highway tunnel next to a security fence? Why? The police have better things to do than question a guy like me poking around the mouth of a major thoroughfare with an electronic device. (I posted a archive request for that one/ it's still active) There are also caches down here in huge parks with large wooded areas, but the owner chooses to hide micros under playground equipment instead.
  15. ski

    New Username

    Hmmmm........ I like the "S" username Floopy, but don't you already have a big "S" emblazoned on the costume you wear underneath your regular clothes?
  16. ski

    New Username

    Maybe its water vs snow? Heeeeeheeee! It has nothing to do with water,snow, or skiing and everything to do with my Polish last name.
  17. ski

    Mopar Hits 600!

  18. ski

    New Username

    Nah.......Too many bad things are associated with NJ: McGreevey Traffic Circles Toxic Waste NJAdmin
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